This Thing We Do with Words, a slight return, pt. II

This Thing We Do with Words, a slight return, pt. II

My Muses

One of the things we do with words is to inspire. Writers do not live in a vacuum, but no matter what we do within our own lives, nothing beats a different perspective from outside of ourselves to introduce new ideas, questions and influences.

Those people are my muses, my wells of inspiration from which I drink, be it the refreshingly cold, clear water of underground springs fed by mountain streams from far away or warm, mysterious draughts from jungle pools or even hot, flavored waters, exuding enticing perfumes of unknown origins.

Some provide an occasional cautious sip, while others compel me to slake my thirst until it is sated. Some help me clear my mind while others intoxicate me in inexplicable ways like a vampire on a blood-feast, but I have been blessed to be influenced by several for whom I am most grateful.

This post was initially inspired by a discussion of pet words for the genitalia of either sex as well as the associated body parts or functions one might be inclined to use in erotic writings, to which we would aspire to attain the level of Literotica.

Jayne of DiaryIncarnate at WordPress prompted a renewal of the discussion when she recently made reference to what she referred to as a “Dickipedia”. I am a regular visitor to her website and I am quite fond of her poetry, but both her prose and verse frequently give me “paws” to think and reflect upon her eternally questioning mind.

Although we have never met in person, she has a real talent for bringing out both the rogue and the gentleman in me, and I sense that I am not alone in that assessment of her effect on men.

About a year ago, Anastasia, the charming and provocative astraltravler of WordPress and I collaborated on a piece called His Penis, Her Vagina, to address the plethora of synonyms for the two major taxons regarding the plumbing of the sexes, but we quickly realized that many terms, like Meat-Whistle, One-eyed Trouser Snake, Cooter, or Poontang (sometimes hyphenated), are at best considerably more hilarious than erotic, and at worst just plain disgusting. Some were both.

Later collaborations between Anastasia, with my wife (Yen4)Suki and myself have proven much more worthwhile and productive, although we have been a bit pensive about writing about the results…and I don’t know why, because none of us are what one would call shy.

Suki and I had collaborated on a piece that was essentially her story over six months ago, that to date remains unpublished. All I did was help her organize and word the story, as she related her experiences to me, but it is a great piece in more ways than one, especially because it needed so little embellishment or enhancement.

As erotic adventures go, I would wish that all women could experience such a milestone adventure on a milestone birthday.

Her thirtieth was almost as good, but I was there to witness, encourage and participate with her on that occasion.

That’s just the way we roll. I hope she shares it soon.

I must be the luckiest man in the world to be so inspired by these three muses.

One is mine, but she is too precious and free-spirited to hoard or keep to myself. Another is shared and comes and goes like a tropical breeze, the muse of my muse. Only the third is a woman of mystery whom I cannot distinguish from Oasis or Mirage; who comes to me on tiptoes as silent as an assassin to whisper enticing provocations into my ear like a long-lost lover from another lifetime.

Although the initial impetus of this post centered around erotica, it quickly developed a life of its own and ran off the rails onto the much larger tracks leading to the subject of creative expression and inspiration in general.

For that reason, I have decided to publish it in installments.



Chazz Vincent



6 Responses to “This Thing We Do with Words, a slight return, pt. II”

  1. I’ve been away too long but I will get my fill of your lovely mind tonight. You describe me in such a way that I would love to remain a mystery forever because I can’t possibly have any faults that way. Sounds nice and perfect but as you have pointed out before, that type of fantasy isn’t enough. You said it a littler different and better though. In my opinion, you have proven to be a man who loves to love and that alone is something you can’t fake or do for bits at a time. I imagine that you live as you love – hard and well through good and bad times. You must do it well to have the very real and generous Suki and the loving Anastasia in your real life. The gentleman in you, is always the one who draws me but the gentleman with clever intricacies and beastly creativity that makes me return. xo, Jayne

    • A very long time ago, someone very dear to me wrote “It is not the perfect, but the imperfect who have the need of love.”
      It’s a two-edged sword, if you stop to think about it…the perfect, the ideal…devoid of realities and shortcomings or disappointments, vs. the real, the gritty, the sweaty, the everyday…the physical realities, as well as the palpable pleasures (and risks)…
      each has its own reality.
      One reality is safer, but unrequited on the real and physical levels. The other is scarier, especially since such high expectations are only natural when imagining what someone who truly moves your soul is like in real life.
      I like to see the beauty that exists beneath the skin. When souls touch, the illumination has a tendency to blind us to everything else.
      We inspire each other in many ways…who knows what lies (Lays?) ahead….
      All things come in time, according to their seasons.
      The danger in real life is that no matter what we aspire to do or be, we face disappointing those we love and cherish the most.
      Your own words touch and inspire me, and the way you appreciate my words is a real source of joy. This is a very, very good thing.
      I am blessed as I am blissed,

      • I think I’m too logical about acheiving a “perfect” existence. I marvel at monks who supposedly do this. ( I have no proof ) There’s a spiritual goal in my mind but honestly, I’m not going to devote my days to achieving a transcendental shift into white light. I’m just not. Call me undisciplined or unable to focus but I’d prefer to taste bits of it through words, art, physical exchange of all kinds than to be alone and at peace. lol What do you think was one of – the most outstanding lesson you learned from being an EMT in relation to living life? Was there any one thing that changed you?

      • There were many…the first book “Dancing in Dreamland” touches on a few of them. I promise to think about that and give you a better answer soon.
        In the meantime, I just went online to post a few observations.
        I would be interesting to know what you think about it, especially in terms of what you just wrote…Synchronicity, or something more?

      • We can never be perfect and I refuse to try. I will try to think better so that I am clearer on life and what I cannot ever control which is mostly everything but my own reactions and perceptions. That said, when I meet another soul who thinks along those lines, things run smoothly for quite a long time and the allowance to be as we are holds such a lovely freedom to live and enjoy.
        Question: “The danger in real life is that no matter what we aspire to do or be, we face disappointing those we love and cherish the most.”
        Is this because we change and our aspect may change away from those we love – causing that feeling of fearing loss of that person?

      • Only when those we love do not possess the ability to accept the inevitable changes that occur as we pass through the arc of our lives.
        We have to be fearless in the pursuit of that path and accept its consequences. As the saying goes, “as one door closes, another door opens”. We do not know where the next door will lead us.
        We are the greatest stumbling blocks to our own success and happiness.

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