Dancing in Dreamland was purposefully cryptic by necessity. It is not easy to function as participant/observer/reporter without self-incrimination for felonies, serious lapses of judgment and/or professionalism, breaches of ethics, self-medication (remember, I was a trained professional…), recklessness, public endangerment, and mental skylarking bordering on illness, fed by hedonism, sexual depravity, and wanton sexual compulsion.

The primary narrative action had already occurred, and was documented immediately upon return to my home. I then spent another eight years trying to tell the story in the context of the events that had been twenty years in the making. It was indeed as if I had been spending all of my life preparing for that mission, and the rest of it attempting to reconcile the epiphanies it had triggered.

I then created this blog, which was built around the book.

I started a journal, then simply pressed each day’s work as a separate title.

The Talking Monkeys and the Home for Wayward Souls now represents my primary focus as the working title for my next novel. Each day’s work is essentially also my journal entry. I don’t know where I am headed when I sit down to write, beyond some seminal concept that usually comes to me in the shower, after smoking my pipe “…that the smoke shall carry my words straight to Heaven, so there shall be no lies between us…”

I already have the bones of the novel laid out in my head, so each days journal entry is another stone, or plank, or window for the structure I strive to erect…The Home for Wayward Souls.


  1. Fantastic post.
    I’m so excited, and looking forward to your next installment.

  2. I think the factor that your writing is cryptic, leaves the reader wanting,needing to go forward to find your meaning. As one who falls off the train often, I can infer many meanings. Keep it up, Amazing!

    • Whatever it is that keeps you reading, I’m glad you are enjoying it. I wanted to compare and contrast styles between Dancing in Dreamland and The Talking Monkeys, which is more finite and direct…as a great ape, using Frederick as a central character is a bit bizarre, but I hope the reader finds it engaging. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Evolving and using different writing styles in important. All of the classics( or so to speak classic writers ) if you read all their books they do change. As an example, Steven King( i get Alot of static about this from hard core readers) is one of my favorites. I followed his early work ,(even when he wrote under a different name for various reasons) he changed and evolved a great deal over the years. As one who simply enjoys a good story, its been cool to enjoy. Trust me when I say, I’m not an art critic or a book snob. Sometimes, a good story is a good story. I think that experimenting with different writing styles will make You happy and give a different glance and meaning to what you are trying to express.

  4. (sorry I left this out) smoke and mirrors are for phonies and ametures. You are neither.

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