There she lay

Splayed open upon two half-shells,

My bi-Polar Bivalve

Naked and glistening

Sans even her pearl.

It is she who is

the gem of the ocean.

As I kneel before her,

Savoring the delicious aroma

Of her salty juices


Of the sea

From which she was borne

Overlaid upon

A sweet musk

Like no other.

My mouth aches

To taste her.

My lips long

To kiss her,

And my tongue

Desires to speak to her

In her native language

 في مكان حيث أن الكلمات لا معنى لها،

(In a place where words have no meaning,)

But purpose is meaning.

We share an eternity

in a moment

within eternity.

Expressing our Mutual Admiration.

Upon her shell

she is Aphrodite.


I am an appreciative


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