I Reach Out to Touch You

My words reach out to touch you
in places
No flesh can ever penetrate.
My heart sings songs
whose notes seek
the most moist and pink
recesses of your soul.
My passions fly to you
on wings of every kind,
Fashioned of whimsy
and gentle affection
to hover high above you,
awaiting their moment, to
impale themselves deeply
into the most inaccessible crevices
of your Mind,
furrowing ever deeper
ever wetter, seeking
the origin of your
hidden desires,
dripping nectar of WonderLust
and oil of Onan.
That my words inquisitively violate
your ears like my fingers
tickling your lobes
As I feel the lips of your brain
wrap themselves around
Searching for that
Sweet Spot…
Deep inside
Your Psyche.
In a Place before Words.
Before Ideas.
Before Thought.
Just This,
Only This.
Our Hearts Touch.
Our spirits mingle
and explore each other
like children playing Doctor.
Wherever we can hide.
Whenever we can steal the time.
When we are apart
I go to those secret places
we’ve known.
Those affectionately curious
dirty places that know not of shame,
or guilt, or Sin or Regret.

3 Responses to “I Reach Out to Touch You”

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  2. This touched my Inner Soul.

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