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Gratitude: I shit in water that is cleaner than most people drink

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I shit in water that is cleaner than most of the world drinks

I have been working for three weeks, off and on, to find a way to open up this post. I believe gratitude is one of the most fundamental necessities for enhancing your perception of the quality of your life.

Every morning, first thing I contemplate my gratitude, which is easily accomplished in the privacy of the bathroom.

By many people’s standards, I live like a homeless person indoors. The house I rent is squalid and run-down, and the landlord refuses to fix it. Although I keep it clean, for instance the tiles in the shower are falling off the walls, and if I want it fixed, I will have to do it myself, and the rest of the house is much the same.

For now, it is the least of my problems, and at worst a temporary state of affairs that has been going on for about six years. Don’t ask why…it is simply not that important.

So it would be quite easy to convert my toilet into a pity-pot as well, but it would be for no good purpose or end.

This morning, while meditating and contemplating my gratitude, I was struck by the irony of how the most privileged are the most likely to suffer from depression. We take clean water for granted while languishing in luxury.

If you had to carry every drop of water a half-mile from a single faucet that your entire village used, you might not be so inclined to feel sad that you can’t afford all the premium channels on cable TV.

If you had to deal with the health problems associated with the dirty, infected, unclean water that so much of the world is forced to drink, you wouldn’t have enough time or energy to focus on how your children’s personal choices about their lives don’t quite live up to your expectations.

If your fear of soldiers, bandits, or war lords is only surpassed by your fear of the police, you might not find yourself coveting your neighbor’s new car.

If you had to work for twelve cents an hour for twelve hours a day in a factory under unsafe conditions where your children also worked, just to put bread on the table (and bread in this case is not a metaphor…you can’t buy much meat on $1.44 per day), then you wouldn’t get all depressed and weepy that your job doesn’t really fulfill your emotional needs or live up to your career goals.

Chemical imbalances aside, most depression and self-pity is borne of unrealistic expectations in privileged surroundings.

And speaking of water, how many other cultures enjoy a steamy, hot, thirty-minute shower just by opening the faucet?

Find your gratitude for what you have. Nurture it with Love, and send it out to everyone you meet every chance you get. It will come back to you. The world has more than enough money, sex, drugs and possessions for everybody. If you want more, try giving more. If you want action, you gotta give action.

The first important action is to find and express your gratitude.

THFWS: The Four and the Three

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The Four and the Three

Ash answered the door wearing the beach towel he had abandoned earlier the night before. Fortunately, it was too early for the light to hurt his eyes. He was cheerful and upbeat, but clearly exhausted.

“I was afraid we would be too early…should we come back later?” Darcy blurted out. “I was afraid we would wake you.”

“That’s OK…I had to get up to answer the door anyhow…” quipped Ash with a slight smirk and a chuckle. “No seriously…come on in. We really want to talk with the four of you…but how did you know?”

“Charles and Suki called about an hour ago” said Mark and Darcy almost in unison.

“Oh really?” Merle was now standing behind Ash dressed in his robe. Darcy’s eyes were wide and expressive, but since her gaze met Merle’s as she scanned upwards from the “tent” Merle had pitched under his robe, she suddenly blushed furiously.

Charles interjected “We saw the same thing you did, only in our mirror…the Bandaloop Dance…we had watched her do it a couple days ago, and both of us remarked how uplifting it was to see her do it…except in the vision, she was surrounded by chimps and bonobos and they were all doing this dance.”

“First, we saw you guys on the porch with the Macaw, but then, it was like the mirror zoomed in on the image of Darcy…we experienced the same kind of blindness…from the flash of light, and she faded in as our vision returned; then as it zoomed back out, we saw the whole image of Darcy, but without you three. There were hundreds of Chimps and Bonobos all around her dancing, following her every move like she was their Queen or something…it was quite moving, whatever the vision meant….”

“Boys! Boys! Wherever are your manners? Invite our guests inside, don’t keep them waiting in the doorway…Come inside…are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? We have so much to discuss…and figure out, but please do come in and make yourself comfortable.” Kali proclaimed in an exaggerated ante bellum Scarlet O’Hara sort of voice that dripped of Southern hospitality, Magnolia and Jasmine. She had gone to the bedroom and put on a colorful short sheer robe that clung to her curves like a formula one racer at Le Mans…it didn’t really hide much of anything, but Kali was neither shy nor modest in the least, and they were among friends…soon to be much closer friends.

Chairs were assembled around the dining room table. Kali fixed eggs and brought out bread to go with the fruit and fish. Coffee and tea were brewed, and everyone pitched in while they noshed and made small talk, mostly.

