The Dream Of Life ~ Alan Watts

Chazz Vincent

6 Responses to “The Dream Of Life ~ Alan Watts”

  1. babyd21713 Says:

    thank you for sharing….

  2. I can’t get it to play from my computer, so please try it from the origin I will try to correct this soon, I hope.

  3. Yes. Truth astute and concise

    • Does the video play? I am still having problems with viewing it from my own site…if not please go to the original to hear the video narration.
      Chazz Vincent

  4. video didn’t play but I know it. He’s so comforting.

    • I have a four-day weekend coming up…I will try to fix it. I have been reading him since college days…and there he is again. When I watched the video it moved me deeply.

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