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There are No Secrets Amongst Those of One Mind: THFWS&TTM’s

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There are No Secrets Amongst Those of One Mind
During the next Sunday’s sermon at the Sanctuary of The Home for Wayward Souls, Frederick suddenly began to sign in an erratic and confusing manner not at all like him. He nudged Mark and looked at him quizzically after looking first at Darcy, and then back to Mark.
When he initially began learning American Sign Language he used the expression “Aunt” Darcy to express his acceptance of her as a surrogate mother by virtue of her role as a handler the same way that chimp mothers will jointly raise and nurture each other’s offspring.
There is a vocalized utterance that is often used to acknowledge this relationship as well, but Frederick’s confusion at that moment was clouding his telepathic “voice” to Mark because he wasn’t sure what it was that he was trying to express.
Frederick also liked to refer to his mother as “Mama Lilith” in much the same way that young children will also attempt to call their parents by their first names as they become accustomed to hearing their parents’ associates refer to them.
Mark suddenly realized that Frederick’s confusion stemmed from the fact that he only associated the term “Mama” to his own birth mother, even though he was sensing something else about Darcy that was strangely out of character for her in her role as his childhood “Aunt”.
Frederick already knew intuitively that Darcy was with child, and now he did not know what to call her. Once or twice since he had received sentience, he had jokingly referred to her as “Aunt Darcy” because it was strangely out of character considering he had not used the “Aunt” pronoun for her in years, and their relationship was now considerably more complicated.
This sort of humor would have been impossible before he received The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil because chimpanzee humor is more characteristically slapstick or prank-oriented due to the limitations of their levels of comprehension.
Although his cognitive consciousness was growing exponentially as the weeks passed, there were times when the gaps proved to be especially frustrating.
His frustration now stemmed from attempting to use the term “Mama” and “Darcy” at the same time.
Mark finally signed (and thought) to Frederick “Yes, Darcy is going to have a baby”, thinking that was the source of his confusion.
Suddenly the other members of the group (including Ash) audibly gasped at the revelation, as all eyes turned to Darcy.
Ash choked in mid-sentence in the middle of one of the most eloquent sermons he could remember giving in years…struck mute…speechless, shocked and overjoyed all at once.
All he could think to do was to cue the ArchAngels and rush down to embrace Darcy as the rest of the group rose to do the same.
Stanley was completely befuddled until Darcy finally told him “They just found out I’m going to have a baby.” Darcy was very deferential in extending Stanley the courtesy of translating ASL for him.
The group stood and talked briefly, and agreed to assemble that night at the rectory, apologizing to Frederick that they regretted he would not be able to attend.
Charles suddenly blurted out “Well, what do you know Frederick; it looks like you’re going to get to find out what it’s like to have a brother after all…or a cousin, depending on how you look at it.”
Merle winced and added “I think we are all in agreement that this child will have no shortage of love, acceptance and familial support. Mark…Darcy I believe I speak for everyone here to congratulate the both of you on this seemingly miraculous event. We are becoming a family of families. We look forward to discussing this with both of you at more length this evening.”
Ash hugged Darcy and Mark before he jumped back up on the stage to announce the blessed event for the benefit of the somewhat startled and confused audience, who then gave them a standing ovation.
When Stanley Linderman gave his report to Sebastian G. Lodge later that afternoon, his director remarked in mock surprise “Well, what do you know…for all their hippie new age polyamory I guess the prospect of children and family has a way of bringing out their traditional family values after all…So when is the wedding?”
“I have no idea sir; they did not even mention it during or after the services in my presence…at least as far as I can tell, because they also sign everything they discuss verbally for the benefit of the ape…I can’t be sure, and it is my understanding that chimps comprehend a lot more than most of us give them credit…especially this one…but both Mark, and Darcy are very polite about translating everything they sign to Frederick to me as a courtesy, which I found to be especially thoughtful, considering I never even had to ask them to do so.”
“How are the ASL lessons going, by the way Linderman?”
“Leave it to Leidos to think of everything and leave no stone unturned…uh, I mean… very well sir. I can almost keep up with their more pedestrian conversations, and I honestly do not think they even suspect that I understand their signing at all.”
“Good. Keep it that way. It will help make sure we keep them honest with us. If you ever start to even suspect that either of them is not accurately disclosing the full extent of their communications with that monkey, do not let on that you are aware of their ruse.”
“They thought they were so clever in getting me to allow them to take that monkey off campus in the first place. The beauty of it all is that it simply allows me to gain relatively unfettered access to intel about their subversive and perverted cult. I had every right to deny them from taking him anywhere just based on protection of our interests…”
“Excuse me sir, but Frederick is a Chimpanzee-Bonobo hybrid, which still makes him a Great Ape, not a monkey…for one thing he has no tail…”
“Linderman, I do not need to be corrected on semantics, or given a lecture on Anthropology! You’re not in any danger of going ‘native’ on me, are you Linderman?”
“Absolutely not, sir!”
“See to it that you don’t, or I’ll change the assignment to someone else. We only have minimal investment in your preparation so far, and we can’t afford to let you get sympathetic with them and go soft.”
“No sir…not at all. Not a chance. I meant no disrespect…I take all my assignments very seriously, and my only concern was for accuracy.”
“Very well Linderman…that will be all for now.”
“Yes sir, Colonel Lodge.”
“Do not use that title when addressing me again Linderman! Not even in confidence or privately from this point on; are we clear?”
“Yes Director Lodge.”
Stanley Linderman was one of the best of his ilk… (whatever that was) but although he would never admit to it, there was something about these particular assigned targets that appealed to him intellectually and aesthetically as well.
He had been an agnostic since before he went into the military…long before he went undercover…and Lodge was such a bible-beater that he did not even bother to discuss his religious beliefs (or lack of them) with anyone, let alone his director…but there was something about this Home for Wayward Souls that allowed him to let just a glimmer of Faith…or maybe Hope into his heart without incurring Fear, Shame, Sin or Judgment.
His father had been one of those “…but I will defend to the death your right to your beliefs with my life if necessary…” kind of rugged individualists, and the apple had not fallen that far from the tree.
He did not share his director’s views on many subjects. He did not even especially care for Sebastian Galbraith Lodge because he thought he was too much of a self-righteous zealot.
He believed that narrow-minded fanatics endangered the rights and freedoms and civil liberties that had been the hallmark of the ideals of the American Dream from all the way back when people still understood what a republic really was supposed to represent.
He was a professional however and knew to “govern himself accordingly”. He had orders to follow as well as a conscience, and it was his conscience that had prompted him to follow his chosen career, both as a servant of the public as well as of his own principles.