Once they got settled in and comfortable, they started to discuss their strategy. Ash was the first to speak.

“I’d be lying if I tried to tell you we really know what we are doing, or what to expect. You know we have been trying to make contact with The Ancient Ones, but we don’t even know what that really means. Since earliest times, they were regarded as gods or beings from another dimension.”

“They possess great power and have wisdom, insight and knowledge that we believe to be very valuable in our pursuit of our personal evolution. They all have different names, and various customs and rituals surround each of the cultures built around them, but there also is so much replication, or repetition and similarities in the way that they are summonsed, as well as differences in their ‘worshippers’ expectations of the results.”

“We are of the opinion that if we can find a way to cross over, or to attract them to us, that whatever ‘dimension’ or state of mind, or being upon which we meet, may well be shared by all the Ancient Ones…that there may be a common thread that allows us…well, Communion, if you will.”

Mark looked the most puzzled. “I’m not sure I understand….

“It’s like you can surf Melbourne, Coco Beach, Cape May…or Maui, but it’s still surfing…you have to know how to surf…it’s a technique.”  Charles and Mark had been friends for years, and he had a very deferential, almost fatherly way of interacting with Mark. He put his hand on Mark’s shoulder as he spoke. “We are all attempting different ways to make contact.”

Merle took up the next part of the discussion.

“I have discovered a drug that not only possesses so-called “psychedelic” properties, but it also may enable a sort of bridge between Man and The Gods. I originally called it ‘The Knowledge of Good and Evil’…

“The Fruit of the Tree?…that got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden?” interjected Mark.

“Well…that’s the Christian Bible version of it…there’s a bit more to it according to a number of biblical scholars, but…” Ash tried to interject, but Merle took over.

“I have decided to call it ‘Kali’…Chemical Kali…I guess for obvious reasons…otherwise, no one would know if we were referring to our Earth Mother, or the vehicle we use to try to contact her and her friends.”

Now it was Kali’s turn to interrupt.

“As flattered as I am…I’d like to suggest an alternate name…and an explanation for my motives. When I was born, I was christened ‘Calliope.’ It’s a Greek name…the Goddess of Epic Poetry…Homer’s muse…the source of inspiration for the Odyssey…they pronounced it ‘Kal Ee Oh Pee’ but at school, the kids called me ‘Ka Lie Oh Pee’, like on a carousel…I hated the name, and the sound of the instrument, so when I left home, I changed it legally to ‘Kali’ for ‘The Dark Mother’ and Wife of Shiva…so for the sake of avoiding confusion…how about if we call it ‘The Carousel’? I’ve already had my share of confusion regarding my name…people won’t know if your mean me, or the drug…I’m honored by your dedication and we are the only ones who really need to know the origin of the name…please?”

“Hey, why not just shorten ‘The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’…to just ‘The Fruit’? Our Kali is Kali…our very own ‘Dark Mother’…and a carousel goes around in circles, but never goes anywhere. One of the Zen Patriarchs once said that to even say the name of the Buddha was like pouring a bucket of shit on his head…I know I am very new to the group, but it’s just a thought…” Darcy suddenly got shy and blushed…”I mean…well….”

“Check out the big brain on Darcy!” quipped Mark as he winked and gave her buttocks an affectionate and familiar squeeze. “I agree”.

“Well thanks for the flowers, big guy… (an expression with which both of them were surprisingly comfortable, despite about six inches disparity between her height and Mark’s)…but I’d prefer to be known for my big heart.” She winked right back, and everyone agreed.

Ash took over the conversation again. “So far, we believe that to ‘cross over’ we need to enlist the four winds, the four seasons, the four cardinal points of the compass that correspond to the four directions in Indian medicine, the four corners of the earth (also your head)…Kali and I are in the Sacred Circle, and Merle will be The North, Darcy will be the South, Charles will be the East, and Suki the West…”

“…uh, excuse me, but there are seven of us here…where do I fit in?” Mark was understandably  anxious about where the discussion seemed to be heading.

“…Mark…we haven’t sorted out all the details of this yet…you have been a very special part of our group for too long to just be set aside or ignored like an old shoe…whatever we learn from all this will be shared by everyone. Trust me…you do trust me, don’t you Mark?…Haven’t we always welcomed you into our home…and bed?” Kali looked into Mark’s eyes, and winked provocatively as she rubbed the inside of her right knee against his inner thigh, stroking it lightly.

Kali had him on that…he could never resist her charm and beauty. He and Kali had been intimate more than a few times. They both genuinely cared for each other, and it was no accident that Mark had not been in a serious relationship for several years, until he met Darcy.

