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A slight Aside Regarding Frederick

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It is occasionally possible for two similar species of the same genus to reproduce, but the resultant offspring are often sterile, and unable to reproduce. What so intrigued Management about Frederick’s DNA was not only that the hybridization that had resulted was in fact capable of self-replication, but his closest genetic match was Homo Erectus, rather than either Pan Paniscus or Pan Troglidytes. The Great Divide between Man and Ape had finally been crossed in a Quantum Leap, rather than a series of tiny incremental Baby Steps. Although both possibilities were anticipated by Darwin, the more prevalent interpretation of Natural Selection tends to overlook the potential for a Quantum Leap occurring at any moment.

This was Frederick’s Moment, even if he had no idea as to the momentus implications. Frederick was special, even before he was born, so he had no frame of reference to compare his life from anyone else’s except his parents, like offspring of Aristocrats secluded from the public eye and the tabloids. Management was keeping their cards so close to their chest that despite the huge importance of their discovery about their progeny, nothing was publicized. Not a single word was printed or released, even among scientific circles, and all participating researchers, handlers, and contractors were forced to sign reams of confidentiality agreements associated with their contracts and terms of employment that were every bit as effective as a judicial gag order with no public knowledge whatsoever. The extremely generous compensation packages afforded anyone even remotely associated with the project helped assure that no one questioned the decidedly menacingly draconian language of the confidentiality agreements.

Malkira and Lilith

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As it turned out, because of Malkira’s large size within Chimp norms, and Lilith’s petite Bonobo pelvic girdle, it was very difficult to carry Frederick, and halfway through the pregnancy, she could barely stand up, let alone walk. A neonatal unit was set up and ready on a moment’s notice. Imagine a Bonobo on bedrest. Just try…that is about as close to bedrest as we ever got with the likes of Lilith, and she got spoiled very quickly, once she recognized that if she wanted for anything, all she had to do was to start to make an effort to get up, and either Darcy, or the full-time neonatologist, or her nurse would attend to her needs. Lilith’s proficiency with sign language skyrocketed during her pregnancy, it should be noted.

Long before active labor began, it was agreed by the medical team that attended Lilith (and Frederick) that the delivery would be a scheduled C-section and general anesthesia. It was also agreed that for Lilith’s sake, her tubes would be tied after delivery before they closed the case. As it was, she barely survived, and was in recovery for nearly a month.

As a result, Frederick was to be Malkira and Lilith’s only offspring. Management was clearly interested in not only Frederick, but in his parent’s abilities to socialize him…which is interesting enough on a purely scientific level, but gave pause to some in the organization to speculate as to the…well, let’s just say long-range projections concerning the possible fiduciary implications vis-à-vis Potential Non-Linear Inoptropic Gains regarding Return On Investment.

It was also decided that neither Malkira nor Lilith would be made aware of management’s decision regarding Lilith’s reproductive capabilities…there are some things that can easily be told, that may be possible to understand…On the lighter side, it should be noted that Malkira and Lilith enjoyed an amazing sex life (most of which we recorded, and would watch, from time to time….) that perfectly balanced their nurturance and hybrid socialization paradigms…(think about it…for the first time, these two Great Apes would be negotiating parenting styles like a pair of suburban humans).

Darcy Sallye

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Well, as Mick would say, “Please Allow Me to Introduce myself….” I am not much on formalities, and I don’t like to try to put on airs or pretend to be someone or something I’m not. You may not need Sherlock Holmes to figure me out, and Sigmund Freud would probably be better qualified to explain how I roll, but I am very straightforward although not the least bit straight laced.

When my Daddy came to this country, our name was Salle (pronounced Sal-yay), which everybody called Sal, so he changed it to Sallye because it was easier to change it once than it was to keep explaining.

