A voice spoke to me from out of a dream.

“She is your Salvation.

She is your Redemption.

If you can show her the True Path

you will find Happiness.”

Because I believed I needed


I desired the Knowledge

to find the True Path.

Because I sought to attain


I struggled to attain


And because I desired

her love,

I found myself forever

seeking her Approval

and Favor in vain.

Without Sin,

there is no need for


Without Guilt,

no need for


Free of the bondage that has made prisoners of us both.

If I seek Approval and Favor,

I empower her rejections.

In so doing, I enslave her

to her own desires for Power.

She loves me,

She loves me not.

The dog runs after the bone

long after the arrow has passed downtown.

Do not try to hit the Moon with a stick.

In the Spring,

when the Rains come,

the grass grows everywhere

all by itself.

What is Love?

Already you know.

It is just like this.




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