And then I Saw Myself

One morning

traveling along the road to work

I saw a man

pushing two shopping carts

connected along the top

by two


held together

with bungee cords.

It was quite an ingenious affair

with about three feet

separating the two carts

allowing him to hang

clothes and other items

that were covered with garbage bags

from the boards

in the space


the carts.


Judging from his tan

and the way he was dressed

I suspected

that even if he had a

specific destination

it was not a permanent one.

I thought

how peculiar

to still try to hold onto

so much

with no place to keep it all.

Both the carts were

filled with bags

full of items

protected from the rain

and the elements.

I suspected

it must have been difficult

to choose


what to keep

and take with him

and what to leave

as he set out

on this journey

to nowhere

in particular.


We were traveling so fast

the first time I saw him

that I only had time to notice him

before he was far behind us.

Several days later,

I passed him again.

This time I slowed down

so as to allow me

an opportunity

to take his picture

with his bizarre


As I did, he turned to face me.

…and then I saw myself….

11 Responses to “And then I Saw Myself”

  1. When my dad died and we were clearing out his apartment, he had a picture that I’m positive he took. A “bum” sitting on the sidewalk but body leaning into a bush. He wore a hat, old dark clothes and his shoes were kept together by something that transformed them into looking like clown shoes. All I could think was “there, by the grace of God, go I”. I might know a little of how you felt….the experience makes you think. xo, J

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    treasures of the heart he surely kept in those bags…
    and as you saw you, maybe you needed reminding you are a treasure of the heart ….
    not long ago ( a long story I shall keep short as to not bore )
    I had changed my life, I had started life changing paperwork,
    applied for a visa abroad to work, and sorted through my many years of accumulation of “things” and put that in storage…
    then a choice was made for me, ( I wrote about it in my thoughts called “Grieve”) and I was so stunned, I stopped living and started existing, then another life changing happened not as big, but I had my jeep sold, my money , well any way…. I lost all my “things” in my storage…
    oh I was so upset, for they were important too me…and I ranted and raged within and dug alot of dirt talking with Gaia and whispering to Goddess…not about why me, but what had I done
    to have someone I trusted in both cases of the ones who made choices for me without thinking how I would react, that they could hurt me like that…
    and as you probably know Goddess and Gaia are wonderful in being Silent so I could answer my own questions, so I could “feel”
    my own answers….
    and I discovered ….the “things” are gone, but I am not, and I know I will start again when I am ready….
    which took me into thinking about when I died and came back because I told my angel I heard my daughter and she needed me..
    He said “no” oh I have drifted again 🙂 sorry……
    I realized I was not suppose to come back, for that life was over and by exercising my free will and doing so I was about to embark on a new life one I start from the beginning…
    those life changing events would not have happened if I hadn’t start a new life literally, and even though it hurt, still today the scars have not healed within my heart, I am on my way in my new life I chose…this week I am at a crossroad of the window I saw when I was on the otherside…it has sent me way over the edge even Alice and the Mad Hatter got concerned LOLs..
    but I have those bags of treasure….and like you I know what is important….not things but my walk of life this time…

    now that I have gone way over board in that philosophical in your space….raving about me and what your words brought out of me (sorry)
    what do you think were in the bags?
    you know I love reading you…you write with such emotional open-ness….in all your work of art….
    now swallow those mushrooms from Alice, drink the Mad Hatter’s tea and tell me please 🙂
    This is a wonderful ..profound work of art you painted for me …us
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • When you said don’t read the posts backwards I should have followed your instructions… this is one of the more amazing replies I’ve ever gotten from anybody. And there is just so much there… I’m at my sidewalk cafe right now and a little less than optimal conditions to reply on this. Looking forward to combating and communicating with you soon… thanks for the post.

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

        if I said I don’t then that was backwards too LOLs..
        for I read your last one first…
        I look forward to reading your thoughts on my reply, sorry it was a little bit drifting into rambling 🙂
        I enjoyed reading you words very much here…

      • Sadly the last two days have been very busy by the time I get home from work. don’t worry about the rambling… looking forward to reading it again and posting a comment

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

        🙂 sending you wishes for a great day…and a Greater weekend!
        I know the busy…I am cleaning weeds, planting in my gardens
        Take Care…You Matter..

    • It is a wonderful thing to me to think that I could have that kind of effect on someone else by something I wrote…don’t apologize to me for going overboard…it’s where I live most of the time.
      Gaia and the Goddess seem to send me messages…or visions…like what happened in the poem. I believe in omens and signs…part of my Indian heritage I got from my grandparents.
      I am fascinated by your reference to the crossroad…please feel free to contact me at my e-mail site if you care to go in depth about it…I’d love t hear more.
      I’m ready for the mushrooms and the tea….
      Thank you,
      Baraka Bashad,

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

        I was clicking off…and felt compelled to stop in wordpress, and here you are LOLs….
        is it what comes when you comment on mine posts?
        (Thank you by the way, that was a moment of humble for me on your comment to my post…I am.will catch up more tomorrow)
        if my email comes here to you drop me a line so I have yours, ( easier on this Crone trying to make the new and improved yahoo work, I am into the tried and true, used and abused system I understand 🙂 )
        I am headed to bed, I got woke up from louder than usual whispers at 2:30 am and I am dragging, but I am ready for the mushroom and tea also LOLs…
        (maybe they will help me decipher the whispers)
        Thank you for not minding when I ramble.., I appreciate your kindness and generosity of listening…
        Take care…You Matter…

  3. My e-mail site is Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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