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The Fluid Dynamic between Sub and Dom

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The Fluid Dynamic between Sub and Dom

Every Sub needs a Dom, but a Dom without a Sub is nothing but a delusional ideation plagued by unfulfilled motives. We need each other. In that need, there is a wealth of Power for both parties to indulge themselves.

The Sub draws down power in humility. Theirs is a mutual seduction, but in the end, the Sub receives the energy and the intensity of the Dom. They are the vehicle, and the Dom is the engine.

No matter how sweet or cruel the subjugation, no matter how sincere the intentions, as a vessel, the Sub is the crucible in which the alchemy is performed. She is Yin, and as a Sub, as Yin she is feminine, regardless of biological gender. The Dom is the pestle that grinds the ingredients in the mortar, fills the cauldron, and provides the fire that makes the steam.

As a Dom, he is Yang, regardless of biological gender. He is the Actor, the Source and Sorcerer, and She is the stage upon which the play is performed. The Living Altar.

A Dominatrix may be female by gender, but she is not feminine by virtue of her overt actions. She stoops to conquer, does not bow except by choice, and only kneels to offer nurturance to those in need of succorance whom she chooses.

The Goddess is present within all who will acknowledge and understand her power. She can beguile and entrance as she plays the fawn that lures the Hunter into the snare. She understands that in submission, there is power, and in groveling there is grandeur.

The Master possesses The Spark, the positron, and the Arc between He and his Slave is the track of the discharge that She receives. The Arc is also the Ark.

He is (His Story)…History. She is the Source of all Creation.

As Yin encircles Yang, as Love seduces Logic, and as Romance beguiles all Reason, We are One.

Much love to all,



THFWS: Sleight of Hand, Sleight of mind: WARNING! ADULT CONTENT/NOT FOR WORKPLACE!!!

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Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Mind


(Meanwhile, in another part of town….)

(The following entries were recorded by Mark, acting as interpreter for Frederick. Without going into details to be covered at a later point about how it has been accomplished, Mark and Frederick have learned to use sign language as a tool to allow more complex communications between them in a way that does not fight certain limitations of language skills and cognition that hinder both Frederick’s as well as Mark’s abilities to communicate a sentience that passes between them.)

What Frederick has finally convinced Mark of is that Sentience and Intellect essentially operate independently of each other. Sentience is the ability to feel, perceive, and have self-awareness through emotional experiences. Some would define it additionally by adding references to tool-making (which primates already do) and manipulations of complex and abstract thought processes.

It is in fact Man’s presupposition of the validity of certain measurements of certain types of intelligence and language abilities which creates a built-in preoccupation of being linked to any presupposed level of consciousness or awareness that has crippled Man’s abilities to communicate without words.

Mark had begun to document this in a very occult fashion using his laptop as a video camera, but he admits that a great deal of what has been presented is completely subjective and interpretive. What is most intriguing is how Mark maintains that the most complex emotional and intuitive ideas that would appear to present the greatest challenge to verbal or written communication are easily transcended telepathically.

If all this sounds like mouthwash for pigs, suffice it to say at this point, that what has been observed is repeatable, and can be duplicated in ways that use controls and verification to support certain hypotheses. So there, for now, OK?

(Scene opens with long shot of entire Habitat, slowly dolly and zoom into living quarters for Malkira, Lilith, and Frederick. We see and hear the sounds and sights of Malkira and Lilith joyously copulating. Frederick, meanwhile is lying alone in his bed. His eyes are closed. He is on his back, and he is slowly and deliberately masturbating with his right hand as he uses his left to hold a stolen pair of Darcy’s panties to his nose as he delicately drags the material across his face. She and Mark neglected to notice that he had stolen them when they had parked to stop and fuck when they were returning from the Sanctuary.)

Frederick tries to explain his current predicament like this: (Voice over)

 “My relationship with Darcy is complicated, to say the least. Other than my mother, Lilith, she is the only female of interest to me. She is a part of my earliest memories, and those memories are nurturant and loving, but there are none of the conflicts about sexual feelings for Darcy that I would have for Lilith. Even primates have certain social norms that are not easily violated or overlooked. As I have matured, so have my feelings for Darcy. I do not find myself especially attracted to other female chimps or bonobos, and the thought of sex with most of them feels unnatural somehow.”

