on the spit – denying yourself

…and thanks again…there is something wonderful about having someone else validate your feelings independently.

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

I read a post of someone’s struggle or rather, explanation of wanting and thus, denial. It touched me because I know exactly where he was.

Something that seemed like a beautiful expression of who this person is and how this person loved, was being denied. Choosing to accept the denial was the ultimate end. I couldn’t help think of the consequences of denying yourself an aspect of personal vitality. Yes, one can pretend that their desire of something is selfish and therefore, the compassionate, bigger person would deny themselves. This is common in marriages for whatever reasons, we think to give up rather than have. I’m not talking about vices or lusts. I’m talking about the crack down on pieces of yourself that you shut down because your significant other is denying you out of a lack of understanding, a lack of compassion for your own growth and well-being, a lack of venturing…

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