He once told Kali he would “…walk straight into the gates of Hell for her”…be careful what you wish for, Mark.

The Church of Reason

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The Church of Reason

What is it?

The diametric opposition of

circumstances beyond our control,

that one should live

so another may die?

One may eat

so another

may find new meanings in the Last Supper?

(Guess who’s coming to dinner?)


(Guess what’s for dinner?)


What is it?


Go eat your Truth

some hungry morning.

The Lords of the Church of Reason

all too often

find themselves


So others may be found Ignorant.

We claim to love the Truth.

The Church of Reason only teaches facts,

and although

it espouses Thought Unconsummated,

Memory is the well-worn lessor concubine,


to a Queen,

the familiar and obvious

eclipsing the radiant unknown.

Is not The Way.

It does not teach The Way.

It does not love The Way.

The Church of Reason is a prison of addictions

from which you must free yourself

to be worthy,

yet still wise.

Love and Logic

Romance and Reason

A midnight marriage

The Ritual Dance

The Ways of Majic

Science gives us what we think we need to think.

Religion gives us what we need to think we want.

Knowledge surpasses all.

Knowledge of facts a tool,

Knowledge of Experience the means

justifying the end.


is not Information.


is not Knowledge.


is not Truth.


is not Wisdom.


is not Beauty.


is not Love.


is not Music.


is not Data.


is not The Everlasting Kiss.

Spring Dream

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Spring rolls in like mist on a lake.

Dawn belongs to the Spring.

The renewal of Life

to awake from long hibernation.

It’s all a dream

of waking from a dream

where sleeping is all that we knew.

Spring is a cat stalking the first robin of the season.

Spring is skinny-dipping on a Nooner.

Impulse impaled on a ritual

electric, yet primeval,

Romance confounding all Reason.

Vibrant intensity balancing cool hues of pastel

Caution giving way to Compulsion,

Heaven infiltrating Hell.

It’s all a dream…it’s only a dream

that smart lives forbid us to tell.

Spring is as moist as the forbidden honey of a passionate tryst

consummated going home from a funeral…

A cry of joyous outrage

railing against tedious Death.

Spring is the most recent

loss of Innocence,

naughty, and yet still naïve.

Stolen kisses on a warm afternoon.

The days we most love to remember.

It’s all a dream.

The lewdest of dreams

                           from which we do not wish to be awoken.

We spring to action

and come to Life.

The fountain of life is but a spring.

The clock would stop

but for its ever-taught spring, and

Hope springs defiantly eternal

as a song springs to our lips.

Spring isn’t as much a season

as it is new eyes

with which we view

our same old wintry lives.

It’s all a dream of dream within a dream.

If you’re lucky you’ll never awaken.


Sculpture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Double Dream of Spring

The Double Dream of Spring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A still from the skinny dipping scene.

The Mouse Eats Cat-Food, But the Cat-Bowl is Broken

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The Mouse Eats Cat-Food, but the Cat-Bowl is Broken

(Inspired by the words of Seung Sahn)

The hermitage of Zen master Seung Sahn where h...

A street-peddler shouts,

announcing his arrival.

Inside the house

a child cries.

His mother hears them both,

and gathers coins.

She calls out to the peddler.

Money becomes Candy.

Candy becomes Money.

The child’s tears were Salty,

But the Candy is Sweet.

A quarter is still twenty-five cents.



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A voice spoke to me from out of a dream.

“She is your Salvation.

She is your Redemption.

If you can show her the True Path

you will find Happiness.”

Because I believed I needed


I desired the Knowledge

to find the True Path.

Because I sought to attain


I struggled to attain


And because I desired

her love,

I found myself forever

seeking her Approval

and Favor in vain.

Without Sin,

there is no need for


Without Guilt,

no need for


Free of the bondage that has made prisoners of us both.

If I seek Approval and Favor,

I empower her rejections.

In so doing, I enslave her

to her own desires for Power.

She loves me,

She loves me not.

The dog runs after the bone

long after the arrow has passed downtown.

Do not try to hit the Moon with a stick.

In the Spring,

when the Rains come,

the grass grows everywhere

all by itself.

What is Love?

Already you know.

It is just like this.





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Knowing how to teach by not speaking,

sometimes non-actions speak louder

than no words at all.

Sometimes silence is mightier than the pen.

A frog jumps into a still pond.

The sound drowns out the words of all the Bodhisattvas

and all the Buddhas.

Full to the top with emptiness,

Words are a mustache on the Buddha.

If you find yourself trying to conduct a chorus of pigs,

walk away.

The pigs may never thank you for it,

But they will be happier,

And so will you.

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