“I have become aware of the fact that I am almost exclusively fixated on Darcy sexually, and I now know that she and Mark have discussed it openly and frankly. Mark and I have discussed it as well.”

“Chimps are monogamous, at least mostly, and predominately heterosexual, while Bonobos are much freer spirits, with a great deal more acceptable latitudes for behaviors amongst their tribes, but I am a not just a hybrid…I am aware of myself enough to know that there is already something within me that is different from either of my parents.”

“Even though almost all animals can communicate by non-verbal means, including telepathy, I can tell that there are some things neither Malkira nor Lilith understand. I can feel the difference when we communicate that they lack a certain level self-awareness that I do not entirely understand myself, and these differences make me feel even more isolated.”

“Coming from a heterogeneous cultural background that has socially ostracized me from contact with any peers does not help. I have no roadmap by which to guide myself, and feelings are not the kind of things that can be controlled at any rate. ”

“I have no intention of challenging Mark over Darcy, and she has not expressed any sexual interests in me, but I know the most delicious sort of thrill that passes over me when I am around her. All of her scents and musks and perfumes intoxicate me wildly. Her touch makes me shiver sometimes, and I have seen her notice it more than once…and she smiles and winks at me when she becomes aware of my excitement.”

“For now, I am simply so stupid drunk on Love for her that it is enough just to be in the same room with her, and I will do anything she asks cheerfully and immediately, just to please her and be praised by her. She is my ‘Aunt’ but she is also so much more.”

“Mark is somewhere between an Uncle and an older brother to me. I cannot hide my feelings, and they both seem to understand…and for now, I have no choice but to accept that how I feel is beyond all tribal boundaries for everyone involved…I know that, but my sexuality has come to the forefront of late to the point where I am overwhelmed by desire and frustration.”

“Masturbation is my only escape. Yesterday Darcy caught me with her old panties, but it turns out she had been watching me on the video cameras for some time and already knew about the whole thing. She just came in and caught me as I was cumming. She just walked in, came over to me, and stroked my head as she took away the beloved panties, only to replace them with newer, more fragrant ones. She just leaned over and winked at me as she did it, smacked her lips in an audible kiss and walked away.”

“I love her.”

John Collier - Lilith

John Collier – Lilith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Home for Wayward Souls: Charles Explains the Sephirot

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Charles explains the Sephirot

“So how long before we start to notice any effects?” Charles asked Merle. “Is there anything we should anticipate, or be aware of?

Merle explained “It’s very subtle in some ways. Minimal body effects; you don’t get that nervous, almost feverish sensation initially like with acid, but you do get a definite exhilaration, a mild euphoria, and a kind of rush a bit like MDMA. No nausea, no dizziness or lightheadedness in either Kali or Ash’s experiences, as well as my own. Both men and women tend to experience a heightened sexuality, at least so far with a very limited number of subjects, all of whom are highly sexed to begin with.”

“Part of the reason we decided to call it the ‘Knowledge’ is because you will experience this state of mind…of Knowing…of understanding…everything. Whatever catches your attention will be perceived as how it relates to everything else…its purpose and place, if you will.”

“You start to really feel and sense on a very visceral level the interconnection between not just other people or objects, or actions, but you also start to feel the connections and importance and meanings of your own actions in a way that you never perceived before.”

“It is hard to describe in words, but as they say… ‘to the man who has had the experience, none is necessary and for the man who has not had the experience, no explanation will suffice…trust me Charles, you were born to love this…and it was born to be loved by you.”

“I hope so. I could really use a spiritual pick-me-up these days.” Charles remarked.  

“You can be as analytical as you are inclined to be, but eventually you will understand that all this supersedes and supplants analysis.” Merle added.

“As you all well know, this ain’t my first rodeo, and I just want to know what to expect…and by the way, if I start to get too bogged down in the details and explanations, which is a definite possibility if I don’t finish before the real festivities begin, don’t hesitate to politely tell me to shut the fuck up, OK, everybody?”

They all agreed, and Charles began.

“Now keep in mind, most of what I have done is an approximation of a concept taken from the Kabbalah, and available on Wikipedia and similar internet sources, although I did speak with a couple rabbis that Suki knew since she was just a kid over in North Miami Beach. Her mom was fascinated by Kabbalah, so she was some help too.”

“This light-sculpture is meant to represent the Sephirot, or the Tree of Life.”

