The Talking Monkeys: …more on Merle…finally

In a not surprisingly short span, they were both attempting to regain their cum-posure, adjusting clothing, as well as the rear-view mirror, and generally fidgeting, giggling, and trying to catch their breath. In the midst of the scramble, they would suddenly, and in unison, grab each other by the face, make an impulsively amorous proclamation and scramble back to whatever they were doing before…(see above).

It was Darcy who spoke first, albeit a tad shyly…“So what is the story with Merle?

“Oh?…In regard to what? …I think I know what your are asking…Merle comes and goes…’Like the bee, from flower to flower…”

“I remember you said he was also a Botanist, but I got a feeling you’re talking about a different kind of flower altogether…”

“Actually, both…inasmuch as he has a knack for free-lancing all kinds of consulting assignments, even networking his projects ..,.and as regards his own personal ‘pollinating’ of various women’s flowers…well, he is very much in demand, but has little time for anything much more involved than casual or chance encounters because he and Kali are very much an item…have been right from the start, even though she met Merle through Ash, when he was making one of his visits. She treats both of them as equals, although she married Ash, and there is no jealousy or competition between them. It’s quite inspiring…”

She didn’t want to blurt it out, but she didn’t seem to be able to contain herself…this whole day had set the entire first floor of her brain on fire, and everyone on the second floor was dancing the Apocalypso, drinking Absinthe, and enjoying the view. “Is Merle going to be around for awhile?…I guess he usually stays with Ash and Kali….

“Would you like for me to invite him for dinner with us next weekend? Mark smiled in a benevolent, affectionate way that indicated that he not only approved, but understood. “Just remember the glove also fits on the other hand…in due time…it’s not like I’ve got an understudy waiting in the wings….”.

“I really have to admit…the thought does excite me…I mean, guys like either one of you two don’t come onto my radar screen very often…Did I die and go to slut-heaven? Somehow I don’t even feel embarrassed about this…God! Are you really OK about this?…What should I expect?…I’m babbling aren’t I?

“Joy has a way of attracting more Joy, once you open your eyes to the possibilities…and no, but although you haven’t died, would it really matter if it was like this?…and there is no need to feel embarrassed…if you can drop a deuce in front of me and not loose your train of thought, I’d say you’re ready for about anything. And last but not least, Yes, you  are babbling like a bible-beater on Sunday, but as far as what to expect from Merle….” He paused longer than she could abide….


“There’s a whole lot more there than meets the eye…”

“I Figured he probably has a really big dick…please tell me I’m not wrong about that…I mean, I’ve been around…I’m no little school girl…but I have to admit I’m curious….and he is sooo tall!”

“It’s enormous…too big for most women in fact…but he has even bigger secrets and surprises than that waiting for you…but you will learn this all in good time, Lover, and I’d hate to spoil any of it, so I have to ask you as a friend, not to ask me to tell you any more…you’ll see in good time, and the suspense is half the show.

“Just how big?…Enormous? Really?…???”

“You’re letting yourself get hypnotized by one aspect only…trust me, to really get to know Merle is a Mindfuck of Monumental proportions…that you don’t want to miss….”

It was just then that they reached their house, and Mark turned into the driveway.

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  1. Dear Dreamlanddancing,
    It just keeps getting better & better.
    I Want More! I Need More!
    Your Friend,

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