THFWS & TTM: These Questions Shall be Answered

For the rest of his testimony, Sebastian G. Lodge did his best to avoid any admissions of accountability for the messy embarrassment that The Center for Primate Studies had spawned, but his best was clearly not good enough for a situation such as this.

When pressed for answers as to why he ignored the findings of the researchers who were reporting evidence of accelerated advances in learning, perception and behaviors that pointed toward self-awareness and sentience, he stated that he did not believe in evolution, and as a creationist, it was abhorrent to concede that Man had evolved from Primates, especially since they did not possess a soul.

He did his homework as far as documentation of the platforms and arguments used by states that still to this day do not acknowledge Evolution, quoting verse and chapter of the basis of his beliefs.

He stated that for those reasons, he ignored the findings.

When pressed for answers as to why he also ignored the growing evidence of Repetitive Thought Brain Injury amongst the Chimps and Bonobos, he said that he found the data inconclusive and uncompelling to warrant further study, admonishing the researchers for not utilizing their time and efforts in more productive pursuits more in keeping with Management’s directives.

He then further added that in his own opinion, the primates were “just not up to the task” assigned to them, but quickly added that he nonetheless followed each and every directive mandated by Management, regardless of his personal beliefs.

He did admit that it was his choice to fire Mark and Darcy due to what he described as their “complicity” in the rebellion by the Chimps, but refused to comment on just how it came to pass that these “mere animals” had managed to accomplish their acts of anarchy, suggesting that it was “provoked,” begging the question of how they came to those conclusions or plans of action.

He claimed to have no knowledge of the chemical composition of either the amphetamine-laced reward pellets or the so-called vitamins given to them in the evenings that contained the Xanax that kept them calm and compliant and allowed them to sleep.

The Plaintiff’s attorneys produced documentation that indicated that the pellets were manufactured by Pharmacorp’s original parent company, Benchmark Pharmaceuticals, but there was no documentation to link the use of the pellets or any acknowledgment of their chemical composition to Management.

The longer Lodge remained on the witness stand, the more smug and self-righteous he became and it was reflected in his posture as he puffed himself up when testifying as to his religious beliefs, and his sneering disdain of Science in general or his disgust over the actions of the members of The Home For Wayward Souls and all other “false profits” and “New-Age Cults posing as religions that glorify Pagan worship and perversion.”

When Lodge returned to his home that evening, he was surprised to find his direct supervisor waiting for him. He wasted no time in explaining that due to the adverse publicity over the situation at The Center for Primate Studies, he would be placed on Administrative Leave of Absence until another suitable assignment could be found that was befitting a man of his talents.

Years before, they had been friends, but there was little compassion or warmth in the delivery of the message. In fact, it was most conspicuous in its absence.

He was told to avoid the public in general and the press in particular and was to make absolutely no remarks to anyone regarding his actions, thoughts or anything else even remotely associated with the case.

With that, he shook Lodge’s hand and left without making eye contact. It felt like the kiss of death.

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