That was long before I was even a dirty look in my Mamma’s eye, so he never imagined I would grow up almost six feet tall, or that my friends would nickname me “Long Tall Sally”. I blossomed at an early age, so of course I started dating boys a lot older than me…I grew up quick. The boys my age were gross little sex maniacs…the older boys just learned to refine their act a bit, but it seemed like the boys who liked me were the Dirty Boys…I guess when I was really young they thought I would be easy…(and they were right), but by the time I met Mark, they were just a bad habit. Mark was a lot older than either me, or even most of my dirty boys, and he reminded me of a well-bred Southern Gentleman. I was living with Hank when I came to work for the Habitat, so the way Mark treated me with what he called deference curiously contrasted the way I felt when he would compliment me, especially if it acknowledged my womanhood in some way…he always made it sound like a respectful compliment, and as unused to that as I had become, well it just swept me off my feet…even though I figured I would have to make the first move, so I waited until Hank and I split up, but when I got an apartment for myself, I made sure it was big enough for two independent souls, and a lot closer to work than Mark’s place….

This was completely new ground for me…I had come to regard most men as a sort of necessary evil…I once said that to me, the ideal man would be one that could fuck me senseless for five hours and then turn into a deep-dish supreme pizza and a pitcher of margaritas…can you say “Black Widow”? Mark made me wish I could roll him up and carry him around in my vagina like a kangaroo.

Call Me Mark

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Thus far, what you have been reading has been the joint results of both Frederick and myself trying to communicate with each other, as well as to you. I began sanctioned lessons in American sign Language for Frederick shortly after observing that both his parents were already starting to teach it to him on their own.

I am not aware of other Bonobo/Chimp matings, but Frederick is definitely a product of both his parents. I have come to regard him as an evolutionary quantum leap in primate development, cognition, and intelligence.

As you have already learned, Frederick’s observations and insights on Human primates are refreshingly devoid of reverence for our preconceived notions, arrogance, or hypocrisies.

I am Mark, an instructor in American Sign Language. My Master’s studies centered mostly around linguistics and primate behavior. I started working at the Sanctuary shortly after they commenced operations, about two years before Frederick was born.

Curiously, although Lilith was one of my best and brightest subjects, Malkira seemed to lack either the inclination or motivation to show much enthusiasm for signing. Malkira had high alpha-male status among the other chimps and was well-liked by everyone, including the handlers. He was a very large specimen within his breed, surprisingly strong and agile and quite bright. There was not a female chimp that would have spurned his amorous advances. Within his world, he already got about everything he wanted, almost effortlessly. In Malkira’s world, he was the mountain, and even Mohammad would have to come to him. He did not have much need for accolades, or recognition, or much of anything else he didn’t already have. Privilege often begets complacency. Were Malkira the least interested in politics, he would have been a Republican, but not for long, as Lilith, who was almost his antithesis in outlook and demeanor held a unique influence on his behaviors.

Lilith was forever the blithe spirit, a hippie of sorts who heard her own drums, and seemed to never stop dancing as she scampered hither and yon, cavorting and frolicking as she pleased, but because she did it with such finesse and charm, she always made the highest marks and achieved the most progress, usually in the shortest time, although she usually had so much fun playing around the subject or test, that the actual finish seemed almost an afterthought. She was often playfully argumentative in a way that often belied more intelligence than we have been comfortable attributing to primates, even bargaining over rewards or breaks. How do you discuss Lilith’s abilities to think outside the box to a community disinclined to recognize that she could think in the first place?

There were no recorded matings of Chimps and Bonobos prior to Malkira and Lilith. Chimpanzees (Pan troglidytes) and Bonobos (Pan Paniscus) have developed a hierarchy of patterns of socialization that are mutually exclusive of each other. Chimps are more likely to kill not only lower orders of monkeys for food, but even each other, and are markedly territorial, utilizing roaming gangs of males who will patrol the borders of their territory, sometimes killing intruders. Chimps are patriarchal, whereas Bonobos are matriarchal. Bonobos are noted for using sex as a bargaining strategy, and are polyamorous, in sharp contrast to the monogamous behaviors and socialization of the Chimps. Without the protective isolation afforded the Bonobos by the Congo River, it would be difficult to imagine a safe or intact outcome at the hands of the more aggressive and violent of the two tribes.

