TTWDWW: The Bigger Picture

This Thing We Do with Words, a slight return.

Part Five

The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, between going through the motions of living my life and trying to make sense of, or simply record the here and now of the ever-present/never-present present moment, as a participant/ observer/reporter, I find it distracting to obsess with just the right word or phrase, at least at that moment.

The re-writes and editing should provide the impetus to revise the original.

And then sometimes, even on the re-reads, a simple cliché or “shop-worn phrase” (which is itself both a cliché and a shop-worn phrase), used in much the same way that a mason uses smaller stones to balance and fill the spaces between the larger ones, they may be good enough as we build our story without calling attention to itself, because although I would be the first to point out that it is the journey, not the destination, taking six pages to properly describe the texture and composition of the road, or claiming that the hero or heroine refused to travel a certain way because they disliked the name of the road is too much quibbling over semantics.



Chazz Vincent



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