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THFWS&TTM’s: Mark’s Remarks

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Mark’s Remarks

Because Mark was in charge of the project to teach ASL to the primates at the center, it was inevitable that his testimony would be required.

Frederick’s translations had been monitored by Mark on behalf of the plaintiffs. He was by then the most senior member of the facility since Sebastian Galbraith Lodge had replaced his director.

He had been with the center when it was just a commercial tourist attraction featuring a wide range of African Animals in a savanna landscape that closely mimicked their natural habitat called “African Adventures”, where the visitors would drive their cars through marked trails and were instructed not to leave their vehicles in the interest of their safety.

His baccalaureate degree had been in Zoology and he worked at the center as a handler while he was earning his degree. Because he had a sister who was deaf, he had learned ASL, many years before, as had his parents.

Because of the interest generated in the early seventies regarding teaching sign language to chimps and gorillas, he began to experiment with teaching it to several of the more trainable chimps and bonobos on his own whenever he had the opportunity.

A word of two here and there quickly progressed to dozens of signs mostly related to items of interest to his charges among those inclined to learn it.

One of the things that occurred to Mark that was unique to his experiences was that instead of a single primate being assigned to isolated study either in a lab or in a more familial environment among humans, he was teaching it to several apes in a setting that closely resembled their natural environment.

What most fascinated him was the fact that, left to their own devices, several of the primates began to teach other uninitiated members of their own volition.

Once they discovered that they would get rewards and treats as well as affection and attention for the use of certain hand signals, he had his own hands full with communications from almost all the primates.

Mark went back to school to study linguistics and further develop his own vocabulary in ASL while working for African Adventures.

It was shortly after that when African Adventures began to sell off some of the more expensive and dangerous animals like the elephants, rhinos, and hippos to zoos, due to financial needs. The deer and antelopes and other hoofed animals, like the zebras and wildebeests were much cheaper to maintain, but business dropped off drastically once the Big Game animals were no longer visible.

Soon buyers were located for the four-legged hoofed creatures as well, but the birds, monkeys and apes seemed to generate the most interest in the dwindling venture and they were the least dangerous and easiest to maintain.

When African Adventures was about to go chapter eleven, PharmaCorp’s parent company, a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm bought it to use as a research facility and immediately sold the remaining birds, until there were only monkeys, Chimps and Bonobos left.

That was just about the time that there was a great movement to ban all medical research using higher primates like chimps worldwide.  Eventually, the remaining monkeys died or were vivisected during drug testing.

Shortly after that, the courts ruled that it was violation of the antitrust acts for a pharmaceutical manufacturer to own a distribution company that operated as a pharmacy network.

About that same time, someone at PharmaCorp (allegedly at the “very strong encouragement” from somewhere either way up in the corporate structure or possibly even outside of it) offered to buy what became dubbed The Center for Primate Research from their parent company in a move that was labeled “diversification”.

Someone at PharmaCorp had decided the best way to identify what appeals to human perceptions of basic needs was to study their ancestors and their motivations as a part of a revitalization of their marketing strategies.

They had initially tried to use pharmacists and nurses to market home delivery of prescription medications, but found that they were paying premium hourly rates for very disappointing returns on their investments, but quickly learned that sufficiently trained telemarketers could produce results far beyond their initial expectations.

Some believed that to be a ruse to disguise other motives implied earlier, but whatever prompted them to follow that course, it soon became very clear that PhamaCorp was quite interested in an opportunity to reduce the costs paid in salaries to their telemarketers for two reasons.

The first being that many of the Sales Force members, like Charles, were making upwards of one hundred thousand dollars annually, due to huge commissions being paid each month in performance incentives. He had been part of the initial team assigned to revamp PharmaCorp’s marketing strategies.

It didn’t take too long for the bean counters to put a very jealous bug in a number of ears of directors and corporate heads who could not let themselves allow the company to pay more to these salespeople than they were making.

Forget the fact that the initial pilot project involving about a dozen top performers was what turned a lackluster telemarketing operation into a hugely thriving success.

Forget that Management still sucked up the lion’s share of the salaries, and was top-heavy with overpaid vice-presidents.

Forget that PharmaCorp’s profits totaled over two hundred sixty thousand dollars last year as it rose to a Fortune Twenty company.

Once the strategies were developed, it was jokingly stated in a high-level staff meeting that now “…even a monkey could do it, if they could only talk….”

At about that point, the commissions and reimbursement scales were restructured down to about sixty percent of what it had been.

