He Calls me Goddess, I call him My Pet, Pt. IV: Sometimes things are Not What They Appear to Be

(Well, for what it is worth, this is the final chapter…I kind of hate to see it end, but it’s been fun.)

Sometimes Things are not Always What they Seem to be.

My name is Randy and well, so far you’ve heard Sonia’s side of the story, so now it’s my turn to give you a bit of perspective.

Everything Sonja has told you so far is the absolute unvarnished truth, but I’ve got just a few things to add that may lend a more accurate portrayal of what it is like from my point of view.

Yes, it’s true that I am a bisexual and that I love to wear women’s clothes…especially silky or frilly lingerie and leather corsets who also tends to be more than a little aggressive in my transactions with most other men and women I know in my place of business and almost all other aspects of my social life. In fact, if anything, I am a bit of a control freak.

So just stop and ponder this for a second…all day long, I direct those whom I manage at work. I pay the bills, although I leave the accounting and management of our household to my beautiful and talented trophy wife who came into my life well after I had already made my career and a name for myself in my field.

I was also wise enough to know when I was past my sexual prime, which was about the time that my wife was beginning to reach the peak of her already considerable appetite.

I am at least ten years away from my financial retirement, but I came to recognize that it was time to begin to direct, rather than be the prime mover or actor in the bedroom.

I find it very satisfying to know that my wife’s sexual needs are met far beyond her wildest dreams although without my encouragement and direction it would never have been realized, and probably would have resulted in unconscious resentments on her part and insecurities and paranoia on mine.

I also am secure enough in my own identity, or more accurately, my sense of Self that I decided to undertake a journey of discovery about the farthest reaches of my own sexual nature fearlessly, albeit discretely.

My wife Sonja had to be lovingly encouraged to act out those fantasies of hers, as well as mine, but I had finally learned to exercise better judgement than in the past and recognized her potential to enable us both to exploit our sexual psyches the way an explorer might discover a new frontier.

Because she is such a loving and devoted wife she was afraid that her actions would either hurt or disrespect me, although I have come to know that is something she is incapable of doing.

It was not until she came to realize that in respecting my desires, she was celebrating my entire range of sexuality while at the same time empowering her in ways she had never before dreamed.

Within this story, I am cast as a submissive cuckold, despite the fact that everything that happened was orchestrated by me, although it could never have been realized without her love and support.

My spouse played the part of a Dominatrix at my direction, although I have to give her credit where it is due, as she took to the role so well that she surpassed all my expectations, hopes or fantasies.

That is however, because I cast her in the right role, and developed the directions that enabled her to take to that role and make it her own.

She was the only one to be able to effect the circumstances that lead to her discovery of Jake, who was determined to make her his submissive sex-slave, only to eventually be turned by her to do what amounted to both our bidding, even though he imagined that he was dominating both of us at his own will.

Perhaps most importantly, eventually everyone got exactly what they wanted, even if they had to learn what that really was.

I love our life together.






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