Anticipating the Next Move; THFWS&TTM’s

Anticipating the Next Move

Because the staff at the Habitat valued Frederick’s abilities to lead and inspire the other chimps and bonobos, no eyebrows were raised in suspicion when Frederick called all the great apes together that night.
Males, females and offspring alike were in attendance in a small grotto that had originally been part of the grounds that had separated the two groups of primates.
In the very beginning, the chimps and bonobos had been kept isolated from each other in an attempt to prevent conflict or aggression between the two subspecies.
As has been noted before, chimps are more aggressive and territorial as well as more male-dominated or patriarchal than the bonobos in terms of social structure. The chimps more resembled monogamous heterosexual Republicans when compared to the bonobos who were decidedly more liberal in their outlook, resembling Libertarians bisexuals, or even hippies.
Bonobo culture was somewhat more egalitarian between the sexes, and the females were more influential within the family order and could be downright manipulative in terms of tribal matters, often using sexual favors to increase their standing and pecking order within the village.
Because the chimps were larger and more aggressive, and also because the Congo River had separated their habitats, there was no small amount of concern for the safety of the smaller more passive bonobos who are sometimes referred to as “pygmy chimps”.
There was no history of their interaction to use as a predictive guide, so it was stipulated initially that they would be kept separate in their habitats in much the same way that they had in the wild.
Frederick’s very existence now opened the potential for a changed paradigm of social order and interaction between the two tribes.
Frederick was considerably larger than the biggest male chimp and he was definitely a top Alpha-Male wherever he went. His mother Lilith was a bonobo. Her strengths were cunning, manipulative imaginative and persuasive traits which Frederick acquired naturally by way of observation as well as the osmotic influences that parents provide for their offspring by way of example.
Social interaction between the great apes is a combination of persuasion, diplomacy, manipulation, subterfuge, deception, barter, and when called for, intimidation and brute force.
Frederick’s natural skills and characteristics utilized the full range of all of these elements, so it was a given almost from the day he was introduced to the other members of both tribes that he would lead them.
Within the social order of PharmaCorp’s business and operations as regards the primates he functioned not only as team leader that united the chimps and bonobos but also as a liaison between the company and the primates by way of Mark and Darcy.
Although nearly all the chimps and bonobos had taken The Fruit of theTree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil with Frederick at least once, tonight they were all going to receive sentience together, like Holy Communion.
The idea was to collectively brainstorm so as to address issues raised regarding the separation of family members, how long were they going to be apart, was this going to happen repeatedly or periodically, how many new members were going to be introduced to their community, and perhaps most importantly, what was it that they were going to teach them somewhere else that they couldn’t learn here?
Frederick admitted that everything he knew had been told to him by Mark, who did not especially trust Management. The nature of their training was unknown. They would be gone for three weeks. Others would be brought in to take their place while they were gone, which would also involve training the new primates until all the members were rotated through all aspects of training.
No one knew how many new trainees would be involved overall.
Mark had been told the idea was to keep them from getting too bored from endless repetitions of the same actions and that all of this was being done to learn the extent to which primates were capable of learning.
Even though the financial rewards for PharmaCorp had been considerable, it had been set up that way initially to provide incentives to encourage PharmaCorp’s participation as a for-profit company that contributed to endeavors that more closely resembled cognitive and behavioral research.
Frederick’s directions for the group were relatively simple.
Do not let your trainers know that you are capable of communicating non-verbally either with each other, or through them except by ASL.
Stick to the American Sign Language training and scripting, but do not use it to compare notes with the other primates or share other forms of knowledge or learning amongst yourselves.
Do not disclose the extent of your growing sentience, awareness, comprehension or intuitive or telepathic abilities to anyone other than Mark, Darcy, I or other chimps and bonobos you already trust that you know for a fact have taken The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Whenever possible try to contact me, Darcy or Mark…in your mind before words. If a particular time of day is better than another, just try to be consistent so that I learn to anticipate your communications. You don’t have to prove anything, nor have any expectations placed upon you, so most of all don’t worry, because we will exchange information when you get back. We just want to stay one step ahead of them; nothing special just now, just keep your ears open and your head down.
On the surface, everything gave the appearance of being positive, creative, and in the best interests of the chimps and bonobos, except for the imposition of a forced separation of the family members. It could well be argued that this could provide an opportunity to study the effects of separation upon the primate culture in a closed model. It would unburden them from the monotony of endless repetition imposed upon telemarketers, and as such exhibited a concern for humane treatment of the subjects.
It could well be an opportunity to showcase their abilities as sentient beings. It would not however represent an accurate picture of primate learning, cognition and behavior as a group, so there was a tendency to want to keep all matters pertaining to the ingestion of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil occult, which would mean having to try to “dumb down” for the new evaluators, which would not be easy, since so much of their new consciousness was innate.
The odd thing was that due to the natural prejudice of most researchers, they might not be inclined to notice the more subtle associations of particular types of sentience or consciousness, as opposed to mere intelligence as defined by certain measurable degrees of cognition linked to performance-based testing. They might not even notice at all….
“Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser…”

5 Responses to “Anticipating the Next Move; THFWS&TTM’s”

  1. Dear Chazz,
    I see you have posted many installments that I have not liked & commented on yet… Please know that I have read your writings through my e-mail alerts and they are Sensational! When are You going to have this turn into a mini-series through HBO?
    Tag! You’re It! Pass It On, Or Enjoy This Box Of Godiva Chocolates From Me To You.
    Anastasia 😊

    • Hello Anastasia,
      I always appreciate your comments…if there were only about 100,000 more people like you, that HBO series would be mine…but for now, I feel blessed in knowing that there is one of you.
      As for the chocolates, my Lady Godiva, I should think they would be best enjoyed eaten right out of the box…one at a time…snowballed back and forth between the three of us.

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