Tell Me Something about Yourself…

Tell Me Something about Yourself…

I want to compile a survey of what words each of us consider our term of choice for our own (semi)private parts.

Some time back, I collaborated on a post called “His Penis, Her Vagina” to explore how difficult it is to write “Literotica” without excessive repetition.

Part two of the survey would be to compile a list of your favorite word(s) to describe the naughty parts of the opposite sex.

If more than two people respond, I will post the results.

If you wish to be identified as to your choices, I will post that also.



Chazz Vincent


8 Responses to “Tell Me Something about Yourself…”

  1. Good Morning Mr V, I remember something about answering a comment of yours after glasses of wine. I think I was appropriate enough. I’ll check after I send this.
    Check this post out. It’s one I saw from Wet Bliss reblogging it. This is about a “Filthasauraus” along the same lines as your idea.

    I think there are words that I don’t like and context plays a huge part on how a word is “acceptable”. Feeling has everything to do with it but I have to think more on it. xo, Jayne

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