After a great deal of debate about the proper environment for Malkira, Lilith, and eventually Frederick, it was decided to provide them an isolated environment that afforded them protection from either the Chimps, or even the Bonobos, as well as maintaining the integrity of the other two cultures. After only minimal modifications, a long-abandoned monkey house provided them a tranquil, safe, and beautiful habitat sufficiently removed from the other clans in which they could pursue and develop a hybrid world of their own making. We held our breath for months as this bare nuclear family so accustomed to the same type of extended family dynamics as we have seen disappear in Western human culture within the last sixty years develop their own unique family dynamic in the absence of the peer pressure of either tribe.

It was about this time that Darcy came to work as a handler, and she proved to be a great fit to work with Malkira, Lilith, and Frederick. As she was new to both the Habitat and the Sanctuary, she would not conjure up memories of either tribe’s handlers, or their previous habitats. As I think back about it, I believe I had written in my notes somewhere that Darcy slightly reminded me of a Bonobo alpha female. Her face was almost unnaturally juvenile in appearance, much the same way that mature Bonobos often resemble adolescent Chimps. Her eyes were bright, very large, and full of mischief. She was very tall despite the fact that her features were quite petite, and that gave her a sort of thin, lanky look to her without seeming gawky or awkward. In fact, she had a very fluid grace in her movements much like those of Lilith, and both females bonded almost immediately. Also, Frederick latched onto Darcy in a way that was quite heartwarming to observe. Both tribes of primates practice joint parenting by females, and Darcy was the perfect “Aunt”. Darcy was not only single, but she had never been married before, and the way that Frederick had adopted Darcy really played a couple of high, soulful French Horn solos on her Fallopian Tubes. He had developed a habit of holding her chin close to his face, so he could stare deeply into her eyes for disarmingly long periods of time, which she freely accommodated, and sometimes even encouraged. She said she thought Frederick was trying to communicate non-verbally, and after they finished a few minutes together, both would get this dreamy star-struck beatific smile…their eyes even smiled. It was a thing of strange beauty to observe.

Because I spent so much attention and time teaching and observing Malikira, Lilith, and Frederick’s behaviors and amazing progress, Darcy and I were in close contact for many hours each week. Management was “quietly” interested in the project, and it soon became apparent that we were tacitly being given the “green light” and everyone within the Habitat couldn’t give enough help and support.

The five of us had become quiet rockstars within our tiny milieu. I was the
only one who had full access to the entire Habitat and I couldn’t help noticing the hushed, almost reverent way that the project was discussed without actually speaking directly about it….

The longer Darcy and I worked together, the closer we became. She had a down-to-earth humor and was very bright, and quick-witted, and just well-enough educated to appreciate my off-beat Zany Zen Wisdom, but not educated enough to feel compelled to draw attention to its flaws, or debunk me as some sort of Fallen, Charlatan Shaman. We made each other laugh sometimes so hard we would cry. She had a graceful knack for physical comedy and mimicry that bordered on genius. One day when a state inspector came to the facility, she managed to follow him into the building right to my office, mimicking his every move, nuance, and gesture, rolling of eyes, sighs, tossing of hair, or every other quirk this poor schnook exhibited with the almost imperceptible air of exaggeration so as to parody this self-impressed petty bureaucrat right under his very own nose, without him so much as suspecting he was being lampooned.

She loved the million-dollar words I used….

She taught me to dance a wild provocatively improvisational series of movements she called The Bandaloop, (or something like that). She said if you ever learned to do it exactly right, you would learn how to live forever…It was vaguely reminiscent of the Chimps’ Rain Dance, but every time I ever saw her do it, every ape in sight copied her in perfect unison like a bunch of Simian Rockettes.