“The idea to keep in mind is that this is not an approximation of God, or even multiple Gods, but a roadmap of how Judaism sees as the path to their God, and it does point out a few principles that allow one to realize and manifest higher consciousness.”

The “Sefirot” literally means “counting”/”enumeration”, but other meanings of the root word include sefer (text), sippur (recounting a story), sappir (sapphire, brilliance, luminary), separ (boundary), and safra (scribe). The term Sefirah has many varied connotations.”

“The Sephirot are considered revelations from Arafat, the Father of Creation and they should not be understood as ten different “gods” but as ten different ways the one God reveals his Will through them.”

Keter (The Divine Will) is listed as the first Sephirah, it is an intermediary above consciousness between God and the other, conscious Sephirot.”

“The head/beginning that is not known” is united above the Sephirot with the Ein Sof (Divine essence). It is not God who changes but our ability to perceive God that changes.”

“The Yosher-Upright version of the Sephirot as the Tree of Life is conceptualized by Ten Sephirot in three columns with twenty-two connecting paths that correspond to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.”

“The Right column represents the spiritual force of expansion. The Left represents its opposite, restriction. The Middle column is the balance and synthesis between these opposing tendencies.”

“The Divine principles are described through the soul of Man, with Binah (Understanding) and Malkuth (Kingship), Shechinah (Indwelling Divine Presence), encapsulating the Divine Feminine in Creation, the principle of receiving, nurturing and pregnant internalization…The Union of the Woman and the Man.”

“The Kabbalah relies heavily on the interconnections believed to exist between numbers, letters of the alphabet, and inherent meanings of each of these numbers and letters. One of the goals is Teshuva (Return to God) in preparation to reliving the acceptance of the Torah.”

“Each of these stages or paths is counted and meditated upon between the Counting of the Omer, to count the 49 days of personal spiritual development between the festivals of Passover and Shavuot.”

 “I will be adding other representations of Mind/Body/Soul interconnections to this light sculpture, if you will, that will attempt to unite them into a sort of Universal Equation for Spirituality that explains and depicts the various factorials into a sort of Rosetta Stone of the Spirit. All of which will be incorporated as any of us learn to share our understandings with each other. This is just the beginning.”

“I also want to incorporate things like the Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State, or Bardo Thodol, the Reticular Activation System, Reptilian Memory, the Medulla Oblongata,  and Primal Experience into it as a way of facilitating and molding or setting an experience of Oneness, and connection with everything else.”

“This represents a concept of among other things, sentience.”

“The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil could represent the fruit of the Tree of Life. This knowledge could be thought of as Buddha-Nature, implying that when man first ate from the Tree of Life or Knowledge, he became truly sentient. The missing link, so to speak is the crossover from ape to man by virtue of sentience.”

“What if God only intended to keep Mankind as a sort of pet monkey that somehow got into the cookie-jar of Sentience, and resulted in God making Man choose between Reason and Instinct, then ejecting Adam and Eve from the Garden?”

“Although Judaism stresses a monotheistic view of God, it should be noted that in at least one translation of the bible, God is quoted as saying “They think they are like Us…” after learning of Adam and Eve’s consumption of the ‘fruit’. From this are we to infer that there is in fact more than one God?”

“Otherwise, why is he so jealous? Of what? To whom is he speaking? How many other choices are there on the Menu? And what do we get with the other choices?”

“And about all that rivalry between God and Satan…keep in mind, Lucifer was not really a finite sort of being in ancient Judaism, and no mention of him at all exists before medieval times in the New Testament.”

“The War in Heaven between God and the fallen Archangels makes it sound like there was a time in Heaven before the war, even though Heaven is depicted as having ‘No Beginning, and no End. Is there a difference between Eternity and Infinity?”

“If Satan is “God’s Prosecutor”, would not the actions of the Serpent represent entrapment? And to what end? Doesn’t God already know what choices we are going to make? It’s a little like Schrodinger’s Cat in quantum mechanics…does he really know all, or doesn’t he?”

“Charles…” intoned Ash.

“Yes?” he answered.

“Please Shut the Fuck Up” (They all chimed in unison, as they surrounded him in a giant group-hug.)

“I think we can all agree that we are all on the same page of a new book.” said Ash.

“And this book will be written in understandings, rather than words.” Mark was often quiet, but when he did speak, it was worth it  to listen.

