Goodbye?…I’ll Leave the light On….

Unfinished Business

Goodbye?…I’ll Leave the light On….

If we should never meet or speak again,

I would not sadly think

of days and nights

unspent together,

but rather fondly reminisce

Who we Were

and what we meant

to each other.

And how we felt

 when souls first touch,

long before our lips or bodies met,

and everything was new and fresh.

We searched for understanding,

acknowledgement, and appreciation,

finding it

in each other’s eyes.

We came together

in Innocence.

We started as friends.

We ended as lovers.

If we must go our separate ways,

Take comfort in what we knew and who we were.

It is yours alone

to keep.

No one can take that from you,

Not even me.

13 Responses to “Goodbye?…I’ll Leave the light On….”

  1. This is beautiful through and through. You have an open heart. XO, Jayne

    • I am very flattered that you re-blogged this post.

      It was inspired by recent events, but not entirely unique to my history…I don’t know if I would categorize it as a learned approach, or a coping mechanism, but as we go through life, it can either get smaller and smaller, or larger if we choose to not shut out our previous experiences, or deny the continued existence of Love…what we take away with us when it’s time to go.

      • learned approach or coping mechanism? I think it’s an “awakened” perspective of living in the moment BUT remembering something in the positive. Still both things you mentioned but if I can do this regularly, I would be in a much more awakened state than I have been.

  2. Reblogged this on Diary Incarnate and commented:
    Goodbyes – I’ve hated them since my parent’s split. I’m learning to be more open – jury is still out : ) This poem reminds me of something good – An open heart hurts at times but it is also filled so easily, no? Jayne

    • Someday, I may fall in Love twice in the same day…I’m not saying it’s likely, but I would love to have the opportunity to find out if it’s possible…make me an offer I can’t refuse, and I probably would…not that I’m shallow…my standards are high, but my heart is open.
      Every time I start to believe I’m fully awake, I find myself awakening from a dream within a dream….
      I love the rush of Infatuation…Discovery…The Crush…and I’ve learned to savor the bittersweet Goodbye…and in my heart, I leave the light on.

  3. I agree with Jayne! 🙂

    • Sometimes I think that I was born to write Torch Songs…but with a twist…I’m not afraid of Pain, but life is too short to carry grudges or resentments.

      • Yes it is.. I told Jayne your last lines touched the most.
        I want to be a person that never has any regrets and when the time comes that I will leave with grace and dignity. 🙂
        For the same thing you have said… life’s too short. 🙂

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