Our schedules, including Darcy’s graduate classes left little time for romantic pursuits, despite the fact that we openly discussed our mutual infatuations as the sexual tension grew between us. Months passed as we even discussed every sort of quirk, fetish, perversion or passion that humans are wont to perform, as well as our own personal experiences and preferences, or even hilarious failures at odd moments alone. We even developed a shorthand way of alluding to some practices, including those of the Primates who were our leagues. A slightly lingering kiss, an inadvertent touch, a look of longing were hard to ignore, but with cameras in every imaginable corner of the Habitat, as well as the Sanctuary our self-proclaimed Imaginary Romance remained forestalled for so long by the seemingly most insignificant reasons that both of us began to wonder if maybe the other wasn’t just being polite (even if one or the other of us had been gay, it wouldn’t have stopped us, so strong was the Chemistry of our Crush…we had even jokingly discussed…What If? in a half dozen different scenarios that expounded upon our mutual curiosities.)

Darcy was living with a guy named Hank when she came to work at the Habitat. From the way she talked, it was not exactly a match made in Heaven, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea to get physically involved no matter how fascinated or curious we were about each other. I sensed a disappointment in her that I did not invite her to my apartment several times when we had opportunities to “explore our mutual fascination, but my apartment was way across the other side of town out in the country and took almost an hour to get there, and I really have an aversion to “cheating”. I realize that it is often difficult to set up yourself in single living accommodations, so many of us tend to jump from one frying pan to another, but I don’t like the dishonesty. I was in no hurry, no matter how much we desired each other. Besides, the anticipation was amplifying our desires so much that my only reservation was that I hoped the reality of our actual encounter would not be a letdown. It would only be a matter of time to find out, once Hank and Darcy blew up. It happened a little sooner than I expected, all things considered.

One weekend we managed to get the same two days off in a row. Our Crush had endured so long that we had saved enough money to go to Captiva. (I don’t do Sanibel Island anymore…for reasons I may or may not explain later….), which is a Mighty Reckless Move in the Name of Romance for two people hadn’t even gotten naked together…yet.

As much as I would love to go into details (…and Darcy isn’t shy either), THAT is a story that could run this tale right off the rails on its own right; suffice it to say it would have been called something like Fifty Shades of (Tequila) Sunrise. We got an apartment a week later (…in truth, Darcy’s new digs were perfect for us, so I moved in with her.)

When we got back from Captiva, Malkira, Lilith, and Frederick did a Rain Dance in our honor, which evolved into one of Darcy’s Bandaloop Dances. Never underestimate the power of simian nostrils to tell who just got their dance ticket filled….

One day, Darcy, almost out of nowhere said: “Darlin’ I’ve been around the block so many times they named one of the back alleys after me… She sighed……You sure you’re ready for the likes of me? I never did anything to outright hurt anybody in my life, but sometimes…well I’ve been known to ‘jump the fence’ so to speak, more than a few times…It won’t matter how much I love you…in fact, the more I love you, the sooner it will likely be to happen, ’cause I foolishly want to believe that somewhere out there is someone just as Hungry and Romantic as me that isn’t afraid, ashamed, embarrassed or guilt-ridden about their Deepest Secret Fantasies because they understand. I may be cursed with Romanticism by the Imp of the Perverse for believing that for every pot, there’s a lid, or that both of us can encourage each other to feel, and to live like there’s no tomorrow all the while acting like we’re never going to die. Don’t get me wrong, the first time you are inclined to want to ‘explore’ elsewhere, I may feel a great big lump in my throat, or you may notice a slight catch in my voice, or the start of a tear in the corner of my eye…it’s not because I don’t care, because right then and there, I will feel just how much I care in ways I didn’t even know the day before…and I really want you to know just how much I want you to be the one that uses the option first…It’s just that I don’t MIND the way most people do, and I’d rather set the example for the way I hope you take it when it’s my turn…and eventually it will be…and oh yeah…I will always come back as long as you want me.”