Fish, Cut Bait, or Swim: THFWS&TTM’s

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Fish, Cut Bait, or Swim
Darcy rushed out of the bathroom to meet Mark. She held the tester behind her back. The minute she saw his face, she knew something was drastically wrong, and she slid it into the back pocket of her jeans.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“I just got a call from the Habitat…PharmaCorp is sub-contracting us out to Leidos…until further notice. All animal research will be under direct orders from Sebastian G. Lodge…but that’s not all….”
“What’s got you so upset Darlin’? What else?
“Effective tomorrow, half of the chimps in the Feeder Project will be sent off-campus for three weeks to another ‘undisclosed’ facility for ‘further training of a different nature’…they will be taken away from their families and homes without so much as a ‘how do you do?’ and we can’t do a fucking thing about it.”
“What about Frederick?”
“Well, fortunately, he is supposed to act as the ‘liaison’ to prepare the ones that are leaving, and to introduce the new replacements.”
“Replacements? Permanent ones?”
“I don’t think so, I get the impression they plan on having us train even more chimps on a regular basis, but that asshole Lodge just smiles and puts a finger to his lips, winks smugly at me, and says… ‘Need to know only…no offense, but that’s how we will be operating from now on…I advise you not to take it too personally, but the operations of the Corporation are going to have to be more disciplined than you are probably accustomed, and I would strongly suggest you get used to it and adapt to the changes.’
‘It will be one of the primary factors in deciding who remains once the operation is fully up to speed.’ He has made it very clear that no one is irreplaceable and that the Corporation will not tolerate any ‘Prima Donnas’…period!”
“Fuck! How is Frederick? Does he know already?”
“I was the one that had to break the news to him…that’s why I was so late. I was afraid you would be worried….”
“I’m OK…how is Frederick taking all this?”
“If I didn’t know better, I would swear he sees this as a challenge…he couldn’t wait to go over and start preparing them for the changes. They all look up to him and trust him completely. He is the official king of the tribe as far as they are all concerned, and he treats them like his extended family.”
“Remember when he watched ‘The Godfather’ with us…and it took so long to find a way to sign it so he would understand? Well, now he uses that sign for himself. He laughed hysterically after he did it, but I think it appeals to him.”
“Still…he must be stressed about it.”
“He is, but I gave him a handful of magic pellets to hand out…he is planning a tribal meeting tonight with the assembled multitude so they can get it all sorted out. He’ll be fine. He seems to welcome the challenge.”
“I guess our baby is growing up faster than we expected…”
“It’s interesting that Lodge had enough sense to realize the value that Frederick could play in socializing the members of the project to accept the changes…wait a minute!…speaking of babies…I almost forgot…did you take the test? What were the results?”
Darcy was not sure, but Mark looked so hopeful, she would have bet that he was hoping she was pregnant, and she wasn’t even sure she was so gleeful about it herself, so she just pulled out the test strip and held her breath.
Mark’s jaw dropped like it fell out of its hinges before he broke into a grin, and yelled Yahoo! three times as he picked her up and spun around like a dervish until she was afraid they would both fall on their silly asses.
They stood there kissing each other passionately as they tore each other’s clothes off on their way to the bedroom. Suddenly, Mark stopped abruptly.
He looked her straight in the eye and asked “I never thought to ask you how you felt…are you OK with this?”
With tears in her eyes, she said “I am now…”
A dark cloud passed over her as she asked “But what if it’s not yours? Have you even considered…”
Mark put a finger to her lips and lovingly shushed her. “Well, it will definitely be yours…so how could I not love it? I remember the first time you told me ‘What’s mine is yours’ …and I’m going to hold you to that.”

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: THFWS&TTM’s

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Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

