Would you Please Take your Nuts out of my Coffee?


Would you Please take your Nuts out of my Coffee?

I’m not referring to “teabagging” my morning cup of java…that would be dangerous, considering how hot I like it served…I’m not even worried about that…as much as I Love everything from Café Cubano, or Con Leche, French Market with Chicory, Jamaican Blue Mountain, or Just Plain Joe…it’s entirely platonic, not sexual…that’s right, you heard it here first…there are some things that do not have a sexual connotation to me…although there’re definitely on my short list….

And I’m not against the idea of flavored brews…original Irish Coffee, Café Ole, Café Mocha, even a hint of cinnamon, is fine. My wife prefers a blend of Arabica that incorporates butterscotch toffee flavor, and although English toffee is made up using almonds, you don’t actually taste the nut. As long as I lighten it with real rich cream, I find it pleasurable enough.

I make that distinction because although I love nuts of all types, I just have never enjoyed the taste of them in coffee… (remember, coffee is a bean)…and I think there comes a point when the beverage just becomes too cluttered and in the process loses its primal strength of character.

There is also an on-going debate brewing (pardon the pun) about peanuts and coffee…that they can induce a headache when combined…my experiences have confirmed its validity, although it was after the possibility had been presented, so maybe it’s just the power of suggestion, rather than cause and effect.

There is now a coffee creamer available that is Cinnabon flavored…another tastes like an Almond Joy…and they really do taste like what they claim…I’d just rather eat that on the side, if I was so inclined.

I think that they were dreamed up for people who feel guilty about eating dessert or candy at breakfast…it’s just another good example of how advertisers and marketing directors can capitalize on Guilt, without addressing it directly.

I live by or follow as few rules as are humanly possible in order to stay gainfully employed, and out of jail or an asylum, and I think people should do exactly what they want whenever possible, but Guilt, like Jealousy does not exist in my perfect world…so please keep your candy, flowers, baked goods…and your nuts out of my coffee.

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    When I saw this post, I just had to reblog. Thank you Dreamlandancing for giving me something to laugh my ass off, or shall I say my Nuts off.


  3. Oops it did’nt work…long hand “I Loved it.” :).


  4. glad you liked it… 😉


  5. …and flattered you would re-blog it…Tanks


  6. Great post… 🙂
    I stopped drinking coffee regularly but when I did I liked vanilla nut or french roast and even Colombian with milk and sugar. 🙂


  7. Ha! Amusing! Even though to watch someone tea-bagging a cuppa would be fun.


  8. A shot of whiskey can make a cup of coffee somewhat euphoric ~ when applied at the right magic moment…


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