Yosher Saphirot


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Few things in this world

are quite as uplifting and inspiring

as the promise of rekindled love

from a lost flame.

At a campfire in my heart,

I find myself stirring and sifting through ashes

long thought to be cold, only to find an ember,

a tiny coal of what once was a roaring bonfire.

We breathe life back into that tiny spark of heat,

Fanning and blowing, as we

feed it little scraps to consume greedily,

first smoking, then bursting suddenly into flame,


We act surprised as we realize

Here We Are Again….

The Versatile Blogger Award

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I’m  Honored to have received this Prestigious Award from Shaun

Please stop over and check out his site.


1. Display the Award on your Blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.

3. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

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Seven things about Chazz

1. Retired Paramedic. Aspiring Shaman. Twenty-two year career in Emergency Medical Services, including eight years in Fixed-wing Air Ambulance Transport.

2. Musician. Artist. Teacher. Lover of the Eternal Muse.

I’m told that I’m easy on the eyes, but hard on the spirit. I tend to get a bit over-revved by Intelligent, creative, loving people. I love to feel the flow of energy and ideas back and forth between those who are fearless enough to trust their nature and understand the difference between a thrill and a fear.

Married six times. Divorced four times. Widowed once. Recently began twenty-third consecutive year of marriage to the same woman.

3. Photographer/Videographer/Filmmaker/Multi-Media artist/Amateur Radio Operator/Electronics Aficionado/Science Geek. Amateur Pornographer.

4. Poet. Post-Neo Dharma Bum. Pervert Mad Philosopher. Polyamory Aficionado. Vocal  local Non-violent Advocate of Generalized Rebelliousness. Chaos Aficionado.

5. Weapons and Martial Arts Aficionado.

6. Part Zen Buddhist, part-time pacifist. Not so much an Atheist as an Antithesis. The Guy your Parents Warned you About. The Serpent in the Garden. The Devil’s Advocate…but no, I’m not Satanic…Trust me. (Briefly toyed with the notion of becoming the Champion of Injustice, Greed, Treachery, Cruelty and Hatred in a last-ditch attempt to finally be on the winning team, but they didn’t have a health plan.)

7. Fisherman. Unrequited Paramour of Mother Nature.

I now nominate 16 bloggers: (I was compelled to stretch the rules here)

Begin to Beguine

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Begin to Beguine

The next Friday night Mark, Darcy, Charles and Suki were back at the Sanctuary early to begin the preparations for that night. Kali and Merle were waiting for them. Merle capped up seven more doses of what he finally decided should be called The Knowledge. He decided to up the dose to seven hundred and fifty micrograms each. No reason to suspect any adverse reactions at that strength, especially since he had already tested it at twice that…one point five milligrams. He recalled that the afternoon he had met Darcy was the first time he had done that high a dose.

She had been on Merle’s radar ever since, and lately he found himself thinking about her more and more often the last few days. He and Mark had already had that conversation about how Mark felt about not only Darcy, but also about how he felt about Merle and Darcy.

All of them had been very close for years now, and there had been more than a few temporary liaisons that had come and gone, although most of them had been initially attracted to Merle.

Mark was not nearly as prolific as Merle when it came to female companionship, but everyone knew that it was partly due to the fact that Mark had been in love with Kali ever since the first time they had been intimate with each other.

Merle had his own room at the Sanctuary, as well as his own home, and had never lived with a woman. Mark had several “roommates” before, but none of them were especially thrilled with Mark’s relationship with Kali, and neither of them did anything to hide the fact.

Mark brought quite a few women into the group over the years, but they came and they went eventually, some sooner, some later. Darcy was the first woman to get it as far as how the members of the group fit into each other’s lives, in spite of the fact that she had not really been exposed to Polyamory as a lifestyle, with long-term relationships, or no jealousy that couldn’t be resolved.

Darcy had lived with several different men over the years, but never really felt in love with anyone before Mark. Her parents and all her peers had been involved in one dysfunctional relationship after another, following their hearts as innocently as children, but always ending tragically despite their best efforts to make it work. Darcy grew up not expecting too much from love until she met Mark.

Different paths had led them together, but as they became closer and more candid with each other, they found that each of them had something to give the other, just by being themselves, and allowing the other to act spontaneously with the good faith that they would find it in their hearts to give each other the benefit of the doubt when it did arise.

