What is this?

What is this?

How is it that simple remembrance

of a particular way

that you smile

or that playful knowing look

that says I love you,

dislodged from my brain by my Mind’s Eye,

still buoys my sinking soul?

And gives me pause

To smile.

It is not my nose that remembers the smell of your hair.

It is me

that recalls the taste of your lips on mine.

To wait all day just to feel your touch

like a spark sometimes,

at others like a glowing ember

to ignite the Life-Fire

within my heart.

Who are You?

Where are you?

From where did you come?

Why did you have to go?

How did we lose our way?

The essence still remains.

It is deep within me

I keep it safe,

awaiting your return.

‘Til then

It rains every day in my heart.

I serve at your pleasure,

awaiting you to discover me




In this moment, as you read this.

Yes, I mean you.

2 Responses to “What is this?”

  1. This was so touching. You have a tender heart Mr.

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