TTWDWW: Maybe someday, right after You Think it Can’t get any Worse…and then it Does Anyway….

This Thing We Do with Words, a slight return.

Part Eleven

Maybe someday, right after You Think it Can’t get any Worse…and then it Does Anyway….

It is also darkest before the Storm.

And so we come to ideas, concepts, and thoughts….

So much writing is formulaic, because if you want to get published…if you want a large following of readers, you have to consider that most film producers or publishers have so little imagination.

Every time new ground is allegedly broken in some area, the rush to judgment is to look for the next “Fifty Shades of Grey,” or whatever copy-cat trend is peaking at the time. Enough said.

Charlie Kaufman, Lana and Andy Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer remain some of the most notable exceptions to the rule as regards both screenwriters and directors. To my knowledge, they do not do erotica. That is unfortunate…for Erotica.

Virtually all great modern literature breaks, or at the very least bends whatever literary conventions and common period practices that are in place at that moment. Naked Lunch, Finnegan’s Wake, Howl, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are all good examples for different reasons, although none of them are erotic, despite the fact that when they were originally published, Naked Lunch, as well as most of Allen Ginsberg’s writings were considered “dirty”, and subject to censorship.

Originality makes its own rules as it goes along while the rest of the world tries to follow or copy it, but only after first suppressing it. We are long since past the time for Erotica to do the same.

We’ve had more than enough suppression of art and culture in general for too long. Politics and Religion are the root cause, but as long as citizens are willing to trade their civil rights and liberties for safety and security, from an ever-increasingly parental and disapproving government, it will only get worse.

It’s hard to believe that it has been over fifty years since the sixties (the generation that took twenty years to act out), which may have been the last time our culture openly embraced the eternally questioning mind.

Fellini stated that he believed that in some ways, censorship helped stimulate creativity by forcing more creative ways to work around the limitations it imposed…perhaps.

Born out of reaction to the regimes of Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, racial prejudice and discrimination in general, Vietnam and decades of sexual and cultural repression, a political and cultural revolt was inevitable.

In this country, it provoked brazen challenges to tremendous social, cultural and political evils and unconscionable repression, fueled by a general state of mind that openly rejected hypocrisy and injustice as the worlds of Art, Film, Literature, Music, Sexual Revolution, as well as Political and Cultural norms exploded in defiance of a world that had gone wrong for too long.

“…I stood around Saint Petersburg

when I saw it was the time for a change….”


“I watched with glee as your kings and queens

set the barricades

for the gods they made.

…Pleased to meet you…

Hope you guessed my name….”

(Rolling Stones/”Sympathy for the Devil”)

It has been far, far too long, and maybe our time will come again, if we but choose to stand up and howl…not to repeat ourselves, but to re-invent ourselves timelessly, proudly and shamelessly.

Nothing is sexier than a truly authentic person living their life passionately and fearlessly with boundless curiosity, little reservation or caution, and few regrets.

Time to fish, cut bait, or swim.



Chazz Vincent



18 Responses to “TTWDWW: Maybe someday, right after You Think it Can’t get any Worse…and then it Does Anyway….”

  1. Your writing is enticing. Thank you for being real. I also just followed you and would Love to see you in my reader. If you tag a post with more then 15 tags, it will not be seen in the reader. I learned that one the hard way. Your writing deserves to be seen by those who do follow you. I really look forward in getting to know you through your thoughts. Namaste with Love, Amy ❤

    • Thank you for the advice…I didn’t know.
      Baraka Bashad

      • You are welcome, BB Chazz.. And oh, that includes your categories too, so fifteen total. Play it forward … When you see someone who is doing what you are, tell them what I did you. Love, Amy

      • So long ago, and so far away, a dear friend introduced me to Tom Robbins (by way of Still Life with Woodpecker)…as well as to the expression “If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it all over you”.
        She inspired me to write of Love seducing Logic while Romance beguiles Reason.
        Your words remind me of her…”and a dream lives on forever.”

      • Your words are a seductive whisper in my ear, making my Heart dance with JOY. I am SO touched by what you said, that I have tears in my eyes. I feel so strongly that Love is our way back to remembering who we really are. All these controlling rules that stamp out our freedom of spirit and our unique creative juices, have to be broken. I have been a rebel all of my Life, and I am not about to stop any day soon. It truly gets discouraging when I say what I do on Petals and many if not most still have deaf ears. You have encouraged me so greatly this day, that I shall dream upon the magic of your words and Essence. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for giving me incentive to go deeper and higher. Bless you, BB Chazz! Love, Amy 🌹💞🌹

  2. PS If you don’t know, I really am not blogging right now due to reopening my gardens. My Heart led me here when I saw your gravatar over at Petals, and I am ever so glad I did come. So, IF you don’t see me here, now you know why. (smile) Love, Amy

    • Life began in a garden.

      • And still does as you see through what Mother is allowing me to see to show you. (Smile)

      • Thank-you Amy. (sigh)

      • Thank you! 🌹

      • My pleasure, M’Lady…your comments have touched me deeply. I look forward to reading Petals right after dinner.
        I take great pleasure in providing encouragement and validation to those who appreciate it.

      • I have a post coming in which I received inspiration from your “energy” as we interacted. My Intention is to acknowledge those who have contributed to my creations, so yes, your name with a “thank you” will be on it.
        As for the encouragement, this is partly the reason I must rise above discouragement at times. We live in such a blind and selfish world, that the words I share, both in posts and in interactions behind the scenes, are many times not seen nor heard. My Guidance keeps reminding me I am but the messenger, and it is not for me to understand the “reaction” of some, nor am I responsible for how others respond to me. I follow my Heart, maintain Centeredness, and not get dragged down into muck by staying in the Realm of Happiness. Same holds true when my eyes are turned to the world when need be. Again, Bless you for this exchange of both words and “energy”. Both I truly am grateful for. Love, Amy 🌹

      • I am honored.
        I just re-blogged a piece by Pema Chodron that speaks upon reactions from others as well as our own reactions. It was originally published by Endless Light and Energy@wordpress (whom I highly recommend). You may find it helpful and encouraging.
        Inspiration is a beautiful, wondrous phenomenon. In medical terms, to inspire means to breathe in, but in metaphysical terms, our own exhalations are what others breathe in, so we literally breathe the same air.
        When our souls touch, there is a feedback cycle where each amplifies the other.
        This you have also done for me.
        Thank you, Amy
        Chazz Vincent

      • I both read this post and I followed Endless Light and Energy. These words I deeply meditated upon and new perspectives regarding certain aspects of my Life, have been the result.
        Seeing ALL is Energy, it only makes sense that upon any interaction, a Creation is made. If we could but see the Glorious Tapestry we represent, any doubt as to our Divinity would cease.
        You have confirmed for me, that I have indeed gone up another level in vibration, and for this, I bow to thee, saying, Namaste. And thank you. Love, Amy ❤

      • You are most welcome.

      • My gratitude for this interchange of energy I do not have the ability to put into words. Thank you, Chazz, for …

        Love, Amy ❤

      • PS Your explanation of Inspiration is truly wonderful. Again, you have allowed me the space to rearrange some thought patterns to adapt another new way of thought. This has only deepened my understanding of the fact, we truly are connected in every sense of the word. NICE, Chazz! I really LOVE the way you think. >3

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