There is no roadmap for Polyamory, and anyone who claims to have The Answer to Much of Anything Worth Knowing should probably be given the same level of respect as a lightning rod salesman. Until you come to certain levels of understanding about yourself, you can only get so far before you reach some kind of an impasse. You have to be prepared to accept everything without flinching, without blinking or compromising.

Compromise is a slippery slope at best. As soon as you start to modify your behaviors, you have to question whether or not you are really compromising your ideals, if not your Self. Every day is a conscious choice. No one can make those choices for you. In a perfect world, there are no arguments because understanding is achieved in a place before words, even before ideas.

In a perfect world, we would all come and go freely, and trust in the fact that all things will unwind according to their nature, which cannot be denied. You have to let go of the illusion of control.

If you want to experience true understanding, go ask a dog about the moon.

Darcy once said “If you just let one day happen at a time, the future will take care of itself, one way or another. If you compromise yourself too much just to make it work, what you get when it does…if it does, won’t be what you really wanted anyway…and you can only lie to yourself for so long, no matter how well you lie to others. When I get to the end of my life at least I will know I was true to myself. I want to believe that I will get the opportunity to share that with someone who will appreciate me as much as I do them.”

They shared a slightly cynical fatalistic point of view that allowed them to love each other with a wild abandon that precluded worry about consequences that couldn’t be avoided.

Mark knew Darcy would be hot for Merle as soon as she met him, and accepted the inevitable with this amazing attitude that just fascinated Darcy even more. Initially, Mark was unsure if Darcy would be as understanding of his relationship with Kali as Darcy was about Mark’s acceptance of her attraction to Merle.

Darcy had been the first to get “restless leg syndrome” in all her previous relationships because she was never really in love with most of the men in her life before Mark. She had learned to not expect too much from Love early on in her life. Easy come, easy go even though she secretly knew that she longed for so much more…she just never quite knew what it was, she just knew how she wanted to feel….

Mark had to admit he did feel a bit of a pinch, maybe a wistful pang knowing that no one who ever had sex with Merle was ever quite the same. It was an experience that transcended his tremendous size, or even his skill as a lover. It was everything from his presence, his energy level, his guile-less confidence balanced by his tremendous humility…and his accessibility, balanced by his “Loving Detachment”.

Merle was also deeply in love with Kali, but understood that he received and fulfilled needs with Kali in being himself just as he was because the roles they played in each other’s lives suited both their natures.

Merle explained it like this: “There will always be times when you will be struck by loneliness and emptiness whether or not you are with someone else at the time. When you feel that angst, that pang, you have to lean into the feeling, and embrace it whether it feels like an arctic blast of air that will freeze your lungs, or  a searing desert sirocco that seems to suck your breath away. It is your life calling attention to itself, to remind you just how precious each moment is.”

Without emptiness and longing, there would be neither need nor appreciation of the comfort and sanctuary of Completion.

Kali, Suki, and Darcy started early getting the food and drinks ready for the evening. Once they started the evening, none of them wanted to be either burdened or wanting for anything.

Ash arrived last, even though he ran the rehearsal early. Meanwhile, Merle, Charles, and Mark occupied themselves with furniture, pillows, blankets, candles, lights, music and all things magical, including The Knowledge.

Multiple altars of a sort, with mirrors set to reflect into each other from various points of view were arranged in several different locations, including the patio, the living room, and each of the bedrooms, including Merle’s.

Charles and Mark had devised a series of mirrors and green and red argon lasers to visually approximate the Tree of Life from the Kabala. This had been their first project together. Charles tended to be a bit excessive when it came to details concerning an idea or a vision he might get, but the group was already used to his methods, and he generally took the attitude of “Fish, Cut Bait, or Swim” as regards his pursuits.

He was responsible for the visual and auditory support at THFWS, and he had earned himself a position of respect within the congregation, and as they were now also broadcasting, he had found ingenious ways to produce different presentations leading to the same effect on small screen as well as mass audiences, and all the TV feeds carried a seizure potential warning/disclaimer that was aired before the show began. (It was that good).

Charles was an artist in his own right, but never managed to acquire the wealth he needed to support his artistic pursuits, which virtually never managed to pay for themselves much beyond the cost of the production. He said he once figured that his accumulative hourly wages for his audio-visual multimedia projects came to about twenty-five cents per hour, but he loved the work of his art and worked as a telemarketer to pay the bills for him to live.

