Dharma for a Friend: お待ちください 忍耐、お願い

Dharma for a Friend:



You seek the Ultimate Truth.

Instead you discover the

Ultimate Void.

Matte Kudasai.


This is truth

but it is not the Ultimate Truth.

Form is Form,

Emptiness is Emptiness.

Form is Emptiness,

Emptiness is Form.

No Form,

No Emptiness.


The Void.

What comes next?

Madness and Magic.

Trade back your Reason for Instinct.

Matte Kudasai.


A dog howls at the moon.

The sound drowns out

All the voices of all the Buddhas.

Patience please.


Your words speak volumes

of questions seeking answer.

The earth beneath your feet

bleeds with each step you take.

You feel the pain as I feel yours.

Everything is just like this.

See yourself

as the main character

in the novel of your life

as you have written it,

as you are

in all your unselfconsciousness.

See yourself outside your ego.

Stand naked before yourself

Protecting nothing.

Defending nothing.

Justifying nothing.

Ashamed of nothing.

Embarrassed by nothing.

Embrace your self-imagined imperfections,

just as you are.

Forgive yourself of everything.

You must stand outside yourself to do this.

As you do,

ask yourself

“Who am I now?”

“Who is asking this question?”

No words can describe your understanding.

Matte Kudasai.


Patience Please.


As you stand in Dreamland

you see the detonation.

You feel the blast

as everything you knew

is blown away

by the Crown of Destruction.

In the stillness

of the void

before the backrush

of Nothing Special,

suddenly you see


is exactly

as it is.

I am doing the

Ghost Dance

for you

in Dreamland.

Life Returns

all by itself.

Baraka Bashad.

11 Responses to “Dharma for a Friend: お待ちください 忍耐、お願い”

  1. That was everything and nothing.

    This, hit me direct center.
    “You seek the Ultimate Truth.

    Instead you discover the

    Ultimate Void.”
    Seeking is elusive yet, tangible in my peripheral vision or mind’s eye. The strugle of it is a futile waste of time. It’s there and always has been. I’ve been trying to make it what I see instaed of seeing what it really is. Yeah, I’m a bit controlling of my world…I like that fantasy sometimes. ; ) Lovely feast of words you have here. I can meander around this table for hours.

    • thank you. enjoy the feast.

      • What does this mean Chazz? “Matte Kudasai”

      • “Please wait” in Japanese…(also a very beautiful song by King Crimson, btw…)
        The idea is that, although in my world, when I experienced the Void, it literally tore me apart…for about four years of pure hell, but eventually, there was a great understanding that came after that…only to realize that each step has another one waiting after that…we have to be patient…the snake sheds its skin, when it is time to shed its skin.
        The piece is meant as an encouragement, as a testimony to the fact that there is more, and it is beautiful and rich.
        I wish somebody could have told me that when I needed it, but maybe I wasn’t ready to hear it then.

      • Right, or maybe it was something you had to learn through the process. What lessons have you truly learned JUST by being “told”? Who can blindly follow in that way about such important and personal things? I can’t… I’m not that advanced or wise.

      • True, I have despaired of the idea of explaining the “transcendental”…that is simply an oxymoron of course, but I do aspire to being able to perhaps turn a phrase or a word that may trigger an understanding within the mind of another…it’s like planting a seed, or putting a pot of soup on a back burner…it takes time until the right moment presents itself…I have read things that took me literally over seven years to connect, once the right experience matched that concept that had been put there by someone else.
        That is why the phrase Matte Kudasai and Patience please“In spring, the rains come, and the grass grows all by itself”

    • that’s where the Madness and Majic come into play…we create the world around us.

      • You MIGHT be interested in this talk on creativity – it’s a bit long but it’s John Cleese talking about creativity. Your comment on Madness and Magic made me think of it. It’s stuff you already know if you are creative, he just puts it out there in an organized coherent way.

      • I would be very much interested in it …what, should I google something or do you have a link?

      • I’m sorry Chazz, I thought I put it in my reply.

        let me know if this doesn’t work and I’ll reblog it or email it

      • Thank you…In fact, you did, but I tried to view your comment on my phone, so it didn’t show up when I replied…mia culpa 😉 Great piece…I have always admired his work.

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