“It wouldn’t be your usual kind of miracle…and no virgin birth…that’s for sure! But how?…how could this be?”…she winced as she looked down at the test stick… “this is sure as hell one time that ‘Positive’ does not involve anything positive for me…I’m certain of that…at least I think I am. Damn! The timing is all wrong for this!…Shit!”
She suddenly envisioned some dewy-eyed young Ms. Thing holding a piece of plastic in her piss-stream and seeing a happy face appear instead of a plus sign…and jumping for joy, shouting something like “Yippee!”
But not her…not Darcy Sallye, who vowed years ago that she was not going to be tied to some man who would ruin her life with heartbreak, disappointment, and betrayal or drunkenness and violence by virtue of an accidental union of egg and sperm.
Granted, that was years before she met Mark… and about three months after she got out of rehab.
She decided then and there that she would break the cycle of the chains that threatened to bind her. All the women in her family had been enslaved by bad choices made in a careless moment of lust and passion that fizzled out and faded away a lot sooner than the obligations that remained.
Redneck men…even the best of them, are famous for saying stupid shit like “Hey! I pay my child support every month!…” like it’s some declaration of honor, instead of something you’re supposed to do in the first place, even if they’re not around for the kids they sired with you because they’re too busy with the new wife’s kids…(whether they’re even his or not)…and especially if he thinks they are.
Darcy had never been in love before.
Sometimes she might have been in lust, especially with the dangerous ones…she had a taste for bad boys, but as soon as she recognized it for what it was, she would do something really mean or vindictive first before they got the chance to get the upper hand….
Sometimes it might have even been a strong like depending on how long she’d been too lonely, but it was usually just a case of already knowing she was just settling for what came along, and she was damned if she was going to be stuck…trapped…with no escape and too many regrets.
But now…the first time in years she’d even given it a thought, here she was in love…deeply in love with Mark…but…she couldn’t expect him to raise it as his…without…well, a DNA test for starters…after all, she had fucked all the men in the group on more than one occasion…with Mark’s blessing and encouragement in fact.
This was new ground for her…to be this free and so much in love at the same time. It was exhilarating and empowering to the point of intoxication….but suddenly, she was faced with a serious dose of reality in the middle of the wildest fantasy she had ever known.
“Jesus!” she thought… “What if it was Charles’ or Ash’s…or Merle’s” Charles and Ash were both married…could she…should she…just get rid of it…him?…her?
If Merle was the father, it would probably be more than Mark could take…she could live with it, but not Mark…and she understood why…Mark and Merle had been so close for so long…like brothers…but Mark always felt like he was the runner-up…second place…the one the girls settled for if they couldn’t get Merle, or if they couldn’t keep Merle (and no one but Kali could do that).
Mark was just a little too submissive, and sensitive and understanding for his own good. Women would use him as a doormat if they thought they could get away with it…and they often had. He had learned that all too often, they mistook his compassion and understanding for weakness, which taught him to keep his cards close to his chest and women at arms’ length.
Darcy was the first woman Mark had trusted enough to let her get close enough to occasionally dominate him…(just enough to act out a few of her own kinks about men).
He was an alpha-male to the outside world in all other aspects…he seemed to crave a sort of surrender to a woman like Darcy because he trusted her enough to believe she would never hurt him intentionally, even though they both feared she would one day, in spite of her best intentions….
Part of her wanted to just get rid of “it”…while it was still just an “it”…like it never happened…but something made her feel like there was this miraculous quality to the situation that refused to be ignored…the sperm that wouldn’t take no for an answer…the egg that refused to wither unrequited…what kind of destiny was being played out?
She didn’t know for sure, but those feelings made her question her judgment.
“Dammit!” Her tubes had been tied for years for Christ’s sake! They only “precautions” she had ever taken were just like the label said…“for the prevention of disease only…”
She hated rubbers because she felt like they insulated her from that spark she loved to feel from skin on skin…and skin in skin…and that warm flush from the flood…when the river overflowed its banks…full of electricity and life, just squirming inside her…gushing in and flowing out; a salt tide that flowed as if pulled by the moon herself and so copious she could almost taste it sometimes….
The term galvanic skin response refers to a measurable quantity of electric current registered during polygraph tests that fluctuates according to the emotions of the test subject…(or the level of passion between two lovers) that was insulated by latex, and like rubber gloves on a jewel thief’s hands, left no trace to even prove anyone had even been there.
As soon as she felt safe enough to go bareback, she usually did, which was not really all that often until…well, since she fell in love with Mark.
Every time she looked at a prick with a condom stretched over it, all she could think of was a bank robber with a pair of panty-hose pulled over his head, and it was all she could do not to laugh.
She quickly learned that men are not well-disposed to laughter at the sight of “the mighty sword” because most of them are so insecure that they end up taking the whole experience much too seriously to just relax and have fun.
They were usually so preoccupied with the self-imagined act of her conquest …yeah…as if….
If men had any idea how they looked to women when they were all puffed up with their exaggerated image of self-importance and control they might just learn to pay attention long enough to understand women a little better and really become much better lovers than they could imagine.
Ever since she and Mark were reasonably assured that neither one of them was going to give either of them Aids and die, those ski masks of sex had become a thing of the past…it never had anything to do with birth control in the first place…she thought she was safe…“Now what?!?!”
She told Mark she was going to buy a test kit to find out, so he would be expecting an answer soon, but she wasn’t really sure she knew what to expect from him.
She really didn’t know how she felt, and that would undoubtedly be his first question…what did she want to do? Men ask that question because it sounds like they really want to know what the woman wants, but the problem is that it just avoids answering the question for themselves in the first place.
A baby? She wasn’t getting any younger, so if she was ever going to become a mother, this might be her only chance, given the fact that this pregnancy wasn’t even supposed to have occurred in the first place.
She knew it would change her life forever…was Mark ready for marriage? Was she even ready for marriage? Did they really even need to get married? Was she ready for Motherhood?
Frederick had brought out a strong maternal instinct in her over the years, and she had thought that it was enough…tried to convince herself it was…at least until now.
Now the opportunity had forced itself into the equation and demanded a decision that she thought she was never going to have to make. Whatever choice she made, it ruled out another entire set of possibilities irrevocably, like a great fork in the road of her life.
What if she never got the chance to make this decision again? Freedom might mean emptiness in retrospect and a lifetime of regret, but commitment could just as easily equate to enslavement to a different kind of regret…even resentment.
Mark had gone out to the store to get something to fix for dinner. When she heard the front door close as he came back, she took a deep breath.
Time for the moment of truth.

Bloggers Tour Invitation

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Bloggers Tour Invitation
I have been invited by Jayne of Diary Incarnate to participate in a Blog Tour.

The purpose is to see more blogs and learn about the other writers.
I have been requested to answer four questions and then I shall invite other bloggers to do the same.

These are the four questions:

1. What am I working on at the moment?
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3. Why do I write what I do?
4. How does my writing process work?

I have only selected a few writers for this invitation, partly because so many of the people who came to mind were already named, and because the people I nominated were of such exceptional quality and inspiration that I really hoped that not only could I gain an insight into their process, but that I could share these writers’ words with others whose works I enjoy.
I realize that these types of invitations are a little like a chain letter because they not only involve being answered, but then they request that you name and nominate others. Some people don’t like this, and I respect that, although I would greatly appreciate your answers, even if you don’t care to fully participate.
With that having been said, my nominations are:

Blogger’s Tour

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I have been invited by Jayne of Diary Incarnate to participate in a Blog Tour. The purpose is to see more blogs and learn about the other writers.
I have been requested to answer four questions and then I shall invite other bloggers to do the same.
I wanted to address these questions right away so I wrote this immediately, because I felt that I needed to take stock of the answers.
I will be announcing my invitations shortly.

1. What am I working on at the moment?

My works of late are divided into three groups:
• Erotic Poetry
• Essays and poems regarding Polyamory, Love, Zen, Mysticism, Romance, Kink/Fet, and Anarchy and Rebelliousness against “The Tyranny of Evil Men and The Inequities of the Selfish… ”
• My real love, a novel entitled: The Home for Wayward Souls and The Talking Monkeys; is a tale of Corporate Greed, and Excess, attempting to subvert The Pursuit of Happiness specifically, and the Bill of Rights in general. There is Primate Romance, Inter-Species Erotica, Philosophical Sexuality, Metaphysical Action-Adventure, and Religious High-Jinx set within a framework of Enhanced and Fortified Non-Fiction involving Intrigue, Subversion, Euphoria, and General Rebelliousness conducted in the name of preserving and protecting The Indomitability of the Human Spirit.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

A Genre is a label which is usually coined by an outside observer after the fact. Most of my writings are so compulsive that I have never stopped to think about how they fit into a particular category, but then again, perhaps I should….
A dear friend from my past named Amy Rogers used to say: “In labeling me, you ‘thing’ me out of existence (by objectification).”

If anything, my works are perhaps a synthesis of what I once read Elene Sallinger refer to as “Literotica” (i.e. I would aspire to write Literature, but can’t seem to avoid the erotic aspects of what I write, and it is not my nature to spare the details), “Everyday Zen”, and an on-going process of deconstructionism of everything I see and experience.

Soooooo…If I were to try to identify a genre, it may well be best summarized as “Enhanced and Fortified Non-Fiction”, as most of it is either biographical or becomes biographical sometime after I write it.

