Jacob’s Ladder

Know this…

You will regret

the things you didn’t do

at least as much

as you will regret

the things you did

you wish you hadn’t done.

Each rung must be stepped upon

as we climb higher

and when you reach the top

You realize you are back

at the beginning.


There is no up.

No down.

Only just this.

All life is in motion.

In motion we confirm

that we are still alive

within the Drama

of our Dharma.

Just never look away.

It is not allowed,

and so it is

that even this must be allowed,

for it is only forbidden

to forbid

In My Perfect World…

And in that one thin moment

when I loose you

as you look away

still determined not to allow

yourself this unbridled bliss

even then

we both know

I will still be here

when next our eyes should meet.

This is our loving


of truth or dare.



Chazz Vincent


2 Responses to “Jacob’s Ladder”

  1. Our paths have not been crossing for some reason but now that I am here, and reading your work, again I am just in awe of the Truth you speak and the depth of your vision in your words. I hope all has been well with you and those you Love. Keep on shining your Light. Oh how it is needed in this cloudy world. With Love, Namaste, Amy ❤

    • Where would we be without the Moon?
      It reflects the light of the sun even when it is out of our view.
      As I share the light which is reflected to me, do the same to those around you.

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