The Church of Reason

The Church of Reason

What is it?

The diametric opposition of

circumstances beyond our control,

that one should live

so another may die?

One may eat

so another

may find new meanings in the Last Supper?

(Guess who’s coming to dinner?)


(Guess what’s for dinner?)


What is it?


Go eat your Truth

some hungry morning.

The Lords of the Church of Reason

all too often

find themselves


So others may be found Ignorant.

We claim to love the Truth.

The Church of Reason only teaches facts,

and although

it espouses Thought Unconsummated,

Memory is the well-worn lessor concubine,


to a Queen,

the familiar and obvious

eclipsing the radiant unknown.

Is not The Way.

It does not teach The Way.

It does not love The Way.

The Church of Reason is a prison of addictions

from which you must free yourself

to be worthy,

yet still wise.

Love and Logic

Romance and Reason

A midnight marriage

The Ritual Dance

The Ways of Majic

Science gives us what we think we need to think.

Religion gives us what we need to think we want.

Knowledge surpasses all.

Knowledge of facts a tool,

Knowledge of Experience the means

justifying the end.


is not Information.


is not Knowledge.


is not Truth.


is not Wisdom.


is not Beauty.


is not Love.


is not Music.


is not Data.


is not The Everlasting Kiss.

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