My works center around Bardo Thodol, The Tao, and Zen Buddhism; the road of excess leading to higher consciousness (or the palace of wisdom, whichever comes first); Mysticism, the Occult, Shamanism, and the cunning knowledge of Wiccan/Pagan practices and the waxing and waning of the Moon; “the willing suspension of disbelief”; a layman’s armchair view of quantum mechanics and relativity as it pertains to the “ever-present/never-present present moment”; primate sexuality; the Ascent of Man; Learning, Perception and Behavior Modification; and “the movable feast” of Sex, and Drugs, and All Music (especially Rock and Roll), as well as the influences of Violence and Tragedy, having been an Emergency Medical Services Paramedic for over twenty years.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write for the same reasons that an alcoholic drinks.

4. How does my writing process work?

As a male, I think it would be presumptuous of me to compare it to gestation, as that is a process I know only by my empathic experiences, but it was what first came to my mind…(considering I have delivered about two dozen babies in the back of an ambulance).

Perhaps it is more like the way a pearl is formed. Some of my best sources of inspiration come from irritation, or discomfort, which I try to make more palatable with layers of introspection, analysis, pleasure, excursions by way of out-of-body experiences and altered states of consciousness, alternating layers of sensory deprivation and sensory overload, meditation, and copious quantities of the universal lubricant of the Soul…Sex.

I frequently try to make sense of the world by identifying the nonsense of it all, and then I try to imagine what it would be like “In my Perfect World”…the adage “Be careful what you wish for” has special meaning to me…the process of “Conjuring” comes to mind…I have seen flights of fantasy come to roost in less than a week, and I was not always comfortable with the initial results, but I do not shirk from facing the truth as it is revealed to me, layer by layer.

But I would be seriously remiss if I did not take into account the role that simple gratitude plays in my life. Some days I wake up and notice wildflowers growing amongst the squalor and I am reminded how grateful I am to have eyes to see them.

Other days when Suki and I fight I suddenly realize that I am either sad or angry or disappointed that my marriage is not perfect, only to realize how fortunate I am in my provocation…after all, if you take away the ups, the downs and the twists and turns, you reduce the thrill and romance of a roller-coaster to a mere commuter train on a straight track bound for oblivion.

And on just the right nights, the distant sound of the highway, or the airport, the wind blowing through the trees, and maybe the sound of my refrigerator resonate in just the right way so as to create a symphony of broadband noise that somehow harmonizes itself with all the noise in my head and a wandering angel or two is inspired to pass by and sing or even harmonize to it thereby reminding me how blessed I am in my madness to possess the sentience to appreciate it.

Thank you, Jayne.
Chazz Vincent

Adaptation: THFWS&TTM’s

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For several weeks the group had to suffer the deprivation of their newest member from their weekly sessions, but it now assured that all the members came every Sunday to the services at The Home for Wayward Souls.

They were all quite comfortable taking The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil about forty minutes before they arrived at the Sanctuary, including Frederick.

So in addition to still communicating non-verbally together each weekend, they managed to share some well-focused quality time together, led by Ash and the ArchAngels.

Trust in the fact that every word and every nuance was primarily directed to the assembled members of the group, especially Frederick, and everyone in the group could hear him in their own minds as clearly as if he was whispering in their ears.

Charles and Mark had constructed a larger, brighter version of the Sephirot to remain up near the alter, and the consciousness-raising effects just from the alpha-wave generation was awe-inspiring.

Their chosen escort was a very professional-looking man if your chosen profession is intimidation. He had young, kind and surprisingly soft features that were well-trained to retain “Military Deportment” to attempt to hide or disguise his moods or state of mind.

His sheer size alone was the most intimidating thing about him. About six-foot two and very broad and well-muscled; one of those fellows who has to have all their suits specially tailored. He looked like a body-builder in a grey pin-stripe and wore his sunglasses constantly.

His name was Stan Langerman; neither he nor Sebastian Lodge ever discussed Stan’s background, training, or previous work experience. Mark was simply told “He is very well-qualified and skilled in his field, and I believe he suits the needs of the Corporation perfectly.”

Mark could not help noticing that Sebastian Galbraith Lodge never used the name “The Habitat” or even “The Habitat for Primate Research” except in letters he occasionally dictated to vendors or contractors who performed services for The Habitat, simply because it was the only way to identify the place in a way they would recognize. All other verbal references, for instance were simply “The needs and purposes of the Corporation”, “The rules and regulations of the Corporation, etc.

His second memo to the staff was to announce that, effective immediately all rules and regulations pertaining to the operation and business of the Corporation were subject to his review and approval, and would be final unless rescinded or modified by him. All appeals were to be directed to the Corporate Board, although he highly recommended against it.

Stan was pleasant and courteous to both Mark and Darcy, and allowed them full control of Frederick, who seemed to intimidate Stan just enough that Frederick noticed it first, which he signed to Darcy, although Mark heard his thoughts also.

They both realized that Stan did not know ASL, at least yet, and so as to avoid tension or suspicion, Darcy always gave very perfunctory translations of their signed conversations with the understanding that all America Sign Language communications were being performed as a ruse to distract Stan while they had separate running conversations with each other telepathically, with only a few almost reflexive gestures, more out of habit than anything.

While the weeks passed with regular attendance at the services, Frederick was now going out among the other chimps and bonobos at night after work, in their habitats. It did not arouse any suspicions by the security staff, since they were too preoccupied with overseeing everything and everyone who came in or out of the facility.

All of the security staff were new to the Habitat, and would not have thought this to be unusual, since the worker primates still maintained a very gregarious, congenial tribal/communal pattern of socialization.

One at a time, he was selectively “enlightening” his fellows. It did turn out that what would have been “sub-clinical” doses for humans, based on mcg/kg used for the rest of the group was quite adequate as a threshold dose for the chimps ad bonobos.

And surprisingly enough, because the primates are not subject to the kind of neurotic socialization of humans, they more easily accepted the enhanced awareness and sentience with little culture shock, although the other naturopathic herbal ingredients did have a relaxing and calming effect.

Frederick had become their messiah. He told them to keep taking the reward pellets at work and do their very best to perform well so as not to raise any suspicions. He admitted he did not have all the answers, but trusted the Group at the Sanctuary, and promised they would stay in communication to keep them abreast of their plans to liberate them, as they developed.

True to form, the biggest liability came in the form of humor and independent thinking on the part of the chimps and bonobos, but most of the other staff members simply interpreted it as rebelliousness rather than an indication of the indomitability of the spirit that comes as a result of sentience. Even truly intelligent people can be real knuckle-draggers when it comes to spiritual enlightenment.

