The things I’ve learned About Women from Lesbians

By necessity, I was forced to make you wait almost a day to read this post… (sorry, it was necessary.)

The first thing is to understand the difference between anticipation and postponement.

Last night an idea occurred to me that came by way of an analogy.

I used to be very impatient waiting for my significant other of the moment to finish applying her cosmetics before we went out together. Although I appreciate the concept of arriving fashionably late, I failed to recognize that most of the best-looking couples were just as late as we were.

When I got up this morning, out of nowhere, I suddenly realized that if, instead of wallowing in impatience, I simply let my imagination and enthusiasm fuel my anticipation, I would be in a much better frame of mind to truly appreciate (and if I were smart, applaud) her Ta-Dah! moment.

Anticipation is not postponement, like when a man puts off a woman in a dismissive manner because he hasn’t reached a “save-point” on his video game…or blog post…..

I am frequently struck by wonderment, awe and genuine gratitude for any woman who somehow chooses to allow men into their lives. Some days, we are like Bears, Gorillas, or Giant Adolescent Boys with Muddy Shoes and they are more like Butterflies, Angels…or Witches.

Sometimes, she has to stoop, just to conquer….

(I hope the Anticipation was worth the wait…but I’m just getting started on this topic, so stay tuned….)

See you in Dreamland.


a trio of languid lesbians enjoying a salami.

a trio of languid lesbians enjoying a salami. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women


English: Cover from the LP of the Flying Lesbians

English: sarcophag of a learned woman Deutsch:...

English: sarcophag of a learned woman Deutsch: Sarkophag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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