He Said, She Said: Round Two


He Said, She Said: Round Two

 Although long distance collaborations can be difficult,

Anastasia of Astraltravler and I have kicked this concept back and forth between us more than once.

We decided that we only had scratched the surface and decided to push the envelope and this was the result.

It was Fun.

He Said, She Said

 He Chortled

She Babbled

He Interrogated

She Elocuted

He Insisted

She Enunciated

He Pleaded

She Articulated

He Snapped

She Whined


He Denounced

She Pontificated

He Dogmatized

She Alluded

He Insinuated

She Whispered

He Interposed

She Intoned

He Narrated

She Interpolated


He Sighed

She Moaned

He Exclaimed

She Shrieked

He Threatened

She Cajoled

He Dictated

She Whimpered

He Shouted

She Commanded


His Penis, Her Pussy

 His Meat Whistle

Her Cum Dumpster

His Slide Trombone

Her Meat Curtains

His Wang

Her Man In The Boat

His Pride & Joy

Her Vajayjay

His Lower Unit

Her Under Carriage


His Joy Stick

Her Taco

His Pecker

Her Nunni

His Schwantz

Her Poontang

His Viande

Her Diddle Hole

His Joy Stick

Her Bearded Clam


His One Eye Trouser Snake

Her Cooter

His Lingham

Her Love Canal

His Dipstick

Her Vertical Smile

His Kick Stand

Her Piss Flaps


 He Screwed

She Humped

He Drilled

She Jagged

He Violated

She Shagged

He Rutted

She Hunched

He Augured

She Mounted


He Snaked

She Made The Beast With Two Backs

He Burrowed

She Impaled

He Skewered

She Boffed

He Buggered

She Sexed Up

He Rimmed

She Fornicated


He Stabbed

She Debauched

He Deflowered

She Ravished

He Split

She Cuckholded

He Splayed

She Intermeshed

He Jizzed

She Jazzed


Fallatio and Cunniligus

 He Licked

She Sucked

He Slathered

She Bobbed

He Dined At The Sea Food Buffet

She Ate At The Y

He Yodeled In the Valley

She Snarfled The Garthok

He Lapped

She Dork’ Snorkled


He Munched

She Smoked

He Fressed

She Flecked

He Ate Out

She Blew

He Spit Shinned

She Polished The Knob

He Schlurped

She Quaffed


He Tongue Fucked 

She Gobbled

He White Washed

She Deep Throated

He Noshed

She Devoured

He Muff Dived

She Tongue Bathed

He Checked Under The Hood

She Put Lipstick On His Dipstick


6 Responses to “He Said, She Said: Round Two”

  1. I expressed my pleasure previously with Round 1 of he said she said to Anastasia and I have to say that Round 2 really upped the game. Brilliant! Really, not just fun to read but a great resource when at a loss for words.

    Thanks to you both!


    • It was fun. It’s all part of an ongoing process. I have Always been impressed by Anastasia’s choices of a particular word for male or female parts… one wrong word in the middle of an erotic text can really spoil the whole effect, and too many repetitions can become distracting. Its probably the biggest challenge in writing literotica. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it too. 😉

      • I am, very much so. Thanks to you both again for the collaboration of efforts that will benefit all us readers and writers.

  2. I love this – what a plethora of delightful euphemisms!!!

    • Thanks. I think we all face that dilemma every time we start to write, which is to ask ourselves how do we avoid repetition of certain words…dialogue can make that so difficult that I have occasionally just written it as if it was a screenplay, with margin notes to tell who is talking.
      Euphemism is a term fraught with caution for me, because all too often they take the “Balls” out of an expression (which is the last thing I want to do).
      Coming from you especially, I take that as a compliment…there are a few people who are my “litmus tests” to see if I have communicated something well or not.
      If it just made you smile, I’d consider it a success.
      Chazz 😉

      • Well, I couldn’t have come up with all of those – no way! You have some I have never heard of or maybe just wanted to forget ( meat curtains – piss flaps…lol ) Seriously though all of those words right after another in such abundance was like fireworks – dirty, funny, interesting, smart fireworks. XO Jayne

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