What kind of God Would Block my Entrance into Heaven?

What kind of God Would Block my Entrance into Heaven?

What kind of God would do this thing?

An angry, lonely God perhaps,


I think it must be one quite small,

(that Heaven or that God)

where neither animals nor disbelievers

are allowed to go.

Do you think

you are only being tested

here on Earth

to decide if you should go

to Heaven?

or to Hell?

Heaven is right here.

Right now.

Because there’s no place I’d rather be,

between Gratitude and Acceptance

at the crossroads of

Life and Sex

in rural


deep into

Love County….

Call Her what you want,

I am but God’s Reflection

on the surface

of a pond so still

you can

pick it up

with the

antlers of a mouse,

(…if only you know how…)

to carry with you

in your heart.

No matter where you go.


3 Responses to “What kind of God Would Block my Entrance into Heaven?”

  1. Dear C,
    I know this is hard to believe….
    I can’t find the words to express how your writings effect my Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. I Will have to show You just how deep they affect Me.


    • Well, thank-you Anastasia. I just re-wrote it as a country/western song…It was inspired by an idea that woke me up the other morning. I envisioned it as Frederick’s last words in THFWS&TTM’s. I don’t know if it really translates without the reference.


    • Yes, you do like it deep as I recall…I will be looking forward to anything that you would like to show me, however…(We’ll leave the light on).


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