I still remember the way the sun shone through the window onto her face, and the way the air in the room smelled, the song that was playing in my head before she started to speak, even what I ate for breakfast that morning. As I closed my eyes for a moment before I spoke, I saw an Angel descending toward me wearing the most beatific expression I had ever seen. Heaven had opened, and the radiance and the music that flowed down on me swept away every single shred of fear or insecurity or inadequacy or guilt or shame I had ever known. I had become very careful about what I had wished for all my life prior to that moment, and I finally got it.


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Dancing in Dreamland was purposefully cryptic by necessity. It is not easy to function as participant/observer/reporter without self-incrimination for felonies, serious lapses of judgment and/or professionalism, breaches of ethics, self-medication (remember, I was a trained professional…), recklessness, public endangerment, and mental skylarking bordering on illness, fed by hedonism, sexual depravity, and wanton sexual compulsion.

The primary narrative action had already occurred, and was documented immediately upon return to my home. I then spent another eight years trying to tell the story in the context of the events that had been twenty years in the making. It was indeed as if I had been spending all of my life preparing for that mission, and the rest of it attempting to reconcile the epiphanies it had triggered.

I then created this blog, which was built around the book.

I started a journal, then simply pressed each day’s work as a separate title.

The Talking Monkeys and the Home for Wayward Souls now represents my primary focus as the working title for my next novel. Each day’s work is essentially also my journal entry. I don’t know where I am headed when I sit down to write, beyond some seminal concept that usually comes to me in the shower, after smoking my pipe “…that the smoke shall carry my words straight to Heaven, so there shall be no lies between us…”

I already have the bones of the novel laid out in my head, so each days journal entry is another stone, or plank, or window for the structure I strive to erect…The Home for Wayward Souls.

Secondary Dominance, Asylum, and The Rapture of Mutual Validation

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Many people who engage in BD/SM/MASTER/SLAVE/DOM/SUB activities do so because their role is essential to their Nature (at least that is my understanding) and believe that they can only be a Master, or a Slave for instance, but never the other way around. Many seek the pleasures of a secret identity to provide an outlet or escape from their public images. Whatever their role, it will more likely than not be fixed, rather than fluid. These people are the trained professionals of their field. This is where they reside as Natives. It is their home turf.

For many others, the world of Dominance and Submission is the Carnival. They are Tourists on Vacation poking their heads through cutout backgrounds waiting to have their pictures taken. For these amateurs, it is a diversion to be explored without preconceived notions because it does not define who they are. It is a vacation for the long-term relationship, but the souvenirs they bring home are not just T-shirts, hats or Mickey-Mouse ears. It is a rare and exotic spice from Faraway.

If both partners are equally committed to Total Surrender, both will realize and achieve everything they desire. In committing to the Submission of your Will, you guarantee the realization of their Desire, and when the Glove goes to the Other Hand, they will guarantee your Satisfaction with equal Abandon.

In Surrender, we are afforded the opportunity to be commanded to perform acts of sufficient depravity to allow us to realize desires too dark to be voiced by ourselves, or so far outside our own paradigms as to be as yet to be conceived. In seeking satisfaction of our own desires, we are alone. In fulfilling the desires of another, symbiosis affords results greater than the sum of the two. In either case, we invoke Fulfillment and Escape by allowing others to allow ourselves what we cannot grant or demand.

In Dominance, we find an outlet for Empowerment. Who better knows how to subjugate another than one who has been subjugated?

Any Dom who does not acknowledge and respect their obligation to serve the responsibilities to their Sub is just a Selfish Prick looking for a victim.

We provide Sanctuary for those who would grant us Asylum. Escape Velocity is achieved as we approach The Rapture of Mutual Self-Hypnosis. Rational Self-Delusion between two like-minded individuals can create a world where all your Dreams and Desires go unchallenged and all your Wishes are fulfilled.

Reality is a crutch for those who lack sufficient Imagination to enjoy Fantasy as a full-time avocation.

Do not underestimate the power that even the slightest qualification or limitations can have on your partner, or on the potentially limitless mutual devotion of the relationship. Once either of you hedge your bets or hold back, it introduces the element of doubt. In an instant, the relationship can become marginalized, finite and yet unpredictable and unstable. There is no such thing as limited Unconditional Love or Devotion.

