Coming Tonight: Take Back the…What?!?!

First off, let me say that my references to the concept of “Taking Back” (anything) is an homage to Kevin Smith’s film (“Clerks II”, I think). If anyone can “take back” the use of the term “Porch Monkey” it would be him, even if only to prove that he could use it in a movie. Maybe he made (or lost) a bet with someone….

This does not imply a Renunciation of Words or Actions, but rather a Reclamation of Something We Lost that heretofore had been Ours Without Asking. Like “certain inalienable rights” that we no longer possess, or various Civil Liberties that Someone Other Than Us decided were a threat to our Freedom, there are myriad other areas where we must either “take back…” (fill in the blank), or loose them…perhaps for the rest of our time.
Each of us is entitled to Everything We Want…as long as we are willing to learn how to get (and keep) it. Most importantly, no one has any right to take it from us.

As political as that may sound, I believe that the most insidious intrusions into our lives come from the opinions of others, social mores and customs, Religion, and Cultural biases.

You are never too old to develop a crush, or fall in love.

You are not too fat to get naked with whomever you please as long as they are into it.

No One completes you. Anyone can compliment you.

No one can take Love from you. What you feel is yours alone to share or enjoy privately as you choose.

Big love does not require reciprocation. I’ve been in love with myself for years, even though it is largely unrequited.

Whatever it is that excites, ignites, titillates, torments, moves, consumes, exhumes, catalyzes, or consorts with you is already yours…it’s everywhere for the taking if you only know how and where to look. You can post a fixation/fetish on the internet, and in less than an hour, you will probably have a list of people of common desires, or even be directed to a support group by those who were online while you were, only to discover pages of devotes within a very short time. As much as Your Family, Your Neighbors, Your Employer, or Your Church might try to stifle you, some of them may be closeted aficionados of similar desires. Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up is fair game if you are willing to accept the consequences or conditions. In that respect, we are all Free, even if Lunch is not.

Few of us have not lived long enough to see something we loved pass under the wheel of public opinion, only to be ground into the dust of derision and ostracism. Do not despair. Somewhere out there is a pot, in search of your lid.

Reclaim your historical prerogative. Take back Everything That You Ever Wanted. It is your Birthright.

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