His Tree of Life had proven to be quite an undertaking, but once it was finished all agreed that it was more than worth the effort. It stood over twelve feet tall, but the vaulted ceiling in the living room was easily capable of accommodating it. Ash talked about moving it into the auditorium for services eventually, but Charles insisted it would be better to make another, even larger version for the services anyway. It seemed that the alignment of the beams and mirrors was very critical to work properly to give the desired effect.

They all stood around the tree as Charles began to demonstrate and explain what it represented while Merle handed out The Knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.08.36 AM

About my Gravatar…

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dreamland dancing

About my Gravatar…

Recently, a reader I have never met asked me why I had chosen such a distorted, disfigured image to represent me not only for this and other e-mail addresses and sites, but also for the cover of my first book, after which this blog is named.

She asked me because she believed that sarcasm and cynicism aside, my poetry belies a very sensitive and loving person.

I thanked her for that, but felt compelled to point out that I was also a notorious and incorrigible pervert and further went on to explain that in truth, my gravatar is a reasonably accurate representation of my physical appearance ever since I was attacked several years ago at a mall by an angry mob of anti-pit bull demonstrators who severely mauled me, permanently disfiguring my face.

I hope this clears up any confusion my gravatar has created by not implying that it was not a figurative representation of an alter-ego.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Some of the best things I ever learned about women…The Rewrite.

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The Things I’ve Learned about Women from Lesbians: A Slight Return.

Several friends have already started to question me as to why I would focus my attention on Lesbian Wisdom. It’s simple…gratitude…and reverence.

Women intrigue me…fascinate me…hypnotize me. If I was a woman, I would definitely be a lesbian…I’m grateful for every one that isn’t, and I admit that I am still largely ignorant of women, no matter how hard I try to understand.

Who knows better how to please a woman than another woman? Once two women allow themselves the opportunity to pleasure each other, their mutual understandings by virtue of their shared values, as well as plumbing, provide vital intuition that men do not possess in and of themselves.

A very close (lesbian) friend once remarked “A woman needs a husband like a fish needs a bicycle.” She is the epitome of a self-realized, self-actualized human being and an attorney who has literally kept me out of jail. All she ever asked in return was that I install a modern high-power stereo system in a classic car she owned. I was grateful for the opportunity to reciprocate her act of kindness to me. What I did not expect was that she also intended for me to have sex with her girlfriend and her.

Having finished the stereo, I returned into the house to find her on the couch with her ladyfriend, kissing, fondling, moaning and generally sexing each other up about as much as one can with one’s clothes still on. Initially, I was struck by a genuine reverence and awe just to be witness to this incredibly sexy and poignant vignette. It was like walking through the woods, only to stumble upon a clearing where the animals of the forest were performing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

As I stood there playing the thunderstruck voyeur, she gestured with her right hand, palm up, first flat, then retracting her fingers in the manner of a Kung-Fu practitioner motioning me to join them. She never took her eyes or attention from her lover. As I approached them, she used that same hand to unzip my fly and unfasten my belt, causing my pants to fall to the floor with never so much as a single glance toward me. If my reverence had caused me to hesitate initially, unbridled lust immediately inspired me to action as I focused my attentions to her lover.

My friend was pretty, petite, and quite fit, but decidedly “butch” and although she had been married for a short period of time when I had known her when we were both faculty members at a local teaching facility, I had never really regarded her in a sexual way any more than I would have another man. Her lover was one of those women frequently referred to as a “Lipstick Lesbian” and I figured she was to be the object of my attentions, just like any Ménage à trois involving two men and a woman.

When my friend suddenly turned to me, gave me a passionate open-mouthed kiss and grabbed my cock, for the briefest period of time (I don’t know what is smaller than a nanosecond) I felt like we were about to engage in a homosexual act together…and I was down with it… Although she was quite adept at being able to think like a man I’m not sure she ever thought of it that way, and being a man, my erection had already precluded any rational thought processes.

We had a wonderful time together. Much later, after her ladyfriend left for parts unknown, she alluded to the events that afternoon, adding “Look, just because I prefer the company of women doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a nice fat, juicy cock every once in a while….”