All in all, they were adapting fairly well to the new changes and challenges…with one exception…Darcy was over two weeks late. She’d had her tubes tied over seven years ago, and could practically set her wristwatch by her cycle. She didn’t mention it to Mark at first, but when he asked her, she furrowed her eyebrows and just shook her head.

“No worries, Darlin’…that is just about one hundred percent impossible, and I haven’t seen any Star in the East, if you catch my drift.”


An Unexpected Development: THFWS&TTM’s

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An Unexpected Development


The next Monday, a new director was appointed to oversee the operations at the Habitat. The announcement was unexpected. H. Duane Fellows, PhD, DVM, et al, had been the director since before the Habitat had been converted from a tourist attraction to a research facility.

He was a world-renowned zoologist, a licensed veterinarian, and had published dozens of ground-breaking papers on primate research including an analysis of the schism that occurred during the Upper Neolithic Revolution and the Great Eurasian Leap Forward when man suddenly branched away from the other primates as a true Hominid.

He and Mark had been very close friends from the beginning, and both were deeply involved with the development of linguistic skills of man as he evolved, while the apes appeared to have remained largely non-verbal.

It has been noted that primates do make reflexive utterances and in many ways their lack of articulately spoken words to convey meaning more resembles expressive aphasia, not as a result of damage to the brain, but by virtue of certain portions of the brain, possibly the medial insular cortex not having developed the way Man’s brain has.

The great apes appear to have good development of Broca’s area, and show relatively good auditory verbal comprehension, as well as the ability to mirror certain sounds, but have difficulty in articulation of the words as in nonfluent aphasia or more commonly expressive aphasia.

They both postulated that since the great apes lack of speech was not the result of either brain damage or an inability to comprehend, that a combination of neurological drug and speech stimulation therapies might enable primates to affect a form of speech not unlike the speech of the deaf.

They may have structural deficiencies in their mouth, tongue or vocal cords that may necessitate attempting to mimic certain sounds, unlike the difficulties raised in the hearing impaired who just do not know how the subtler aspects of certain forms of speech actually sound.

Dr. Fellows was unaware of the occult aspects of any activities of The Group regarding Fredericks’ outings however, and would have been vehemently opposed to the administration of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

He was greatly amused by the way Darcy and Mark had introduced him to the services at the Sanctuary. The three of them had been quite instrumental in ensuring that family groups were allowed to be established and maintained during the Chimp Project in an effort to avoid the disastrous results in earlier experiments involving sign language.

Since the difficulties encountered in the past were related to sexual frustration that increased as they matured, they established that family played an important part in using the chimps for experiments well into adulthood, possibly uncovering even greater advances.

In addition, although the chimps and bonobos still maintained a tribal order within their groups, each family was afforded a substantial habitat that generally resembled a human home as living quarters, devoid of glass windows or doors, which they enthusiastically adopted, often choosing to decorate each individual environment with additional leaves, branches and other foliage.

All parties concerned shared their consternation over the fact that Frederick did not show any sexual interest in either Chimpanzee or Bonobo females…or males, for that matter. There were few females in the village that did not express interest in Frederick, but he was immune to their charms.

Dr. Fellows postulated that perhaps in much the same way that Catholic priests sublimate their sexual desires with religiosity it may be that Frederick was finding his needs fulfilled with the sermons, music, and especially the dancing.

The fact that chimps will perform what has been called a Rain Dance to express joy or an appreciation of beauty (like for instance, a spectacular sunset) was common knowledge among primate researchers. What impressed Dr. Fellows the most was how Frederick had adopted the Bandaloop Dance.

He did not initially know that it had been taught to him by Darcy, and although he was somewhat let down by the knowledge, thinking that he had found a link between primates and early shamanistic practices, he was also fascinated by the fact that Frederick had begun teaching it to the other chimps who were not in contact with Darcy.

Dr. H. Duane Fellows dismissal from The Habitat for Primate Research was perfunctory and typically corporate, stating that they all wished him well in his future pursuits of research, allowing him more time to spend with family.

The shock and indignation that was expressed by the rest of the faculty was typical, and just as useless. Dr. Fellows was unusually tight-lipped when questioned, but he hinted to Mark that it was “in his best interests” to keep his opinions, as well as his cards close to his chest, at least for now, and advised Mark to do the same.

When a new regime rolls in anyone who expresses the least displeasure in the change will see their own heads roll as well until only the toadies remain.

Sebastian Galbraith Lodge was to be Dr. Fellows’ replacement. His credentials were largely centered on administrative and engineering degrees, and had little if any experience in animal research.

He came to The Habitat for Primate Research by way of Leidos (now SAIC a spin-off corporation decreed in 2013) with high recommendations as an “administrator”.

Depending on how you read their history, Leidos was either spun off of SAIC, or vise-versa. Leidos was the original parent company and previously used the name SAIC and retains the use of the name Science Applications International despite the fact that currently the most visible corporation is SAIC.

Leidos has projected earnings of over seven billion dollars and employs twenty-three thousand employees. Leidos is listed as an American defense company that provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services. The name Leidos is reputedly derived from the word Kaleidoscope.

Leidos works extensively with the United States Department of Defense,  the United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States Intelligence Community, and National Security Agency,( as well as other U.S. government civil agencies and selected commercial markets).

Because The Habitat was owned by PharmaCorp, they were informed that the decision came “from the highest levels” of Management.

One of Sebastian Galbraith Lodge’s first orders was to lock down the entire Habitat for Primate Research to the public. Initially this would have meant that Frederick would no longer be allowed off-campus either, but after strenuous objections from Mark and Darcy, he agreed to allow him to attend the Sunday services providing he be accompanied by a security specialist personally chosen by Lodge.

What did not occur to either Mark, Darcy or the other members of the group was that Ash, Kali and The Home for Wayward Souls were already more than just a blip on Lodge’s radar. A devout Christian and an avid follower of the tenants of the “Moral Majority”, everything about Ash’s “so-called religious beliefs” constituted nothing short of blasphemy, sacrilege, debauchery, and fornication operating under the guise of Polyamory, subverting the protections offered to “legitimate religious pursuits” from interference by The State.

It is frightening to imagine to what lengths the self-righteous will go to impugn the rights of free men in the name of God.






The Fine Art of Deception: THFWS&TTM’s

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The Fine Art of Deception



“Effective Leadership requires knowing what lies to tell, and when to tell them.”-

I Ching



And sometimes just withholding the truth is not much different from telling a lie…..

Keep in mind that among chimps and bonobos, the verbal audible utterances that they make to communicate are largely what would be called reflexive in as much as they will for instance make a particular sound if one of them finds a bunch of bananas in spite of the fact that in so doing, every other chimp within earshot will hear it and come running.