Both parties need to experience the Spirit of the Zealot, standing on the Edge of the Volcano, eager to jump, or gratefully waiting to be thrown into the Abyss. Unconditional Surrender.

My own personal favorite manifestation of the Master/Sub dynamic places minimal emphasis on Pain, or even Humiliation, but rather becomes a game of Carnal Truth or Dare, or what I have come to refer to as Sexual Chicken. The Master (or Mistress) goes Dumpster-Diving into the mutual and separate psyches of whatever lies just beyond the fringe of Depravity or Perversion, Role-Playing, or Theater of the Mind. Engaging in Exhibitionism on Command, Voyeurism, Cuckoldry, or “Hostage-Taking”, for instance will produce a higher pulse or respiratory rate and a few extra beads of sweat on the upper lip than any ass-whipping, biting, or nipple torture I have either given or taken…at least so far….

Polyamory: If You are Fearless, You can Have it All.

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Polyamory: If You are Fearless, You can Have it All..

If you can give up your Possessiveness, you can Love much more than you can ever own.

Polygamy is a poor solution to a problem that never needed to be fixed, and Polyamory and Polygamy are not synonymous.

You can have your cake and eat it, too.

Swinging is not the same thing. It seems to be an unwritten law that you can’t get too close. The same people who embrace the concept of watching their significant other being pleasured by a near-stranger will usually freak out if they begin to fear that it’s more than just sex. Long-term Fuck Buddies know what this is all about better than just about anyone else. You can know someone intimately and care deeply for them for years, and suddenly, they meet “their soulmate”, announce their engagement, and if you’re lucky enough to get invited to the wedding, it will only be because their “soulmate” does not know of your History. Fuck Buddies will watch their “Friends with Benefits” “go Steady” or marry and “settle down” all the while waiting in the wings, knowing that eventually the Hurricane of Romance will fizzle into a Tropical Depression before they come back to the fold. Usually. Sometimes it takes years, but eventually, the Rot sets in, making the most die-hard monogamist susceptible to The Wonder lust of Wanderlust.

Cheating is a terrible idea, unless both parties involved are equally committed to their status quo. A marginally satisfied married person is ill-advised to get involved with a lonely single, or a totally dissatisfied married person looking for a new perch on which to land. The Kharma is awful, the necessity of deception is poisonous, and no good can ever come from lies. Eventually, on Thanksgiving, or Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentines Day, Labor Day or some other holiday sure to promote the Angst, the phone will ring, your spouse will answer, and your Paramour will hang up. Welcome to Hell.

Unless you possess the heart of a degenerate lying bastard, this kind of affair will weigh down your soul just as badly as that “ball and chain” of a spouse, and Polyamory is not about just Getting Laid.

We learned a great deal from the Sixties and Seventies. Most of it the Hard Way, but the only thing worse is to not learn at all. Monogamy is unrealistic to the point that it sets itself up for failure by denying Human Nature. I am not especially fond of this term, because it is so misunderstood and misused. I seriously doubt that there are many behaviors that are inherent to all Humans, in spite of he fact that most emotions are the result of the release of polypeptides, hormones, neurotransmitters and other biochemical agents. It is my belief that how we process or interpret most stimuli is the result of training, programming, cultural mores, previous experiences and other learned responses. What can be “learned” can also be “unlearned”. Most of our collective Cultural Heritage is so insidiously ubiquitous that the illusions created by it represent a series of mutually interdependent Lies designed to support the status quo. Religion is designed to control behaviors by invoking an unquestionable source of external control so strong that it has shaped History, Maps, and toppled governments by individuals claiming some sort of franchise on the opinion of “Gods Will”. Patriotism serves a similar function in terms of evoking unquestionable “authority”.

In the process, we become so accustomed to Culture, Customs, Religion and Politics shaping our perceptions as a replacement for Figuring it Out for Ourselves that we are just as likely to replace one Institutionalized Illusion for another.

