This Thing We Do with Words

…(This post was inspired by several of my favorite bloggers…I trust you to know whom you are…fellow bloggers who share this love affair with words, thoughts, meanings, and ideas. Chances are if you even think I am referring to you, I probably am, because you have inspired me in one way or another and I want to thank you all for it.)  😉

This thing we do with words.

We build bridges

from island to island

one word, one stone at a time.

We build monuments and temples

to Love and Lust,

Adventure and Power.

We can spin webs of intrigue

like giant subterranean spiders

with words artfully applied

 and patterns beautiful to see

as Love seduces Logic

and Romance beguiles all Reason.

And tell tall tales

of days of old

of arts arcane and esoteric,

from ransom notes to love letters

charters, pacts and treaties.

A poem, a love letter and a plea for rescue,

a note wrapped up in a bottle,

flung into a sea of humanity,

awaiting reply

from my private island of exile

to you.

We can wax eloquently and long,

or we can get write down

and dirty.

Isn’t it such a beautiful thing

that we can do?

…this thing we do with words?

…free to be whatever we wish to be,

or be whatever you wish we were.

(I can be very flexible that way, you know)

Anonymous sex with words

spewed from invisible mouths

by mysterious lips and tongues

in a bathhouse of like-minded


When you touch me

I create you

in the most flatteringly imaginative ways

in my own image

and never worry about overstepping either’s bounds

because honey,

If you only knew what things I do

To and With each other with words,

and in our minds,

in real life,

it might be hard

to ever stopping slapping my face.

But in This Life,

trusting in the fact that whatever it is

I will cheer you on,

and vise-versa

Mon Cheri.

You have Carte Blanche

Chez mois….

(And trust me, I doubt that it violates any rules I know…)

but then again,

that pretty much leaves you free

to be with me as you please,

Madame Weasel…

meet Mister Weasel.

In my mind, your bottom is perfect

in your mind, every part is just right.

And everything is exactly the

the way we like it,

In My Perfect World.

While we do this thing we do with each other

with words.

We can touch each other so intimately

in such private places

deep within our psyches

with visions of forbidden acts

too emotionally dangerous

to allow,

except within our deepest


kept locked away in a dirty basement

beneath a haunted house

inside (y)our soul(s).

It’s Better Than Sex

only because it really isn’t,

but imagining what it Is in each other’s minds

each according to our own inferences

means that at least fifty percent

of what we get

is what we bring to this picnic.

Because there’s always more

inside this thing we do with words.

Mass media meets social networking

begetting Art

in a mad orgy of

words and thoughts

both sacred and profane.

Noble and Lofty


Down and Dirty.

Spiritual and Ethereal

do a minuet


Finite and Practical,

making Voyeurs into Voyagers

and Fellow Travelers

of us all.

This thing we do with words,

My F(r))iend

allows us to span continents, universes

and alternate realities

in an instant that is less than an instant

that arrives before it leaves

and never stops coming

(or cumming).

This thing we do with words

spoken with love

will one day

teach us to love our enemies

once we realize

We all are one.

So even if you say


I can either take it as a compliment,

an enticement,

or just smile like I do when I watch a

monkey jacking off at the zoo.

We all are One.

So thanks for the handjob.

We can praise or we can criticize,

condone, condom or condemn.

We can teach, touch, (p)reach and multiply

and be bountiful

and all it costs

is the price of baring your soul

and opening your eyes and your mind

and inviting me in,

be I vampire

or Pilgrim

fallen angel,


grateful worshipper,

or referee

for that fight you’ve been having

with yourself in your mind.

I am here for you

my friend

my brother

my sister

my mother

my father

my mentor

my co-conspirator,

fellow prankster

and lover.

I love this thing we do with words…

If I had to do it all over again

I’d do it all over you.

English: Life, the Universe, and Everything Te...

English: Life, the Universe, and Everything Texture… or in other words, 42 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

32 Responses to “This Thing We Do with Words”

  1. I read this recently, “Know this: I’m addicted to you. I have tasted your mind and I cannot forget its flavour.”

    This for me sums up everything you just said. Love, Love, Love!


