I saw a ghost peek

 around my right eyelid

this morning as I lay awake

 in bed,

but when I turned to face him

he was already gone.

It was definitely either

Jesus, Elvis, or Johnny Holmes

though I couldn’t quite tell

which one it was,

but I recognized

 the Crown.

4 Responses to “Ghost”

  1. peeked around your eyelid – how delicately the ghost made tself known.

    • …but the minute I tried to turn to look at him, he took off like a Road Runner cartoon…I should have known better. It always happens that way. You have to forget about looking for them, because they are vain, like cats, if you pursue, they elude…if you ignore…they pursue cautiously out of curiosity, but because you weren’t thinking about them, when they catch your eye if you turn to look…to stare, they are gone in a flash, lingering just enough to leave a trace as they zip away. Hmmmm.

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