Shenpa…Attachment and What it Means in Your Life

Please read this in its entirety. It is the one true thing that most of us forget to remember, because in that clear place…that moment before thoughts and words, you already know….
Chazz Vincent

Endless Light and Love


Shenpa is the urge, the hook, that triggers our habitual tendency to close down. We get hooked in that moment of tightening when we reach for relief. To get unhooked we begin by recognizing that moment of unease and learn to relax in that moment.

You’re trying to make a point with a coworker or your partner. At one moment her face is open and she’s listening, and at the next, her eyes cloud over or her jaw tenses. What is it that you’re seeing?
Someone criticizes you. They criticize your work or your appearance or your child. At moments like that, what is it you feel? It has a familiar taste in your mouth, it has a familiar smell. Once you begin to notice it, you feel like this experience has been happening forever.

The Tibetan word for this is shenpa. It is usually translated “attachment,”…

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2 Responses to “Shenpa…Attachment and What it Means in Your Life”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    I had read this earlier today, it really is a good article
    Thank You for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter….

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