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that we all need to avail ourselves of useful Allies…I’ve even gone so far as to marry nurses, and do everything in my power to cultivate friendships with women who are wise, resourceful, generous, or can get me into and/or out of a hospital, psychiatric facility, courtroom, or even jail, or better yet, keep me out of them in the first place.

In my perfect world, I would be on the very best of terms with a nurse (or doctor), an attorney, an artist, a musician, a pharmacist, and say, perhaps a financial wizard at all times…chances are, if they are women, at least one of them will also be a lesbian…and once you become recognized as Lesbian-Friendly, your world will open up in ways you didn’t even know existed.

I am less likely to feel threatened or competitive in their company, at least as long as they are not Separatists…men are much less likely to share…especially with each other. As a result, women often know more intimate details about each other in a very short time than men know about their best lifelong friends.

No matter how much difficulty a dominant, top, “butch” woman may have struggling to find her “voice” or demeanor, she will still know what makes a woman tick better than most men…which also means that she knows that the workings of the feminine mind are often unfathomable, sometimes even to the one who is entertaining them.

Men learn to believe they know what women want either by watching porn, swapping bullshit conquest stories, or from mistakenly thinking that just because she let you fuck her means you especially did anything right…more than likely, you just didn’t do anything so wrong that it was a dealbreaker, if she decides she wants sex in the first place.

I don’t consider myself to be an expert on how to get laid. This is not just about sex, for that matter.

I do consider myself to be a great admirer of women. In all of their diversity.

Sometimes, just realizing how little you really understand long enough to stop assuming and start listening, and to stop posturing and start observing is enough to let in just the faintest glimmer of light…of realization…and understanding into our consciousness just long enough to stop trying to win, or control or possess. As hunter-gatherers, it is our nature to try to acquire, to own, or consume.

Don’t misunderstand me on this point however…this is not to be construed as a romanticized glamorization portraying lesbians as being somehow inherently wise or generally superior. I’ve also learned a great deal from watching them fail, or fall back to earth. It’s just such a different perspective.

Solipsism beleaguers both sexes to such an extent that the more any of us try to escape our myopic or Kalnienkic views of each other, the more we realize how little we see, or know at all.

Just because a woman says that she came doesn’t mean she’s finished for the evening…even if you think you are.

Stop trying to think with your cock. And stop thinking your cock is your only sex organ….besides, your brain is bigger, and doesn’t deflate after your first good idea comes to you. Tongues and fingers (even your nose) are only the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg.

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by a woman’s sex toys, and don’t say things that would disincline her from dragging them out to show them to you. Make friends with them, and try to get her to either let you know how she likes to use them, or encourage her to use them in conjunction with your play, but let her let you use hers…do not bring your own, even if you have them…it just begs too many questions you don’t want to have to answer, and she probably doesn’t want to hear, at least on the first date.

If a woman showed up on my doorstep with a suitcase full of sex toys, I would probably welcome her right in, although I doubt that most women would not be creeped out if the situation was the other way around…but then again, maybe that’s just me….

Accept the inevitable natural sexual superiority of women. It is a fact, and the sooner you learn to embrace it, the better place the world will be for your newfound wisdom. I don’t care who you are or what you think you are…I mean you, too. Anything you can do, she can do twice, either successively, or even simultaneously. So there.

Most men are so badly programmed by other men to believe in their own superiority that everything they embrace reinforces the interlocking series of lies that support their own fantasies, rather than embracing what roles we as men and women can enjoy to each other’s mutual satisfactions.

Your self-imagined mantle of masculinity can quickly become a burdensome yoke of unrealistic imagined responsibilities that you can never fulfill to your own satisfaction, let alone hers. With only a very few exceptions, most men can’t perform the way they are depicted in pornography.

Learn to lighten up and have some fun, and the orgasms will flow like…well the way they often do between lesbians…they are in no hurry, because they already like what they are doing while they are doing it, because for them, everything is foreplay, including the first orgasm….

No man is that well-endowed, instantaneously responsive, long-lasting or infallible as any number of didoes and vibrators that are readily available…and if you don’t have a replaceable battery pack, by definition, you cannot satisfy her as well alone on the best day of your life as you could on your worst day with the assistance of anything that can make her lip tremble, or curl her toes just to think of it…every woman has something…you should be so lucky as to just be there to help her discover it.

Anybody can fuck, but not necessarily well. Few men understand the difference between Sex and Intimacy, and most of them, if told they had to choose between one or the other, would choose Sex, not realizing that the best Sex is a result of real intimacy.

