THFWS: Charles and Suki VII: A New Corner is Turned

THFWS: Charles and Suki VII: A New Corner is Turned

Once Charles and Suki were settled back into their life together in South Florida, they became regulars at The Sanctuary. Life was good again, and their relationship was renewed. Suki came to accept Jennifer’s relationship with Charles, and they got together as a threesome on a semi-regular basis, although Jennifer’s husband did not at all understand her love for Charles, despite the fact that she did everything she could to get him to understand how their relationship was enhanced in the process.

In fact, as time progressed, the schism between Jenny and Kyle began to widen, but the root cause was that he did not accept her as an equal, and was very guarded about revealing his true feelings, which resulted in resentful criticisms of her every move.

They had separated many times before in the previous seventeen years for reasons other than her infidelities, but those were the result, not the cause. Charles was not her first paramour, and she admitted that she doubted she would have stayed with Kyle if it were not for her two teenage children, whom she adored. She was a good mother to them, and over the years had been the primary breadwinner, which seemed to bother Kyle a great deal more than Jenny.

And although she never once voiced it, there were times when Suki missed Gerard more than she cared to admit it. Perhaps it was the adventure and the romance, or his extraordinary prowess as a lover. In retrospect, she recognized that she knew little about Gerard as a person.

For the three weeks they had shared in Los Angeles, he behaved a bit like a teenager trying to impress a young girl, throwing money around as if it was confetti, with showy displays and bravado, all the while prattling on and on about his plans for his restaurant in LA.

Even an amusement park can get boring eventually.

About the time that she found herself absent-mindedly reminiscing about the roller-coaster, she received a call from Gerard, who said he was coming out to visit her…not a request, an announcement. She noticed the difference, but a thrill ran through her body that seemed to drown out any other concerns, at least for the moment, as the anticipation of seeing her Monsieur Chineaux in the flesh once again….

Little did she know what was to come.

Of course, her first concern was to test the waters regarding Charles’ reaction to the news. She was not at all surprised by his overwhelming support and approval, even going so far as to inquire if she would prefer to share the experience, once the initial thrill of reuniting with her dashing gentleman caller had subsided sufficiently to allow her feet to touch the ground again.

She did not know how long he intended to stay, and was touched by how broad-mindedly he accepted the news, although the catch in his voice and the way his eyes glistened as he spoke to her assured her that it was by no means a cavalier decision. At that moment, she could feel her love and admiration for Charles wash over her like a giant wave in the surf, sweeping her off her feet and carrying her away to a place she had never been before. “This” she thought, “is real love.”


2 Responses to “THFWS: Charles and Suki VII: A New Corner is Turned”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    no expectations, wanting only happiness ..snd always there…..
    yes, that is true love..
    another wonderful read….
    I hope you are doing okay in your neck of the woods…
    Take Care….You Matter….

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