Over the next two years, two more restructurings left them making less than forty per-cent of what they had previously earned as less and less qualified or intelligent associates were hired right off the street with literally no previous experiences or skills. (In)Human Resources was jokingly referred to as having a revolving door as people quickly came and left.

But one of the members of the staff meeting that day was the head of the marketing research division, and a brainstorm occurred that resulted in the misnomer Talking Monkeys Project.

It was generally believed that anyone who would answer an unsolicited phone call from an unknown source and continue to hold a conversation with a total stranger long enough to let themselves be convinced to agree to accept products and services from them and even give credit card information away in good faith was either of diminished mental capacity, senile, under the influence of legal or illegal drugs, drunk, stupid, naive, crazy, or any number of combinations of the above.

At this point in America, that is a very large percent of the population. Forget the so-called qualified, informed consumers…the world is filled with rubes just waiting to be picked like ripe, low-hanging fruit.

(Excerpts of Mark’s testimony follows.)

(Plaintiff’s attorney): “Please state your name.”

(Mark): “My Name is Mark Hoffner.”

(Plaintiff’s attorney): “Please state your qualifications and describe your role at The Center for Primate Studies.”

(Mark): “I have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Zoology from Florida Atlantic University. My Master’s degree is in Linguistics with a minor in Psychology, specializing in Learning, Perception, and Behavior Modification . I also am qualified to translate American Sign Language, which I eventually taught to all the Chimps and Bonobos. “

(Plaintiff’s attorney): “Please describe your roles and duties at the Center.”

(Mark): “It was my job to identify and teach the most qualified Chimpanzees and Bonobos how to communicate with humans, as well as each other via American Sign Language. I also designed a primate-friendly computer keyboard that would allow them to trigger pre-recorded specifically identified messages to sound as if they were answering questions from the callers by identifying “buzz words” that indicated the underlying motivations of the callers.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “That sounds rather generic and non-specific; how effective were the initial trials?”

(Mark): “Extremely. The primates acted as buffers to isolate truly motivated potential customers until certain perimeters were met before routing them to the first available human ‘Closer’. A certain percentage hung up on their own if they weren’t interested in enrolling, but it proved far superior to the automated message queues to which most callers had become accustomed, because they believed that they were in fact being answered by a living human being in real-time.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “I can’t imagine how well pre-recorded answers could be used to respond to specific questions.”

(Mark): “It has more to do with identifying specific words that betray the real underlying emotions, feelings and perceived needs being expressed by the targeted members, and responding with a pre-recorded message that was more than sufficient to appear to address their questions, and then pivoting from that point so as to direct them in the way that we wanted the conversation to go.”

“The research clearly indicated that Reason or focused discriminatory skills had little bearing on the decisions of the targeted members…it’s a little like jingling your car keys to distract a crying baby.”

“I taught the Chimps and Bonobos how to recognize those key words…keep in mind, that Recognition is a much lower-level learning skill, compared to Recall.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “Could you please give us some examples?”

(Mark): “Words like ‘Safety’ …’Reliability’ …’Protection’…’Value’ …’Security’…’Piece of Mind’…’Trust’…all play upon psychological triggers that tend to diminish the more acute and fine discriminatory powers of many individuals.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “Please forgive me, but that sounds a bit cynical as well as manipulative. Can you explain a bit further please?”

(Mark): “There are a number of theories as to the causative agents responsible, ranging from the effects of television, or the poor quality of American public schools, or even the deleterious effects of many of the additives in processed foods, and even the growing proliferation of legally prescribed medications like Xanax, but most of the general population has a very short attention span, a poor understanding of logic or reason, shallow interests mostly related to programmed consumerism, and they are easily distracted by words that play upon their most common neurosis and insecurities.”

“It was my job to effectively communicate and program the proper responses to those identified triggers. Primates are capable of understanding many verbal commands or cues from humans, but the use of ASL enabled two-way communications between Man and the primates, and this enabled much more effective teaching and behavior modification, essentially utilizing Socratic method.”

“The training became increasingly intensive as the program progressed. During that time, I began to notice the appearance of cognitive responses from the chimps and bonobos that indicated a much higher level of sentience and intelligence than had been previously documented.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): Could you give me an example?”

(Mark): “Certainly…one of the first major breakthroughs that I noticed was when Frederick asked me a question. Previous behavioral experiments with any of the Great Apes had never documented a primate posing a question to any human. Negotiating, bartering and making deals with the researchers had been noted in previous studies…but no questions.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “That sounds interesting enough, but what is so significant about simply asking a question?”