This does not mean that all chimps are completely altruistic, (even though they do adopt the orphans of their tribe) or that they cannot practice deception, as it has been noted that chimps will in fact attempt to hide their guilt, or the evidence of it if they violate some tribal rule. Some even steal from each other.

They also barter and make deals with each other and the female bonobos are especially adept in using sex as a bargaining agent.

The real question that night was if Frederick, with all his newfound sentience would be capable of withholding the full extent of his knowledge of their addiction from the other chimps in the project while still attempting to prepare them for their next great leap forward.

Frederick was admittedly quite different from the other chimps and bonobos, and initially had been placed in a forced exile with his parents, one a chimp and the other a bonobo, largely as a protective measure for the three of them, and also as part of a controlled experiment to find out how he would be socialized with two heterogeneous parents.

Malkira, his father was a very large magnificent male chimp specimen, and Frederick grew so large during gestation that his sheer size alone required caesarian section to deliver him two weeks early, otherwise Lilith his smaller (“Pigmy Chimp”) bonobo mother would have died in labor.

The results of a scientifically augmented diet, vitamins and other nutritional enhancements, protection from parasites and a well-disciplined exercise regimen in his controlled environment ensured that Frederick had grown much larger than even his father had.

From his mother, he gained a more cunning, complex and innovative disposition. Although gentle and loving by nature, he had shown himself to be quite ferocious and dominant if necessary when challenged by other more naturally aggressive male chimps once he had grown to maturity.

He had grown up somewhat ostracized by virtue of his isolation, and had bonded and identified more closely with humans, especially Darcy and Mark more than he did with his fellow primates with the exception of his two parents, with whom he was what human child psychologists would refer to as “securely attached”.

Because of his sheer size and strength as well as his remarkable intelligence and charm, he was a natural born leader to the other chimps and bonobos as the project developed.

His newfound sentience pulled him in several directions simultaneously. Although he had developed a somewhat condescending revulsion toward the other chimps and bonobos in the habitat and felt slightly detached or even alienated from them, he dearly loved his parents who were unique in the way they had adapted their social order within their tribe of three that was his family.

He now was overcome by compassion and empathy for the predicament of his fellow primates and felt what would have been described as noblesse oblige if he was human.

At this point, he was so enthralled with a certain degree of envy, or more accurately hero-worship of humans that he did not yet see the pitfalls of Mankind’s self-proclaimed civilization that had ossified so insidiously since the day they first traded Instinct for Reason.

His contacts with humans were predominantly limited to Mark and Darcy at the Habitat, plus the other members of the group at The Home for Wayward Souls and the Sanctuary.

He had become a regular at the Sunday Services and very much enjoyed Ash’s sermons, which Mark and Darcy additionally signed and explained to him, but his real love was the music of the ArchAngels, as well as the fact that they encouraged Darcy and Frederick to lead the dancing that often resulted as the rest of the congregation learned to imitate the Bandaloop Dance.

It wasn’t until Ash first explained to Frederick that the sadness and lack of vitality that he had witnessed in his fellow great apes was not just their addiction to the drugs they had been given, but rather was a miniature model for the sad lives of quiet desperation that so typified the joyless plight of Modern Man.

The relentless pursuit of any addiction to money, status, power, prestige, envy, jealousy, or possessions could only be duplicated in chimps and bonobos by physically addicting them to drugs in order to drive them in the same sort of desperate self-destructive pursuits that had enslaved Man.

“Be careful what you wish for…” cautioned Kali. “Most humans are filled with fear and guilt and believe in a god that although he claims to love them, would condemn them to a life of eternal damnation in hell just for disobeying him, or not believing in him.”

“They are obsessed with sex, but are taught to feel guilt and shame over it, and their religion tries to make them believe that it is sinful to enjoy it”

“We are not at all like most humans, she added.

“Then I will try to be more like you, Dark Mother.” Frederick had been fascinated by the meaning of Kali’s name as the protector of all children in the Vedic tradition.

“Just as in the same way, we aspire to learn from you, my child” said Kali as she stroked his ears playfully. “…that we may learn to speak without a sound…the world before words, where everything is just like this.”

Ash then decided to show Frederick an episode of Tarzan, King of the Apes. He explained how Tarzan’s plight was much like his. Tarzan had been raised in the wilds by great apes and other members of the jungle kingdom, and felt little affinity to Mankind. Although he was married to a human named Jane, the only other member of their family was a chimpanzee named Cheetah.

But more significantly, Tarzan had risen as a king within his own domain. He did not have to answer to any corporate bosses or supervisors. He did not have quotas to meet or quarterly reports to which he would have been responsible. He had no mortgage or rent to pay, or taxes to be filed.

To his post WWII audience of movie and television viewers he wielded power and control over his own destiny in a way the president of the United States would have envied. Every action he performed was directly connected with his own survival and pursuit of happiness.

He did not have to work for someone else at a job doing something that removed him from any direct connection he had with his own life, only to be paid just enough to keep him coming back day after day in order to buy or pay for more objects that were a mere substitute for a real life, yet not enough to escape his addiction to money until he was almost dead.

In the nineteen fifties of Tarzan’s stardom, the average male worked until he was sixty-five years of age, retired, and then died within eighteen months of his retirement. Those were the actuarials upon which the life insurance companies operated their entire business, based upon the mortality figures of their day.

It would seem that few average citizens realized those facts; otherwise why would they have driven themselves to such a joyless and sad finale to conclude their brief existences?

Now, retirees face living long enough to see their retirements shrink to the poverty level due to runaway inflation. They can look forward to outliving their savings, their vitality, their sexuality, their continence, and even their memories.

When the life they once knew becomes so foreign to them that they cannot even relate to their forced imprisonment of geriatric care, they can anticipate being kept alive even longer while the healthcare system strips away whatever revenues can be extracted in their names as they are farmed like vegetables in the Gomer Gardens of intensive care units and nursing and restorative care centers; comatose, incontinent, delirious, confused, frightened or hallucinating until whatever money or life force that was left is gone, riddled with bedsores until they rot to death.

Better to drop dead in the middle of a dead run than to die slowly, sitting in a pile of your own shit.

Next he showed Frederick an episode of Married with Children and pointed out how even American comedy depicts the plight of modern Mankind as pathetic and mindlessly cluttered with overpriced poorly designed, shabbily produced consumer goods, decorated in bad taste and cohabited by a shallow, disrespectful, dissatisfied wife and unmotivated, misdirected delinquent children.

