The Mouse Eats Cat-Food, But the Cat-Bowl is Broken

The Mouse Eats Cat-Food, but the Cat-Bowl is Broken

(Inspired by the words of Seung Sahn)

The hermitage of Zen master Seung Sahn where h...

A street-peddler shouts,

announcing his arrival.

Inside the house

a child cries.

His mother hears them both,

and gathers coins.

She calls out to the peddler.

Money becomes Candy.

Candy becomes Money.

The child’s tears were Salty,

But the Candy is Sweet.

A quarter is still twenty-five cents.


3 Responses to “The Mouse Eats Cat-Food, But the Cat-Bowl is Broken”

  1. Dear Dreamlanddancing,
    Your Friend,

    • The ideas presented there are not really original…I juxtaposed a number of “old sayings” that are more or less axiomatic to Korean Zen. Zen is notoriously obscure and inscrutable, but when you put those sayings together in a certain order, a logical progression appears to emerge. That was my intention, to imply something that the reader might choose to infer. Glad you liked it.

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