Your Body’s Energy Fields

When I first read this piece, it so disturbed me that I wrote a quick reply, which as of yet, has failed to be moderated or posted. In fact, so far there are zero comments on this piece, but over twenty “likes”(mine was not one of them…).
Please feel free to read and comment as you feel fitting; I will be posting the second of the two comments I made. I wish I had saved a copy of the first comment, because I doubt that it will ever see the light of day.
Also, note the banner: “Liberty with responsibility”…really? Who was responsible for this unfocused, mean-spirited diatribe?
Or is that just me?


Years after Skeptoid’s original episode #1 on New-( Age )Energy, talk of energy fields — particular the human body’s energy fields — continues to permeate pop culture. A quick Google search for “human energy field” yields an avalanche of New Agey sciencey-sounding results: biofields, noetic balancing, auras, chakras, cleansing and activating your fields, bioenergetics, science unlocking the secrets, luminosity, sensing, negative energy, positive energy, and the human bioelectromagnetic field. Does the human body indeed have any characteristic that can be reasonably described as an energy field?Although most of the usage you’ll hear of the term sounds like something from Deepak Chopra which is clearly without any factual meaning, the idea that a living body has some measurable effect on its immediate environment is not necessarily an unsound concept. Our bodies generate heat, we have mass, fluids move within us and millions of electric signals are constantly being transmitted through our…

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7 Responses to “Your Body’s Energy Fields”

  1. Hello, it’s me again. I don’t know if you intend to post any opinions other than those that agree with yours. It’s been twenty-four hours since my first comment.
    I do not necessarily believe that one must possess an academic degree in a given area of study to have an opinion or make a declarative statement, but I am genuinely concerned as to the source of your definitions, for starters.
    For someone so concerned about the use of terms and definitions, first of all, there is no such thing as a gravitational field…it is a force; one of four fundamental forces, namely strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, GRAVITATIONAL FORCE, and electromagnetic force.
    There is no such thing as a temperature field. Period. Your definition of “energy” is equally questionable. (And yes, the word IS a noun, by the way.)
    The rest of the post fails to establish whether you are disputing the accuracy of the terms used, or just generally interested in debunking such an easy target as “New-Age” pseudo-science.
    I try to be broad-minded about the opinions of others, at least until they start to use trumped-up pseudo-scientific jargon themselves to express such mocking disdain for the words of others despite the fact that they obviously are either ignorant or ill-informed. This post makes me think of a bully who only picks on those he believes to be easy marks because he is himself ill-prepared to defend himself if pressed.
    I wanted to get the opinion of someone schooled in the subject of physics, however he refused to read more than about half of the post before he finally threw up his hands in disgust and stated “I can’t read any more of this; I refuse to put this kind of junk in my brain.”
    What I find particularly unsettling is how unfocused and poorly written the entire piece is. Please get someone to show you where the spacebar is located on your computer word-processor…and look up the definition of a paragraph.
    I hate to sound mean, and originally expected to enjoy your post. I not only fond that to be impossible, but also it has become distasteful. If you are not comfortable discussing this in an open forum, please feel free to address me at my gmail site.
    I tried to look for the author’s name, but found none. That at least, was wise.
    In the end, it is not me that should be holding you accountable for what you have written. I am not the smartest or wisest person in the world, but then again, I don’t pretend to be.
    Chazz Vincent
    PS: My biggest source of trepidation concerning this matter is my fear that my remarks will end up getting me banished from WordPress. I hope you are not that kind of coward, but I stand behind my words. How you pretend to even be a writer astounds me beyond words, but it is not your ineptitude that irks me. I read plenty of posts here by amateur writers like myself who are grateful for the opportunity to be read by other writers and regardless of their shortcomings, do not feel compelled to be so critical…but then again…you started it.

  2. Dearest Chazz,
    I have never felt so Offended by a post as I did with attempting to read this one. My first reaction was of utter distain. As You know I live a Wiccan lifestyle. I practice many aspects of Metaphysics.
    I generally make it a practice to close a page if I don’t care for what I’m reading. I could not even get through the first paragraph, oh wait their was no paragraph. It’s just one continual run on. It’s obvious who ever posted this, and I see there is No Author to this very badly composed, very poorly informed posting.
    This post just reinforces the ignorance to what one does not know. After even indicating their “Google” search they still rambled on about inaccurate information, and WTF is a “Skeptoid?” What I found more upsetting is the 25 people who had “Liked” this. That concerns me that those people don’t know what “Energy Fields” are all about, and hopefully they don’t believe everything they read.
    I have never, nor do I believe in sending out negativity. I also don’t believe in lowering myself to standards of an others ignorance. However I do take an exception when it directly involves a topic that I’m deeply passionate about, and have lived a lifestyle for longer than I can remember.
    I stand, arm linked right by You. My feelings are if you don’t know about a topic your going to write about. Research, and educate yourself before you send it out into cyberspace. Then again who ever wrote this trash did not have the Strength, or Courage to write their name to it.
    Your Partner In Crime,

    • Sometimes when I feel riled up about something, I need to make a conscious choice as to whether or not I even want to mingle my Kharma with theirs…it only takes One Person to find World Peace.
      Sometimes I regret choosing to react, but sometimes non-action may prove to be an even more regrettable choice.
      I have always enjoyed following NewsPress until I read that post.
      I once heard someone say It is better to remain silent and be thought ignorant, than to speak and remove all doubt.
      It’s a two-edged sword, so it applies to us equally well.
      (Whenever possible keep your words soft and sweet in case you have to eat them later.)

    • Although the entire argument hinges on semantics about the definitions of certain words, (s)he? misuses several terms at least as badly. These are the words of prejudice masquerading as Science.

  3. and you two thought my Viper post held power…I wouldn’t want to tangle with you two! My take on this is that this person didn’t have enough knowledge or real life experiences to make any conversation worthwhile. Some people will remain one dimensional.
    xo, Jayne

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