(Mark): “Because it signifies that the questioner comprehends an interrelationship between cause and effect. Frederick’s first questions involved first-person interrogatories about his own relationship to me, for instance, and later came questions about why he should do a particular action on command. It didn’t happen until I first found myself asking him questions that he grasped the concept of the hand gestures that asked ‘Why?’, but once he discovered the power of the word ‘Why?’…well, it was like having a four-year old human child under my care.”

“During that time, I began to record many of Frederick’s conversations with me on my laptop computer. They are one of the exhibits entered as evidence that was subpoenaed when the trial began.”

“If you consider the fact that Frederick’s questions implied self-awareness, then it may well be that the only significant difference between Man and the Great Apes would be their level of intelligence.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “What about the Human Soul?”

(Mark): “Any scientist will tell you, there is no empirical evidence that a Human Soul exists, or for that matter, that animals do not possess souls as well.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “Mr. Hoffner, you do realize that the United States is a predominantly Judeo-Christian culture with deeply rooted beliefs in the Human Soul, do you not?”

(Mark): “Of course…but even if you do believe in the uniqueness of Man’s solitary franchise on possession of a soul, is it not even that much more of an obligation to respect the desire for self-determination…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when expressed by any other sentient being capable of communicating those needs and desires?…especially if they never get to go to heaven?”

“I might also add that many other religions ascribe to the belief in the presence of a soul in animals, but to me, the issue is one of sentience…and of self-awareness that presents ethical dilemmas regarding indiscriminate medical testing, vivisection or ownership and forced captivity of any sentient being without its consent.”

“And of course, there is the issue of not being fairly compensated for their labors. Chimps have no need of money and few consumer goods hold any appeal to them, so they possess little motivation to do anything not directly related to their well-being and entertainment.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “So how was it possible to get them to perform for so long against their will? What was their motivation?”

(Mark): “I began to wonder about that myself, especially because they were exhibiting signs of a stress disorder that we have labeled Repetitive Thought Injury…if you will, something like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, only involving the brain. Sometime later, we jokingly nick-named it ‘Cerebral Tunnel Syndrome’…but it is no joke…in fact, I plan on doing my doctoral thesis on the subject. It is highly likely that many humans already suffer from it.”

(Plaintiff’s attorney): “And what else did you find?”

(Mark): ” I had blood samples drawn from the Chimps, and discovered that they had become addicted to amphetamines, which prompted me to analyze the reward pellets that they were being given to them after the successful completion of specific tasks.”

“In addition to a sort of fruit-flavored gummy-bear that also had a little vitamin C added, we found the presence of mixed amphetamine salts…a generic version of Adderal, a drug prescribed for narcolepsy and Attention Deficit Disorder…at night, they gave them Ambien to make them sleep before they left the Center to return to their homes.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “What did you do after your discovery?”

(Mark): “I asked a friend of mine who is a research pharmacist to design a series of placebo substitutes that would slowly wean them off their addiction,  treat their anxiety and help them sleep without addictive medications.  And I believe he said he simply substituted melatonin for the Ambien.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “How well did it work?”

(Mark): “In terms of freeing them of their addictions, fine…but shortly after that, they rebelled…if you stop to think about it, it was a natural course of events, although I failed to recognize that it would be the inevitable result.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney) “What do you mean by that? 

(Mark): “Their exhibition of the desire for self-determination as demonstrated  by an organized, planned rebellion, and escape involving even the driving of company vehicles and successful navigation to a known place of safety  to request Asylum is also strong evidence of their self-awareness, and suggests previously undocumented cognitive and discriminatory skills not observed in Primate behaviors…but then, of course…whenever I asked Frederick why he waited so long to demonstrate a particular skill, he would just laugh and say…’You never asked me before’.”

“In other words…we just never found a way to motivate them to utilize those gifts before because we assumed they did not possess them.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “Who taught them to drive?”

(Mark): “At first, just my wife Darcy and I taught Frederick to drive our Jeep on some of the back roads of the property…he became very skilled quite quickly, by the way.”

(Plaintiff’s Attorney): “Was it Frederick that taught the other primates how to drive?”

At this point the attorneys that represented (but were never specifically identified as) SAIC/Leidos’ interests requested a meeting with the Judge in his chambers, and once again “Top-Secret Information” and “Classified National Security interests” were invoked, causing the judge to instruct the jurors to disregard the question, as it was not directly related to the case, and court was immediately adjourned for the day.

THFWS&TTM’s: Polarity and Polarization

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Polarity and Polarization

As the trial progressed it became a time of extremes.

Kali’s website was bringing in tremendous revenues as more and more people learned of its existence. Similarly, people began to flock to the Saturday performances and Sunday services at The Home for Wayward Souls like never before.