So we replace Marriage and Monogamy with Polygamy or Plural Marriage. It’s extremely difficult for two humans to find Everlasting Happiness in one marriage…Polygamy is characteristically One Man and More than One Woman. If you are a Mormon, that may work, but it is not well-suited for anyone who is mentally living in this century; it is a sexist male-dominated concept about as timely as a Cowboy Hat. A more logical approach would be for One Woman and More than One Man, since one woman is better capable of sexually satisfying more than one man than vice-versa, but then again, A Woman without a Husband is like a Fish without a Bicycle, and the men would waste most of their time trying to outdo each other. Marriage as an attempt to provide structure for financial and social institutions like Child Rearing, and Joint Property appeared reasonably necessary until fairly recently, considering that many couples now raise children and secure mortgages without benefit of matrimony, and our legal system and healthcare benefits have adapted accordingly. Just in time for same-sex couples to press for legal and social recognition within the framework of Marriage…of course, they have every Right to be just as unhappily imprisoned as heterosexuals…but…Why?

We seek the comfort of stability and guarantees of eternal bliss in spite of the fact that change is inevitable and healthy. New influences, new dynamics and opportunities for personal growth that take us outside our comfort zone and transport us to a world where Sex is alive and Magic is afoot…This isn’t the kind of thing that happens every six to eight weeks…Promiscuity is not Polyamory, and all roads do not lead to Shangri-La, but if you are very lucky, every now and then, when you least expect it, Love will whisper in your ear; it will speak in tongues you may not recognize, but you will understand. You must have very special ears to hear it, but its Wisdom will speak volumes. When it does, listen carefully to its intoxicating cadences. The messages are not for you exclusively, but are meant to be shared…and always remember that some day the glove will be on the other hand, and it will be you that is benefitting from someone else’s epiphany.

Love is neither finite nor static. It is elusive, ephemeral, dynamic, and metaphysical, possessing a life force of its own. Like high-voltage, if you respect it, you do not have to fear it. It can empower you, or it can possess you. Love cannot hurt you unless you hurt yourself. If you embrace change its kiss will set you free.

For every Dom, there is a sub, but within any Dom, there exists as Sub waiting to be dominated. If there is a Dom’s Dom why not a Sub’s Sub? Is the Child not Father to the Man? Life and Love can be straight and rigid or curved and fluid. For Any of Us. Although we are always ourselves no matter what we do, the dynamics of any relationship tend to be limited unless acted upon by some other outside force. Think of it as Sexual Eclecticism. The alternative is a Stalemate.

Love Many and Trust Few, and Always Paddle Your Own Canoe.

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Art and Lifestyle by Brandon Knoll

Masturbation Monday

Where getting off is half the fun...

Lyfes Poetry

BLog Hard Or Go Home

stormy musings

Whatever, whenever

Nature Art

Photography, Creative Writing & Art by SAJIA AFRIN

Broken roads of Destiny

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

🍃 Fully Living The Unfinished Things Of Life Through Writings. 🍃


Telling it as it is since 2013 - Living in Edinburgh, Scotland as a single Dad to 2 little Girls, trying to live with Agoraphobia, Osteoporosis, Psychosis, M.E (Chronic Fatigue), PTSD and Fibromyalgia - "Life is Hard, don't make it worse" - Enjoy the Journey with me, follow me, and I will follow back. Thanks 😁 Shauny

Blog Femme & Infos

"La mode sans vulgarité"


daily life in a family of 8.....

Felicity Johns

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Peri şair karanfilli

Nefesime,hayatıma,aklıma esen her şeye dair.


What would you choose?


If I had a power color, it would be sparkle. Landon Brinkley

freeing excalibur

He who holds the sword, owns my heart - meine Blogfavoriten!

Analbarbie - Bei diesen Blogs lese ich gerne mit!

The Chrysanthemum and The Sword

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” “Even a sheet of paper has two sides.”