This Thing We Do with Words …Irony…


Amidst tragedy
It’s hard
to believe that
the saddest,
most poignent
of my life
have also been
the most beautiful,
without which
there would be
no reference point,
no horizon line
for happiness.
Heroes are born
out of adversity.
Embrace your pain
and face
your destiny.

Chazz Vincent


2 Responses to “This Thing We Do with Words …Irony…”

  1. Mr Modigliani Says:

    Chazz, I need to visit more often. I agree with the content of your poem. The most painful moments are also turning points to something better.

    • Yes, hopefully, but within the script of each of our own personal “movies” those tragic and heart-rending moments contain a beauty of their own. They are the stuff of which great fiction is made, but in order to be receptive enough to appreciate it, it has to ring true within our own experiences.
      Great Art, Music, or Literature translates our own personal experiences (as artists) into something universal that is recognized by its audiences, who create the meaning that it has for them by not only what we bring to them, but what they bring to this picnic as well…but once again, I’m preaching to the choir.
      Your words have given me much inspiration as of late.
      Thank you.
      Chazz Vincent

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