Those who could not attend watched it on cable, wherever it was available even if it was only public access.

Soon, so many people were attending from out-of-state, and other countries that even SRO admittance required reservations made weeks in advance unless you were already a member, and Stanley Linderman himself ran background checks on all those who were admitted.

If you were not a known entity, you were screened by standards higher than the TSA uses for aircraft travel, which helped stem the onrush of pilgrims to a manageable level…all courtesy of the US government’s ever-expanding database..

Eventually, Ash, Charles and Lothar set up a giant video projection screen outside the Sanctuary with a huge PA system to accommodate several hundred more. A giant tarp was flown above the outdoor viewing area to give some degree of shelter from the South Florida sun and rain.

Ash was quick to point out that a great deal of their meteoric rise in followers came from the bad press that the Defense attorneys had tried to use to demonize his church in order to challenge its validity as a house of worship for the primates seeking asylum.

The Ultra-Right(eous) Wing of the Ultra Christian Moral Majority jumped on the bandwagon, calling Ash the Anti-Christ, and Kali the Whore of Armageddon, but the more the other side tried to slander and malign his efforts, the more people began to listen to his words, ideas, and songs.

Ash offered an homage to them at the start of every service, and said a prayer to thank and bless them, even if “…they know not what they do….”

Whenever you project energy…even hate can empower your imagined enemies, especially if it is not reciprocated.

It was an interesting state of affairs indeed. Because THFWS was not implicated in any wrongdoing, and it was constitutionally illegal for any agency of the government to interfere with the lawful actions of any church. Anyone anywhere else would be charged with harboring a fugitive, but embassies and churches are unique in that respect.

It was far from business as usual, however. In fact it was the best place to be in one of the greatest periods of time in at least the last fifty thousand years since the dawn of man.

They had to build and install a huge computerized state of the art telephone switchboard system just to filter and handle all the telephone calls, providing jobs and income for sixty full-time expatriate PharmaCorp telemarketers. Many called for information, including how to contribute to The Primate Sentience Defense Fund.

A disturbing number of the calls were either bomb or death threats, but considering that the FBI, FDLA (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), county SWAT teams, and undoubtedly a few CIA spooks had surrounded the place to presumably keep the Chimps from escaping and to protect the subpoenaed members and Frederick, accompanied by Lindermand during transport to and from the courthouse, they also prevented anyone not on “the guest list” from entering, or even getting near enough to cause any mischief.

There were even a few unsubstantiated rumors that off-duty secret Service agents were offered overtime pay to help lend their expertise. (Let’s face it…all the other above-named agencies had a pretty crappy reputation for Protection.)

And, as always all calls were monitored and recorded, not only by THFWS, but also every government agency with enough of an agenda to obtain wiretap orders from a judge.

Stanley Linderman was on the inside, charged with “protecting PharmaCorp’s assets” (Notably Frederick and the other Chimps and Bonobos). He additionally recruited a small group of members whose previous life experiences…well, let us just say predisposed them to being useful for security. Young Gulf War and even more senior Viet Nam Vets were among the trusted followers well-trained at maintaining a perimeter.

And then of course were the Chimps themselves, all of whom had received some degree of pseudo-military training while on “retreat”. They were more at home in this South Florida jungle than anyone, and accustomed to patrolling their territories when in their natural wild habitat, and even at the Center for Primate Studies. For them, it was inborn, or perhaps instinctive.

As much as PharmCorp/SAIC/Leidos attorneys tried to paint a picture of guilt by association between The Home for Wayward Souls and the primates, it was already agreed among the members that there would be no lies told by them as regards the practices of Ash and his followers.

They decided that the best defense was to offer their candid testimony as a bully pulpit that they hoped would serve as a clarion call to all the disgruntled, disappointed, disgusted people who had rejected the idea of any religion, but still wanted, and needed the companionship, fellowship, support and love of people of common mind and heart.

People not interested in feeling guilty and preoccupied with sin or giving groveling homage endlessly to a silent, disapproving, angry, jealous, wrathful, vindictive God who required intercessions by self-serving clergy of questionable motivation who told them that “the Age of Miracles was over”. It was a call for people who loved sex, and people who sought communion with The Ancient Ones.

People who had studied enough history to realize what a sham virtually all religions were except as another way to control and manipulate the masses.

People who did not regard themselves as part of the masses.

It turned out that there were literally hundreds of thousands of them, and their numbers increased daily. Even atheists were welcome and encouraged to attend, and frequently did because The Home for Wayward Souls had become such a Mecca for rational debate and discussion of alternative lifestyles and belief systems that it became chic, fashionable and avant-garde to watch, listen, or be seen there.

