Those who describe their excuses

as reasonable

usually find


almost  as impossible

to attain

as their chances of

satisfaction or future success

as they drown in an abundance

of excuses

devoid of Reason.

Just as I finished this last item, what I suppose will be the title of this piece popped into my stream of consciousness.

This morning, that stream is more like a babbling brook…or perhaps a babbling Brooke…(after all, who amongst all of us doesn’t know of someone who fits that description?).

…Including me…so I went to the Oracle of the Wikki and found that:

Balderdash is senseless talk or writing; nonsense, bunk, piffle, poppycock or twaddle (origin: pre-1750).

further defining twaddle as:

…a common noun, twaddle means “idle talk, nonsense”.

Also revived in common modern parlance as:

Meaningless Tweets; also the vast quantity of useless information that often overwhelms social media searches.

Who of us has not indulged in at least a few harmless tweets with the right twat, especially if there was a chance of some bird giving your poppycock a few piffles while you wallow and twaddle for a roll in the bunk?

As if that’s not enough,Twaddle is also a Scottish surname…just imagine that in a land where the most common modern familiar term from one Scot to another seems to be “…ya wee cunt…” (in heavy brogue, of course, if one is to judge from films like “Trainspotting”).

So the next time (if ever) that someone born say after, 1750 A.D. happens to mention Balderdash in a sentence, you may as well just lean over and give them a very long, lingering, wet, open-mouthed kiss…(according to the gender of your preference, if any) because they may be trying to hit on you in olde English…no seriously, there is literally no chance I can imagine anyone ever using Balderdash in a sentence, but…perhaps we should “Take it Back”…(but not to just mean nonsense).

2 Responses to “Balderdash?”

  1. It’s been a long while since I played the game by the same name, but once upon a time (post 1750A.D.), I was quite good at that nonsense. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your posts. Been out of the loop for awhile with everyday crap. Hope to get back on a regular sched. before too long.

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