The less any of us try to look for formulaic answers about how to understand each other, the better. No one has the entire view, the ultimate knowledge, or exclusive franchise on wisdom. Individually, each of us brings a different fragment of the Truth, like a shattered mirror that has become our illusion of reality that can be shared and collectively assembled like a jigsaw puzzle.

A little mystery is good…too much mystery is just clueless ignorance.

If you really want to understand Women…stop thinking like a man.



“…At Least, That is What I am Told by my Advisors….”

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…at least, That is What I am Told By My Advisors….

Speculation is a fine thing, and there are some among us who are blessed with the ability to carry that gift to the level of Prophesy. As a rule, however, writers are more commonly blessed by experience.

A writer should have knowledge of the subject on which she writes. This sometimes finds the author placing herself in jeopardy in order to fully understand her subject. Whether it be cock-fighting, motorcycle riding, smuggling, anal sex, bank robbery, prostitution, religion, or any other number of dangerous, illegal or unsavory practices, as a culture we crave the excitement of experience of the heretofore unknown.

Part of that jeopardy arises out of Public Opinion. Once a writer becomes associated with outlaws, whenever she writes, her readers are at least inclined to perceive her words as being those of an outlaw. If she writes about drugs and drug use and experimentation, or alcohol abuse, she runs the risk of being forever cast as an addict of some sort.

Writers have the potential to become the daredevils of a passive, consuming citizen society. If a writer really does her job properly, her readers can safely and legally come to know certain experiences normally beyond the purview or ken of responsible, respectable, law-abiding citizens who ascribe to the social mores and customs of their respective tribes.

Our readers live vicariously through us, which has the potential to encourage us to live dangerously….

Kink, of course can forever remain the ultimate brand that a writer can choose to allow to be burned into her hide. It may be a beautiful, artfully rendered scar left by an even more beautifully ornate iron heated to just the right temperature…it can be surrounded by a tattoo so divinely inspired it could make Da Vinci weep, but the mark in the readers’ minds is far more indelible.

It may not be fair, but it is certainly the way of the world, and writers should be at the very least very, VERY worldly….

I believe that a writer needs to keep an air of mystery about herself at all times…and this requires some scrupulous isolation to some extent. In general, the public does not want to separate where the Art ends and the Artist begins. It can be argued that…they became what they beheld…and that all of us are forever changed by the experiences we share either as writers or as readers, participants or viewers. Some writers need more protection from typecasting than others.

You can ride with an outlaw motorcycle gang, or a rock band, or work as a non-participating employee in the Sex Entertainment industry or find other ways to associate with real expert-participants from any genre or walk/way of life to gain knowledge and experience without having to join the Club or the Union…of course, if that is your desire, or you can almost always choose selectively in which experiences to participate, but still secret yourself behind the guise of “counsel from your Advisors”.

I have numerous friends who are bikers, addicts, prostitutes, actors and actresses (of every ilk), doctors, nurses, medics, policemen and women, (detectives and “Dickless Tracies” alike), religious zealots, rouge scientists, rainmakers, impostors, perverts, persuaders, telemarketers, and carnival clowns of every stripe…(many of whom do not get along well with each other, by the way…) but it sure does keep life interesting…and I love the tattoos. I have been given the gift of safe passage among all of them, and they allow me to do the occasional “walk-through” if I am only willing to pay the temporary dues, that permit me to know the Life without having to Live the Life as if it was my only life.

If I should decide to do a striptease for you, at least at first, I should prefer the luxury of a dressing screen, a few fans, some feathers, a balloon or two, a mink stole, some scarfs, a string of pearls and other distractions and barricades behind which I can move and operate freely and with impunity until…(I make you think I’ve shown you what you think you came to see). The more mystery, subterfuge, and foreplay, the better, n’est-ce pas?

“My Advisors” allow me the luxury of that kind of costuming or props to give the Dance the mystery it craves, as well as the protection I need to write with impunity.

I hope you enjoy the Enigma.

“…And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming….”


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I saw a ghost peek

 around my right eyelid

this morning as I lay awake

 in bed,

but when I turned to face him

he was already gone.

It was definitely either

Jesus, Elvis, or Johnny Holmes

though I couldn’t quite tell

which one it was,

but I recognized

 the Crown.

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