When I Read Your Words I Feel So Naked

When I Read Your Words I Feel So Naked


In my mind

I imagine you are there beside me

Naked too,

and on my right

sitting behind me

whispering each word

into my ear as I read you


I hear each sibilance

as it passes your teeth

each plosive syllable

 as it pops from between

your moistened lips,

every affricative

formed between tooth and lip,

the F’s escaping

like some intoxicating vapor,

the V’s buzzing

and waving their stingers.

I feel you breathing in my ear.

I feel your hair

against my neck and shoulders

as your nipples brush

against my arms and back.

You turn a phrase as if each word

is your own tongue

licking and flicking

inside my ear.

A tongue so long it slithers and slides

all the way

inside my brain,

and coils up like a snake,

(if only snakes could wink

and smile)…

A soft metaphor

lays a gentle hand

upon my thigh

as similes

slowly drag

their nails upwards

while you tickle

my fancy

with innuendos

that hint at promises


almost too good

to be true

anywhere but here.

This thing we do with words…

And yet I do not even know

the color of your hair,

be it blonde

or brown,



or even black

as raven’s wing.

I try to picture you in my mind.

Full of figure,



or short,


or pale


something in between…

It matters not,

I realize,

just now

because it

is not

the way you look

that seduces me

so boldly

and provocatively

with subtlety

and grace

as you coyly undress my mind

with words

that conjure



and desire

as yet untasted,

so rigid

and yet so flexible

and willing to be led,

or rather


the way the moon

will raise the tides

time after time.



You draw me

to a bed

of words

both soft and firm

and lay me down

to wallow in your


impaled upon

my imagination…

This thing we do with words…

I wonder how your voice will sound

if ever you should speak to me.

Will it be soft?


with an edge

as keen

as the arrows

of a huntress

who shoots straight through the heart,

but only takes what she consumes?

Perhaps a husky whiskey voice


yet darkly feminine,

or maybe

high and clear

like a fairy’s song

as wood nymph

or siren

might use to call

and conjure


like those that you have cast

on me.

These things we do with words,

my friend

and lover

of confidences



as well as


A union of souls and spirits

incapable of jealousies

or possessiveness,

giving freely and taking gratefully

in this world we’ve made

of our own

where writer and reader


slake our cravings, lusts

and passions…

to be heard and understood.

To lead each other

to a place beyond mere words alone,

where there is only knowing.

This thing we do with words….

Like a reciprocated Kiss,

…the only kind of Snowball

that has a chance in Hell,

we pass our words

and images

and idea(l)s

back and forth

between us now,

The Union of the Woman and the Man.

The Union of the Writer and the Reader.

The Union of Truth and Wisdom.

The Union of the Word and the Idea.

The Union of the Idea and the Understanding.

The Union of the Understanding and the Enlightenment.

The Union of Giving and Receiving

freely without conditions or reservation.

What is Love?

You already know…

This is Love.

Pass it on

wherever you go.

The more you give

The more you will have.

Wear it like Sunshine

on your face

so I will know you


if we should ever meet,


if it takes a thousand lifetimes.

12 Responses to “When I Read Your Words I Feel So Naked”

  1. WOW Chazz! I don’t – can’t even gather words for a response. This writing blows my mind. How do you do that? Seriously. I’m going out for a smoke. Jayne

    • I have to tell you, I read this just as I was pondering how to leave Blogland. Your poetry pulled me right back. : )

      • Then, to quote one of my favorite muses…I hit my mark…XO

      • LOLOL Touche!
        I like smart asses and sharp wits!
        Seriously though, Should I have asked you to reblog that? I’m confused if I’m supposed to or not because the “reblog” button is right out there.
        Your poem for Suki was another thing of beauty. Your open heart is showing and shining bright! xo Jayne

      • I seriously doubt that I would be inclined to deny any of your wishes, but you have my standing prior approval to reblog anything I write, anytime, anywhere…although I have a shy side initially in personal contacts (sometimes), I am an exhibitionist at heart, and love the exposure.
        Thanks. I am blessed to have such wonderful sources of inspiration.

      • I bow, naked but caped, to your generosity. thank you, J

  2. Lovely words for your lady blogger friend.
    Glad you have that connection with her and hope you can both meet one day. 🙂

    • Thank you. I am blessed that (I believe) she already knows it was for her, (I hope) in that she inspired it, but there is a part of me that lives to worship women in a very general sense as well…it is my idolatry…a Janitor to the Temple of the Holy of Holies. 😉
      And, Yes, Sofia…me too…me too. My curiosity runs wild with speculation. Many might be inclined to fear disappointment by the reality, but she has a beautiful mind that bespeaks a deeply passionate romantic spirit that could easily blind me to just about anything short of…I don’t even know…when minds meet, and hearts touch, everything after that is just window dressing.
      Besides…I have been told I am easy on the eyes, but I’m no George Clooney…who am I to judge? If she turned out to be a he I would be shocked…but there is a part of me that believes she is a most splendid example of all that is beautiful, and it would take a lot to change that opinion. I just hope it doesn’t take a thousand lifetimes….

      • Trust me (and I am taking a leap of faith because I follow both your blogs and I am going by my 6th sense) she knows and you won’t be disappointed if you should ever meet. 🙂
        You sound like a wonderful person as well.

  3. Reblogged this on Diary Incarnate and commented:
    This is a work of art… and if you call yourself a romantic, even in the slightest way, read on and feel. If you don’t, this may make you one. Jayne

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