No Man Is An Island

I was moved enough to share this…
Indeed…all things lead to the One (in each of us) and therein lies our connection, like an archipelago of souls.
Chazz Vincent

Zen Flash

Tathagata is one of the names
given to Gautama the Buddha.
It means one who lives
in the suchness of life,
who accepts whatsoever is the case,
who accepts everything totally.
Even death is absolutely accepted
because his trust in existence is infinite.
It knows no bounds, it is unconditional.
To accept all
is the highest peak of meditation,
all the sweetness of life
and all the bitterness of life,
with equanimity, choicelessly,
with no likes, no dislikes.
Once this starts happening
you become a rejoicing,
you become a serenity,
you become utter silence
and a silence which is not dead,
a silence which sings,
a silence which dances,
a silence which is not empty,
a silence which is overfull.
This is going to be your method:
Learn to accept life as it comes.
When something happens, accept it;
when it disappears, accept it.
When pleasure comes, accept it;

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