    • Wow! “I have tasted your mind and I cannot forget it’s flavour… If I use this will you sue me?…..this is GOLDEN :).

      • no I will not sue, for I do not know of its origins. I was just so taken aback by it and the power that those words held that I had to copy it down knowing that someday someone would come along whose words would match its meaning, And low and behold today was the day. 🙂

      • Intriqued to say the least :).

      • Glad you liked it. You are one of the ones who helped inspire it. We all become (p)art of each other’s processes. In giving and receiving as writers as well as readers, we enjoy an anonymous intimacy of words, thoughts, and ideas.

      • I more than liked it and am flattered to be among those that inspired such thoughtfulness, intelligence and beauty.

      • Yes it is, and for that, I am forever grateful to those of us who share ourselves this way…I can’t imagine anyone suing someone else for helping to help breathe additional life into something that grows as it is shared. It is a chorus of echoes amplified at nodal points, like repeater stations. “I’ve tasted your mind…” Perfect simplicity.

    • For me, a heroine is the purest form of heroin…. 😉

      • The perfect drug of choice when one is wise enough to recognize the power he can obtain by sharing his most valuable asset with a woman who is worthy of such a gift

  2. Your words here have the softest touch of a silky sincerity.xo, J

    • Thank you. (Now it’s my turn to kiss you back… 😉 )

    • Some of the words we’ve shared recently were especially provocative in inspiring this piece…and I certainly hope you already knew that. I have been blessed in knowing such muses as yourself…it makes me wonder…in wondering, we become filled with wonderment, which makes us wonderful. And there’s always more….

      • You know what I think? I think we touch each other with words and that opens our mind’s eye to places unseen and untouchable in the physical world. Our words are the architects of our future. When we turn those thoughts to sexuality and strive for the purity of expressing sensations with a romantic and seductive slant, we can almost supersede the need for our bodies…almost : ) Besides the carnal fun, you inspire my mind to reach places – lofty and enlightened where I float in bliss. Picture those hand males fanning large palm frawns on a person lying on a chaise lounge on a balcony of a temples garden. Well, that’s where I’ll be thanks to you Chazz. xo, Jayne

      • …and that’s why I maintain that you bring fifty per-cent of what we have at that picnic…the best readers are the ones with the best imaginations…and thanks for sharing that image with me…ah yesssss! I love the way your think. 😉

      • You wrote to me once, after a grey post and mentioned how we build bridges to one another. I’m glad to have found your interesting and enlightened island because it fosters my imagination to think magically. By the way, that doesn’t happen easily – you just hit the right notes. XO

      • EleneSallinger Says:

        what a lovely thought 🙂

        Jayne is quite adept at getting people to wonder!

  3. Reblogged this on astraltravler and commented:
    This is True Mental Erotica minus the descriptiveness of a sexual act.

  4. Now I know why I do not write poetry. Thank you so much for letting me peek into your soul. Silent

  5. EleneSallinger Says:

    So wonderfully wordsmithed. My favorite stanza was”

    We can spin webs of intrigue
    like giant subterranean spiders
    with words artfully applied
    and patterns beautiful to see
    as Love seduces Logic
    and Romance beguiles all Reason

    Thank you so much for sharing that!

  6. EleneSallinger Says:

    Reblogged this on Elene Sallinger and commented:
    I couldn’t have said this better. What an excellent illumination of the writer’s soul.

  7. Reblogged this on Eric Keys.

  8. B. K. Hung Says:

    Behold: The anthem of the Lust-Blog-Life! Well-played! 😉

    • Indeed. It would be an honor to quote you on that…there are those of us who express ourselves according to one, or all sort of carnal expressions that appreciate eloquence, and the Theater of the Mind. For me, I conjure up and pull down the forces and spirits that give me strength to follow my nature and it starts in the mind, through words and ideas. Thank you.

  9. Yes, the power of words leads to an orgasmic celebral intercourse. LOVE THAT LAST LINE 🙂

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