The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was the only secret that was kept by those few individuals who had been initiated, each of whom took an oath to not discuss with anyone else.

The Sanctuary was proving to be worthy of its name.

Fortunately, this was not a stand-off, like Ruby Ridge in Idaho, where the FBI and ATF surrounded the Randal Weaver Ranch after shooting one young son in the back while he was hunting on their own property. Where a sniper later shot his wife as she stood before a window while she held their infant son in her arms.

Or unlike Waco, Texas where they surrounded the Branch Davidian Congregation led by David Koresh. There they shut off all electricity and water to the compound and played loud music at all hours of the night before sending the fire trucks more than five miles away outside the perimeter (“…for their protection…”) right before the building “mysteriously” caught fire only seconds after the first tank pushed its barrel through the compound walls.

This was indeed not a stand-off because the Church itself was not considered complicit with the actions of the fugitives despite the best efforts of the Defense.

The primates were seeking Asylum in a Sanctuary in a church, a time-honored practice that has been respected for many centuries. Despite innuendo about witchcraft, polyamory and paganism, the attorneys for the Plaintiffs successfully defended The Home for Wayward Souls as a valid church without ties to any other denomination.

Also too many people already knew about the situation and most respected the institution of Asylum within a Sanctuary offered within a church to make it acceptable to just storm the premises by force.

Public knowledge and attention is important. When the trials against the government for their actions against Randal Weaver were being conducted, only C-Span covered it, because CNN and all the other major news networks were too giving hourly updates on the attack on olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan by Tanya Harding’s boyfriend.

Keep in mind that PharmaCorp/SAIC/Leidos were the Defense by virtue of the fact that the Primates were charging that they had been inhumanely treated, kidnapped and enslaved, and that they were sentient, self-aware beings entitled to self-determination rather than ownership.

Because the counter-suit for damages and reinstatement of the Primates as their legal property on behalf of PharmaCorp being contingent upon the decisions concerning this case, it took a back seat to the charges leveled on behalf of the primates.

And since The Home for Wayward Souls had become a fantastically wealthy non-profit corporation, they had plenty of money to spend on the very best attorneys that money could buy.

Some of the most famous (and expensive) defense lawyers as well as quite a few well-known former prosecutors and two retired judges were clamoring to be a part of the Dream Team. Enough to successfully challenge one of the most powerful corporations in the world.

This would be yet another case where the principles of Trial by Money would be operant.

But more than this, The Primates had one source of power that no amount of money could buy. They had the support of the brightest and best men and women of good conscience everywhere who were not willing to just stand aside and do nothing.

They awoke the latent rage against injustice that had been lying dormant for decades within the people who could still think and feel.

People who either observed or participated, even if it involved arrest as the civil rights movement raged against the institutionalized machinery of prejudice and protested a war that never should have been started until they stopped it and kept on raising hell and challenging every established institution in our world culture that deserved to be questioned until it turned into a cultural war.

People who knew all too well what it was to fight for their own self-determination. People who refused to die trying to live the lives their parents had been unable to live.

And it turned out that they were everywhere, perhaps long dormant, but once resurrected, they became galvanized by the realization that this might be their one last chance to take a stand against the tyranny of evil men with too much money and power.

The so-called Talking Monkeys sought sanctuary from cruel and unusual treatment and were petitioning the court to have their sentience acknowledged along with certain inalienable rights that would prevent them from being bought and sold like livestock.

They too sought their own version of self-determination.

In the midst of all the carnival atmosphere, somewhere between a Doors concert and a latter-day Woodstock, the lives and rights of many sentient primates (and humans) hung in the balance.

And all the while the band played on. The ArchAngels became what amounted to a modern orchestra, playing in shifts for more than twelve hours a day. All audio and video recording was now done on premises and distributed from there.

A small FM radio station was built with internet web access that broadcast twenty-four hours a day.

They were also available on satellite radio.

Pay-per-view streaming and DVD sales of the programs and Music of the Siege were the best vote of support they could have imagined.

In situations like these, mere donations are devoid of the symbiosis that exists between an exchange of money for art, music or ideals. A donation is a one-way transaction. These supporters were in effect welcoming The Home for Wayward Souls into their hearts and minds, and in the process, they became a part of the movement.

Their music had become a series of anthems and ballads for people everywhere who were looking for something more and wanted to belong to something larger than just themselves.

(…and it was good…very, very good…like…well, by now you should know the rest….)

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