She Wants to be The Other Woman

There is an old Italian proverb that asks: If your wife and your mistress are both drowning at the same time and you can only save one, which one do you save?
The answer is your wife…because your mistress will understand.

She said
she wants to be
the other woman…
the one I yearn to see
when I can slip away
for a clandestine rendezvous.
Furtive hours
of stolen kisses
that must remain our secret
between we two.
The one who gets excited
to know I’m seeing her.
Mia Cumare.
Mia Innamorata.
Mia Fidanzata.

I said
I guess that means
that you won’t be telling me
how we should spend our money
or argue how to raise
our children
or forbid me to buy a motorcycle
if I should choose.
It also means
you can’t wake up
in bed with me
each morning,
or sleep in late on
Sundays long past noon
or be seen together
in public places,
or watch our children
accepting awards at school.
But my dear
such is not the case.
You already know.
You understand.
In our perfect world
in our
House beside the Sea
you get to be
The Other Woman
as you may please
and still come home to me
better still
to share
another man
another woman
perhaps their spouses, too…
The circle grows
but remains unbroken…
unflinching fidelity
no lies
no excuses
no regrets
or apologies
And yet it all begins
and ends
Me and You.

23 Responses to “She Wants to be The Other Woman”

  1. […] A wonderful world is described in: She Wants to be The Other Woman. […]

  2. You are a most interesting and fascinating man Chazz. xo, Jayne

    • As are you, Jayne…I have been remiss in not commenting on your words of late. I was so impressed by several of your posts that I even went back into your archives…I guess I got in just in time before you set that one “private” so unfortunately, you did not get my reply.
      Your words often speak to me like whispered secrets so soft and intimate I feel your breath in my ear, and others so ominous and dark one does not dare ignore. Compelling in both cases. There is something intriguing in being privileged to read your diary. Sometimes I feel Like a thief in the night* when I read it.
      *Bridges to Babylon

      • I think you are the type of person with whom I feel comfortable to share freely with so I’m happy to have you wandering about.

      • “I love to go a-wandering, beneath the clear blue sky…”(and all the while, the wandering leads to wondering about…?)

  3. but – the mistress would understand? ouch. I guess that’s sacrificial Love in action. Besides, he can get another mistress…ouch again. This is like grabbing a cactus. I do love your story though.

  4. Dearest Chazz,
    OMFG finally a married man who Understands!!! This brought tears to my eyes and I just have to reblog this F&^%ing Amazing installment.
    To comprehend what it is like to be a “Married Woman” who also wants to feel like her Husbands “Other Woman” is Rare and Unique. Talk about have your Cake and Eat it Too. May I have your permission to reblog?
    Your Most Enthusiastic Follower,
    Anastasia 💜

    • yen4suki Says:

      Any Woman married to such a man is twice blessed. Any Woman who understands such a man is a Woman I Want to get to know better….
      Suki 💋

    • Why, Anastasia…you make me blush with such compliments! Of course you may.
      I was afraid I might have been too cryptic…after I posted it I thought it was not so clear about the fact that it was the wife who wished to feel like the mistress (of course, usually it is the other way around). Perhaps that is why there is so much jealousy in the world. Everyone envies someone else instead of loving who they already are.
      In my perfect world, we could all be whatever or whoever we want to be…we already are, mon chère…we just need to realize it to make it so, but then again…you already know….

      • Dear C,
        I must admit that their are some installment that you post that are cryptic, and require a majick wand to decipher. But that’s Me. I thought You clearly identified what You were expressing in this Touching, and HeartFelt post.
        Sadly I think that their will always be jealousy, I believe that behavior comes from emotional trauma, or inner insecurities. I get it, and evolve to be whatever, and who ever I am.
        Anastasia 😊

  5. Relationships can be complex, or not…all depends on the depth of understanding from both parties – or three ;p

    • It is said that “to one who understands, no explanation is necessary, and to one who does not, no explanation will suffice”.
      Of late, I have come to truly appreciate the difference between “complex” and “complicated”.
      To find even one person in this world that “gets” you is worth whatever it takes to get you there, and once you do get there, I believe it is easier to open your heart fearlessly.
      To get together is blessed, but to come together is divine. 😉

  6. Reblogged this on astraltravler and commented:
    My Dear Friends,
    Although my post “The Other Woman” was composed from being in hat position, this I believe personifies what every married Woman desires to feel like: her Husbands Mistress. I hope You enjoy this piece as much as I did.
    Anastasia 😊

  7. I think “the other woman” is a metaphor, whomever she is, she will adored.

    • Absolutely correct…”The “other woman” in this post is my wife, Suki who wants to be treated like the other woman…and she is (adored), although sometimes I fear she feels taken for granted. She inspired this post.

  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    I really like this, Lilith came to mind for some reason
    best of both worlds I do Believe….
    Take Care…

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