So Ash posed just one question to Frederick; a rhetorical one that would not and could not be answered immediately, but would have its day of reckoning; if Frederick was ever able to answer it, he would become more truly sentient than most humans.

The question Ash posed was “What do you really want?”

 “You have the power to become the king of your assembled peers. Where will you lead them? What often resembles autonomy is just a different form of slavery to addictions to power, control and envy of possessions that will eventually possess you; they are mere mirages of true enlightenment or freedom.”

“You are no longer a mere animal, but your ascension is the result of outside interference, much like the ascent of Man. You have the opportunity to avoid the pitfalls that have plagued Man since he was first ejected from the Garden.”

“We can offer advice and support, but we cannot choose for you. Hopefully your choices will be better than the ones we have made as a species. What we ourselves are attempting here in The Home for Wayward Souls is to find how to live in the best of both worlds, perhaps like Tarzan.”

The general consensus was that if there was a way to embrace and adopt Science and Technology, but somehow live independently, or even off the grid, then that would be their intended course.

Ironically, the only ones who seemed to be able to do that were the very wealthy, and that in itself represented its own set of traps and pitfalls.

For now, Frederick agreed it would be best to simply help teach his fellows how to cope with the madness into which they had been thrust, and give them hope and time to adapt so as to prepare for whatever would be the next step.

By that time, the first rays of dawn were streaming in through the dense foliage that surrounded the Sanctuary.






They Have a Right to Know…THFWS&TTM’s

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They Have a Right to Know…


The next expression to cross Frederick’s face was indignation, followed by a rather perplexed look that bloomed into a grin so wide he could have eaten a banana sideways.

Keep in mind that the group’s consciousness was increasing at a geometric rate, and as they became of one mind Frederick’s telepathic instincts and intuition as well as the group’s sentience were reinforcing each other to a point where waves of common consciousness passed over all of them like breakers on the beach.

Darcy and Mark were the ones who seemed to lead each new level of understanding as it passed either from Frederick to the group, or vice-versa.

Even though it was not really necessary, Darcy blurted out: “He’s right, you know…we can’t expect him to withhold what we know about what PharmaCorp is doing to the participants in the (Chimp) ‘Feeder Project’…and we can’t expect them to fully understand unless….”

“…Now wait a minute…we took a huge risk even bringing Frederick into the circle…” Mark was already anticipating where this was headed, and Merle was the next to interject.

“Look at the initial trauma that Frederick experienced from ‘The Knowledge’. We don’t have the luxury of being able to administer the naturopathic anxiolytics on-site while they are going through the changes that it induces…it would be irresponsible to administer it to them there, and we sure as hell can’t sneak them all off even one at a time…”

“But Frederick could prepare them for what was coming telepathically…no one at work would even suspect…and as he did, he could slip them a few sub-clinical doses to see how well they responded one at a time. Remember, what it took to raise our levels of understanding might be much less for a chimp or a bonobo…”

“Let alone a Bonanzee…” chimed in Frederick.

“They already have instinct and intuition and Frederick could give them an idea of what to expect before we dropped the bomb, Mark added.

Merle, as usual, was already thinking three steps ahead pharmacologically, and pointed out…”I suppose we could administer concentrated oral doses of the anxiolytics I prepared for vaporization that could be made to look like the reward pellets they already get. Chances are it will affect their performances as far as work is concerned, so we have to figure out a way to mask the effects.

“Do you realize what effect this is going to have on the entire project? Charles was not at all adverse to the idea, but there was no escaping the fact that no primate in his or her right mind (himself included) would willingly accept what was being done to it without some kind of incentive.

“As it was, they had to get the chimps addicted to drugs just to keep them working once the initial curiosity wore off…what do we have to offer them to keep going, once we open their minds?”

“Freedom…and a new life after the revolution….” Frederick paused.

“Revolution?!?!  was the general outburst that followed.

“We all have an obligation…for the sake of my people as well as yours….”

“I share your sympathy for your co-workers,”  Charles conceded “…they were forced into the situation they are in through no choice of their own, much like the African slaves, and are no better equipped to deal with the culture-shock that will resulted initially…”

“I am reluctantly in favor of the enlightenment of the chimps…as long as we do not put ourselves at any real risk…but I doubt that Humanity is ready for some general expansion of their collectively mean/greedy/stupid/lazy un-consciousness…I have earned my cynicism, and paid dearly for the lessons I’ve had forced upon me…”

Kali was the next to add her own opinion. When she spoke out, which was not all that often she generally got everyone’s full attention, because her remarks were usually measured and thoughtful.

“What can we offer them? I mean, none of us are all that keen on the lives into which we were born…Civilization, Science, and Modern Life in general are their own form of slavery…without the sentience to make an informed decision, they are only enslaved by their addiction to drugs. With sentience, they face an even more sinister form of slavery. PharmaCorp is not likely to send them all back to Africa, and most of them would not fare well in the wilds of their ancestors….”

“So let them make (their) own informed decisions…” Suki intoned. “The purity of (their) aboriginal past (is) long gone…the box (has been) opened…it cannot be undone…(the) choices they make may even teach us a thing or two.”

“This has to be done very slowly and carefully and with the utmost caution and discretion…this could cost us more than just our careers…trust me, it could be worth all our lives…there is very big money riding on the Chimp Project.” Mark cautioned.

“At the Habitat, it is not even referred to as The Feeder Project. I think some of their security specialists are rogue CIA spooks… probably subcontractors from Blackthorn…retired Special Forces mostly, possibly with ties to SAIC or something like it. I am beginning to believe that the ‘Chimp Feeder Project is just a ruse to lay the groundwork for something much more sinister, given the circumstances.”

“I didn’t want to bring it up tonight, but we have to be more careful than ever about even bringing Frederick here…Darcy has made a pretty good cover story of socializing him and trying to avoid the pitfalls the original projects from the seventies ran into, but we still have to be careful.”

Ash had been silent for most of the discussion, lost in thoughts he did not choose to project to the others. Although most of their telepathic inclinations tended to be reflexive, he undoubtedly had the most control over the process, given his years of practice with Zen meditation. What he had to offer showed insight and objectivity.

“We are ourselves neophytes as it pertains to this process of self-realization and sentience. Fredericks’ experiences are even more limited and the overall or long-term effects on any of us are an unknown quotient. We have taken many liberties as regards scientific method, and rounded out a few corners in the process,”

“I am entirely in favor of utilizing our intuition, instincts, and feelings to guide us through phases of this experiment where conventional methods would have failed, but I do not believe that we can afford to let our emotions rule our decisions and actions.”

“Before we set anything in motion that cannot be stopped or taken back, we need to reflect on the best way to go about whatever course of action we decide to take as a group, preferably unanimously.”

