For Occasional Use Only as Directed…

An angel crash-landed

at Villa Dreamland’s

temporary encampment,

The Home for Wayward Souls.

Loosely clad in

terry shorts

and a satin

team jacket

with only a few of the bottom buttons



the free-range puppies


wrestle and cavort

beneath its logo.


As I wrestled with the gatekeeper

to my realm of Velocity and Power,

she appeared

out of nowhere.

She noted we shared the same brand

and marks;

the co-conspiring



Speed and Mystery.

I was surprised

when I realized

it wasn’t a Raiders jacket

after all;

(as it turned out

she was a stretcher-bunny

long ago and had developed a taste

for icons and talismans that

captured my attentions….)

“What a coincidence…”

I foolishly assumed.

Part naughty tomboy,

part wood-nymph,

her long chestnut hair

was everywhere,

like a lions mane.

Her feline eyes

sparkled slightly with mischief

while she made suggestions

as to how to regain control

of my access

to time and space.

We conferred

on a few points,


and then she

set upon the project

as if it was her own

(with my blessing

and assistance).

Clad only in a bathrobe,

my attempts to access

points below the dashboard

did not go unnoticed,

as she smiled slightly, then

sighed approvingly.

Ignition and liftoff

confirmed our success

as she began to close the case,

and I felt myself falling

yet again,

with no sign of impact

anytime soon.


This trailer park angel

is a newfound


but she quickly advised

she could not be taken for granted

and had a life of her own,

her precautionary statements

contrasting her jovial demeanor

She warned

“Take only as directed.”

“Use with caution.”

“For Occasional Use Only.”

“May be habit-forming.”

“May lead to respiratory arrest.”

(She already took my breath away once…)


“See ya in the post office, kiddo…”

she whispered in my ear.

(What?) I wondered?

“…the rogue’s gallery…

on the wall,

with the other gangsters….”

She winked playfully

and then I knew….

“You owe me one…”

she said.

“If you got the time later,

maybe you can

help me with a tune-up

I’d like to get done

before my kid gets home from school.”

“…Maybe tonight

you can even

introduce me to your wife…

tell her my name is Mata Hari

and we’ll call her Tokyo Rose…”


This woman of mystery,

this trailer-park tomboy angel

with slightly singed wings,

a lover of pearl necklaces,

with a need for speed

reminds me…

“In the Springtime

the rains come

and the grass

grows all by itself…”

Life returns.

Baraka Bashad.

13 Responses to “For Occasional Use Only as Directed…”

  1. eric keys Says:

    Great stuff, Friend!

  2. Dear C,
    I Love this: “She noted we shared the same brand and marks; the co-conspiring symbols of Speed and Mystery.” The fact that she verbalized wanting to meet Suki sounds like My kind of Gal. You know I’m going to be expecting a follow-up installment.

    • (forgive me, but…) “That’s what she said!”
      And, yes, of course…everybody wants to meet Suki…come to think of it, if they sound like “your kind of gal”, then maybe I should introduce you guys…and we can collaborate on the results and publish our findings…because “Inquiring Minds Want to Know”…. 😉

  3. This was another of your incredible stories I wish I could duplicate in my own way. I can’t seem to catch that wave… I was just thinking of you last night as I gathered links to writings I have loved. You in your newfound home…This makes me very happy that you are dinking in sweetness. xo, Jayne

    • All those stories are already there…awaiting your inspiration, i.e. for you to breathe life into them…but be careful what you wish for…it has been my finding that lately everything I write that has not already happened, is about to happen…but I am more than just the scribe…I may be the catalyst, or even the crucible, but it goes beyond just participatory journalism.
      Catching waves is a little like chasing cats…better to become the wave…then you are always in the right place at the right time.
      This new life is culture-shock in the extreme on the one hand, and on the other hand, Suki says I am part chameleon, and because all of this has happened before in other lives, I just roll with it…it was not my choice.
      What I chose was what I did with the circumstances that confronted me without regard for pre-judgment of who I am, or how I am somehow supposed to behave, or imagined self-images.
      The stories come as my life comes, and go the same way.
      When you stop looking for it, it will sneak up on you and let you grab it, just to see if you can hold on long enough for a respectable ride.
      I’m flattered you thought of me last night as you were gathering links to writings you have loved. Several of your works, and more than a few of your words have touched and inspired me on a deeply personal level.

      • I have been trying to write something grand as a gift for you… You have been supportive and inspiring and seductive in all the right ways. I’m lucky to have found you Chazz. xo, Jayne

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    another great read…
    and I should learn not to read backwards LOLs..
    I am glad life has returned for you…
    gives me hope in that faith I wear mine will too
    Take Care…You Matter…

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