Gratitude: I shit in water that is cleaner than most people drink


I shit in water that is cleaner than most of the world drinks

I have been working for three weeks, off and on, to find a way to open up this post. I believe gratitude is one of the most fundamental necessities for enhancing your perception of the quality of your life.

Every morning, first thing I contemplate my gratitude, which is easily accomplished in the privacy of the bathroom.

By many people’s standards, I live like a homeless person indoors. The house I rent is squalid and run-down, and the landlord refuses to fix it. Although I keep it clean, for instance the tiles in the shower are falling off the walls, and if I want it fixed, I will have to do it myself, and the rest of the house is much the same.

For now, it is the least of my problems, and at worst a temporary state of affairs that has been going on for about six years. Don’t ask why…it is simply not that important.

So it would be quite easy to convert my toilet into a pity-pot as well, but it would be for no good purpose or end.

This morning, while meditating and contemplating my gratitude, I was struck by the irony of how the most privileged are the most likely to suffer from depression. We take clean water for granted while languishing in luxury.

If you had to carry every drop of water a half-mile from a single faucet that your entire village used, you might not be so inclined to feel sad that you can’t afford all the premium channels on cable TV.

If you had to deal with the health problems associated with the dirty, infected, unclean water that so much of the world is forced to drink, you wouldn’t have enough time or energy to focus on how your children’s personal choices about their lives don’t quite live up to your expectations.

If your fear of soldiers, bandits, or war lords is only surpassed by your fear of the police, you might not find yourself coveting your neighbor’s new car.

If you had to work for twelve cents an hour for twelve hours a day in a factory under unsafe conditions where your children also worked, just to put bread on the table (and bread in this case is not a metaphor…you can’t buy much meat on $1.44 per day), then you wouldn’t get all depressed and weepy that your job doesn’t really fulfill your emotional needs or live up to your career goals.

Chemical imbalances aside, most depression and self-pity is borne of unrealistic expectations in privileged surroundings.

And speaking of water, how many other cultures enjoy a steamy, hot, thirty-minute shower just by opening the faucet?

Find your gratitude for what you have. Nurture it with Love, and send it out to everyone you meet every chance you get. It will come back to you. The world has more than enough money, sex, drugs and possessions for everybody. If you want more, try giving more. If you want action, you gotta give action.

The first important action is to find and express your gratitude.

3 Responses to “Gratitude: I shit in water that is cleaner than most people drink”

  1. Dear Dreamlanddancing,
    You Truly Embody the Talent of writing that I So Much Admire.
    Eagerly awaiting the next installment of THFWS!
    Your Friend,

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