“Darcy was the next to add “We do not need to rush to action. Mark and I will be in constant contact with Frederick throughout the workday. What is already in place can be tolerated as status quo for now, even as sad and repugnant as it seems to us, given our full knowledge of the situation, but keep in mind that the chimps are not fully self-aware yet but given Frederick’s abilities to slowly and carefully enlighten and prepare them for whatever the next step shall be, we just need to proceed slowly and carefully. Any rush to judgment  or action could be cruel to the chimps regardless of our best intentions.”

“Especially you, my hirsute lover…come over and give Aunt Darcy a big hug and a kiss…just no tongue, OK? You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders, and you’re kind of new to all this…” With that Darcy extended her arms to Frederick as she puckered her lips.

“OK, but I not a baby anymore you know…I don’t even feel much like a Bonanzee any more….”

“Well, first of all none of us, including you really knows what a Bonanzee really is, as far as what you are going to become, and second, you’re certainly not a baby, judging from that boner you just sprung on me…just from a hug and a kiss? You may have something else to teach us all yet, but try to exercise a little control, OK? Especially at the lab….”

That was the first time any of the others in the group had seen Frederick blush.









Sentience: Emotions and Senses: THFWS &TTM’s

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Sentience: Emotions and Senses

As anyone who has ever used psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or psychoactive drugs can tell you, there is a real potential for a roller-coaster ride of emotions unlike that which any hormonal teenager has even experienced.

Sometimes the subtlest of images or thoughts can provoke seemingly boundless joy, sadness, fear, or even rage. It is a matter of interpretation of previous experiences and the imprints they leave in your memory banks.

The associations we make between an image of a baby and our own emotional or “gut reactions” to that image can be associated with one’s own childhood, or an unplanned pregnancy that ended in abortion or adoption, our own children, or the desire to bear or raise children yet to be born, for instance.

The image of an elderly person could be associatively interpreted as a grandparent, a parent long gone, a hospital patient, or our own fear of the aging process as well as our impending date with our own mortality.

A dog or cat could trigger either loving memories of childhood pets, or a fear of animals with images of unprovoked attacks, fleas, ticks, parasites and allergic reactions.

A flower can represent love, nature, fertility, or even Peace.

To some, a picture of some natural environment or landscape could be associated with tranquility, beauty, serenity and sanctuary, or to another, it may cause anxiety, or trigger feelings of loneliness and disorientation, or a fear of uncivilized and wild environments, or threatening preoccupations with danger, hardship, and deprivation.

For some, life is a picnic replete with sunshine, laughter, friendship and the Movable Feast of our youthful experiences and associations, while for others it is spoiled by ants, rain, mosquitos, sunburn, Labor Day gridlock and disappointment. At least half of this picnic is determined by what we bring to it.

Animals are also imprinted by the associations of memories and emotions built upon repetitions of stimulus-response mediated experiences, but to suddenly be given access to interpretations or meanings or insight as a conscious understanding of Why or How all these elements fit together is more than even most humans can divine.

This perception of the connectivity of ourselves, our actions, and our relationship to the universe and whatever purpose or meanings that we associate with our existence as a form of insight or enlightenment can be either a marvelous gift or an ominous and overwhelming preoccupation depending upon the associations and interpretations we conjure within our minds.

The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil works like a hybrid of psychedelic, and empathogen/entactogen psychoactive drugs that have been known to suddenly thrust their users into a state of mind and being that mimics the effects of years of meditation and devout study in a matter of minutes. What may have seemed fixed and immutable may now appear ambiguous or deceptive as easily as the Unknowable or Occult may appear to be clear and even obvious.

This is potentially dangerous for some. Many mystics and savants believe this is too sudden and easy as well as a quick shortcut to intoxicating madness not unlike putting a teenager behind the wheel of a powerful racing automobile.

With effort, practice and dedication comes the maturity and emotional strength necessary to control almost limitless power no matter what the source.

This quantum leap across the abyss of consciousness and perception was becoming emotionally overwhelming to Frederick.

Darcy had anticipated this eventuality, which she had discussed with Kali, and with Merle’s assistance had prepared a combination of concentrated and refined THC, as well as several other botanicals and herbs that Merle had often used before in his Shamanistic practices that he believed had the potential to help tranquilize and calm Frederick.

The vaporizer was already up to temperature and Frederick quickly signed “Monkey see, monkey do” about the same time that they perceived his voice in their heads laughing and repeating the phrase several times as he began to inhale the mixture, following the lead set by their example as he alternately laughed hysterically, wept, gasped, screamed and hyperventilated while experiencing the rush of emotions and insights that threatened to overwhelm him.

In a matter of minutes he was giggling and benignly shaking his head in awe, absent-mindedly touching himself as he began to settle into a calm acceptance of the simple beauty of his existence in a way that most humans might not be so easily disposed to accomplish, and suddenly decided he wanted to eat some fruit, so he got up and helped himself. It did not go unnoticed that he did not summarily ask permission to do so, as would have been his usual modus.

When he returned, he sat down and then signed “It’s as simple and obvious as the nose on my face.” although neither his attempts to sign the exact words nor the others’ telepathic perception of his intended meaning was immediately clear to the rest of the group.

But the moment that they did comprehend it, they realized that they too had suddenly taken a similar but different leap across the abyss from their side to his. Meanings and intentions of complex and abstract thought do not have to be spelled out letter by letter in the meager linear definitions of Words that have so limited Man’s comprehensive and communicative methods for the last fifty thousand years.

Thanks to The Knowledge of Good and Evil, Feelings, Emotions and all Transcendental thoughts and concepts did not require to be translated into a codified set of symbols, words and definitions that are so self-limiting as to be stultifying and arbitrary by comparison to anyone who acquires the ability to transmit or interpret them in their actual form as ideas, thoughts, images and feelings.

This meant that they could not only communicate fluently with each other, but it also proved to be a valuable aid in reading the minds and intents of less evolved humans quite transparently, as all the skill-sets of the group increased geometrically in the days that followed, which were verified by the members of the group in countless double-blind studies and tests during weeks of verification.

But right now, this minute that seemed to hang suspended in air like a giant dirigible even more volatile than the Hindenburg, the others…the humans were still taking baby-steps interpreting Fredericks thoughts and their meanings.

Darcy then asked and signed “What is?”

“Happiness, Understanding, Fearlessness…and Love” was his answer.

As he communicated his thoughts to the group, they each noticed that he did indeed wear a reflection of that understanding like a countenance upon his face that shone like golden sunlight at dawn.









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