Fish, Cut Bait, or Swim: THFWS&TTM’s

Fish, Cut Bait, or Swim
Darcy rushed out of the bathroom to meet Mark. She held the tester behind her back. The minute she saw his face, she knew something was drastically wrong, and she slid it into the back pocket of her jeans.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“I just got a call from the Habitat…PharmaCorp is sub-contracting us out to Leidos…until further notice. All animal research will be under direct orders from Sebastian G. Lodge…but that’s not all….”
“What’s got you so upset Darlin’? What else?
“Effective tomorrow, half of the chimps in the Feeder Project will be sent off-campus for three weeks to another ‘undisclosed’ facility for ‘further training of a different nature’…they will be taken away from their families and homes without so much as a ‘how do you do?’ and we can’t do a fucking thing about it.”
“What about Frederick?”
“Well, fortunately, he is supposed to act as the ‘liaison’ to prepare the ones that are leaving, and to introduce the new replacements.”
“Replacements? Permanent ones?”
“I don’t think so, I get the impression they plan on having us train even more chimps on a regular basis, but that asshole Lodge just smiles and puts a finger to his lips, winks smugly at me, and says… ‘Need to know only…no offense, but that’s how we will be operating from now on…I advise you not to take it too personally, but the operations of the Corporation are going to have to be more disciplined than you are probably accustomed, and I would strongly suggest you get used to it and adapt to the changes.’
‘It will be one of the primary factors in deciding who remains once the operation is fully up to speed.’ He has made it very clear that no one is irreplaceable and that the Corporation will not tolerate any ‘Prima Donnas’…period!”
“Fuck! How is Frederick? Does he know already?”
“I was the one that had to break the news to him…that’s why I was so late. I was afraid you would be worried….”
“I’m OK…how is Frederick taking all this?”
“If I didn’t know better, I would swear he sees this as a challenge…he couldn’t wait to go over and start preparing them for the changes. They all look up to him and trust him completely. He is the official king of the tribe as far as they are all concerned, and he treats them like his extended family.”
“Remember when he watched ‘The Godfather’ with us…and it took so long to find a way to sign it so he would understand? Well, now he uses that sign for himself. He laughed hysterically after he did it, but I think it appeals to him.”
“Still…he must be stressed about it.”
“He is, but I gave him a handful of magic pellets to hand out…he is planning a tribal meeting tonight with the assembled multitude so they can get it all sorted out. He’ll be fine. He seems to welcome the challenge.”
“I guess our baby is growing up faster than we expected…”
“It’s interesting that Lodge had enough sense to realize the value that Frederick could play in socializing the members of the project to accept the changes…wait a minute!…speaking of babies…I almost forgot…did you take the test? What were the results?”
Darcy was not sure, but Mark looked so hopeful, she would have bet that he was hoping she was pregnant, and she wasn’t even sure she was so gleeful about it herself, so she just pulled out the test strip and held her breath.
Mark’s jaw dropped like it fell out of its hinges before he broke into a grin, and yelled Yahoo! three times as he picked her up and spun around like a dervish until she was afraid they would both fall on their silly asses.
They stood there kissing each other passionately as they tore each other’s clothes off on their way to the bedroom. Suddenly, Mark stopped abruptly.
He looked her straight in the eye and asked “I never thought to ask you how you felt…are you OK with this?”
With tears in her eyes, she said “I am now…”
A dark cloud passed over her as she asked “But what if it’s not yours? Have you even considered…”
Mark put a finger to her lips and lovingly shushed her. “Well, it will definitely be yours…so how could I not love it? I remember the first time you told me ‘What’s mine is yours’ …and I’m going to hold you to that.”

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