How to Breathe Underwater

How to Breathe Underwater

You were perched on your rock

when I came upon you,

ready to dive

into the water,


in the late mid-morning.

The sun had evaporated the morning dew

and the air was heavy with the vapor.

You tried to cover your nakedness

at first

but I was not the kind of gentleman to look away

once I had already recognized you first.

You seemed to sense that it was I

and your shoulders drooped

as your hands fell away

from your tender parts

with a soft, sweet sigh

and you smiled that smile

I hadn’t seen

in too many lifetimes to recall.

We later named that rock Reality.

I hadn’t planned on seeing anyone there

that day.

I thought it was my special place


You blushed and giggled

as you looked over your shoulder,

then winked

and dove right under.

I stripped and followed you right in.

I found you waiting for me there

very deep in the pond,

halfway to the bottom

where the water was still clear

and the sun shone down

illuminating us both,

our eyes open wide and

your smile so broad…

When we touched,

we kissed for so long

that you started to gasp

and struggle

to reach the surface,

clearly panicked…

afraid for your life.

I smiled and said

“What’s your hurry, my dear?”

“This is our dream you know…”

“Only a dream?”

you asked, almost tearfully.

“It’s all a dream of a dream

within a dream…

Now breathe in

and realize your true power.

After this we can fly

like Peter and Wendy

as naked as jaybirds

until we are dry…”

“…But only a dream?”

you repeated again,

and this time I really thought you would cry.

“What do you mean

only a dream?

Reality is for people who can’t handle


“You can live in fear

of what might happen

and chances are

nothing will.”

“Nothing at all…”


Swim with me.

Dream we are dolphins

until you learn to dream

of breathing underwater.

Fly with me.

Do not be afraid.

It isn’t the fall that hurts

it’s the sudden stop

at the end of the dream

we never want to end.

Stand on the edge of the volcano,

or swing on the swing

 at the end of the world

with me.

We can jump

or fly away as we choose.

We can do the Ghost Dance together in Dreamland

until the detonation

sweeps us all away.

15 Responses to “How to Breathe Underwater”

  1. “…but only a dream?” I almost cried right here, right now. The water is feeling like velvet and I the tightness has lessened to a gentle full feeling… you calm me with gentle words. xo, Jayne

  2. The feelings are real…long before I saw “Vanilla Sky” I started to regard the lives we live as “lucent dreaming”, I have learned to embrace every tragedy in my life fully…to know it deeply, and to realize it does enhance the richness of this screenplay/novel/movie that is my life.
    No good novel worth reading is devoid of challenge, adversity or tragedy…nor is a well-lived life.
    So you see what I did there…first a pinch to get the catecholamines flowing, then a gentle caress to sooth the pain of life with loving endorphins.
    Your pond is a beautiful gateway to any destination you desire….
    I shall look forward to swimming with you again.

  3. I didn’t get this reply in my comments. I came back here and saw it…?.. Anyway, your experience as an EMT person can have some very seductive side affects I see. Honestly, I “know” life is complex with highs and lows, darks and lights, positive and negatives- it’s science and fact. I also know there are things I don’t know – possibilities and powers at my disposal if I can “see” them. This whole experience is one big track meet. Just – sometimes- I just want to escape under the bleachers ; ) haha. I think that may be where I saw you first!

    • Team sports are for people who can’t handle group sex and sexual/mental gymnastics…awww! probably not really, but it sounded too funny not to write it…
      Seriously, though…I’m starting to think we may have met before in this life…BTW: hedonism was the first thing that returned after I freed myself of the evil grip of anti-depressants…you may be better than drugs, but I have a feeling that you would prove highly addictive…

      • You’ve been drinking or taking anti-depressants for the hell of it!!! haha I laughed at your team sports and mental gymnastics comment.
        Awww c’mon – you know humans are way more addictive than anything…that is until the sex turns monotonous and the mental interaction becomes predictable! BUT – that has lasted up to 5 years for me and that’s when I wasn’t even trying! I MIGHT be a little smarter now but I can’t make any promises – I am flawed. ; )

      • Hey – I don’t think I can do group sex – I can’t multi-task bodies. That’s too much prressure and mental agility – I need to relax and fly on instinct a bit – can’t do that of I have to please 4 or 5 bodies. I don’t want a J-O-B dammit! LOL : )

      • BTW: I was referring to group sex, not a gang-bang (I get the impression you must be an over-achiever)
        …but my clumsy analogy was merely intended to give you a “hall-pass” from the track meet…
        Although I greatly preferred “under the bleachers” or “under the boardwalk” (a hint at my past I suppose), I was a gymnast throughout high school, and my first year of college.
        As for “the hell of it”, indeed I was severely clinically depressed when I started taking them, and the doctor just kept prescribing more, driving me from depressed to insane, where I came upon the concept of the “poison thought” which I belabor a great deal in the first novel, Dancing in Dreamland…it turned out I had created my own hell, and much like Alice, after I fell down the rabbit-hole, it was up to me to find my way back out.
        I used to drink a lot, but wasn’t a true alcoholic (moderate but chronic)…it got to be boring, so I got over it, and now just drink a little when the occasion warrants it.
        And yes, thankfully humans (and Romance) are the only addiction worth cultivating and maintaining.
        In gemstones, the “flaws” are referred to as “Inclusions”…in emeralds (which are btw, nine times more rare than diamonds, and much more interesting) they are bits of beryllium that can make them sparkle quite beautifully, so shine on and sparkle plenty.

  4. I had had a couple drinks myself when I made those 3 comments last night. You make me laugh- an over-achiever… It made me picture what an over-achiever would look like in a group sex setting – busy! I am an overachiever in my own mental gymnastics about my life and there are no pharmaceuticals to help me there. I am a native of California by the way…we may have met in dreams. You must be a pretty determined guy to get out from prescriptions and figure your own things out. I’m always dumbfounded how medical doctors don’t look to the cause and aim patients that way instead of just treating the symptoms as if they were the problem. It’s just stupid and shows a lack of intelligence and compassion. You may be the over achiever…wait, unless you consider marriage to be my pharmaceutical to kick. : ) I shouldn’t joke like that but I did. J

    • I have not met many people who have the slightest clue as to how to live their own lives…most doctors, least of all. It’s not just a matter of happiness…who looks below the surface at much of anything?
      It was a very personal struggle for me…one that only I could create, but any pen can write the poison thought. If you don’t think you are capable of asking yourself the question that is capable of cracking your own reality…then you are just not using your mind to its fullest potential. The prescriptions had to make it worse to force me to make it better, or die trying…don’t get me started about marriage…It’s heaven when it works and hell when it doesn’t…we make it what it is. Happiness is a choice, but sometimes you have to make sad choices and actions to get to where you belong…which is right where you already are, if you are willing to stand up for yourself…Our words are our dreams for now. It sounds like you already kicked it…it’s just a question of where you go from here, n’est-ce pas? 😉

  5. Exactly: “If you don’t think you are capable of asking yourself the question that is capable of cracking your own reality…then you are just not using your mind to its fullest potential. ” but it sure looks like a smoother ride to NOT ask the cracking questions. It does irritate me when people don’t though – it’s a waste of time not to but I know everyone is on their own timetable. Yes, We are all right where we are supposed to be… Let’s jump off your rock again. I found an underground tunnel to a cave ; )

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