Inside/Outside: Is there a Difference? (Once in a Blue Agave Moon, ch. 6)


Random observations of the narrator.
A trusted confidante who knows me well enough to make such a statement once asked “Do you realize you have spent most of your adult life trying to get yourself out of your head?”
I thought about it for a minute…she knows me well enough to realize that the parameters involving my personal vision quest have not been adverse to the use of somewhat radical methods and materials in the pursuit of insight and enlightenment.
I might add that her question was not asked in derogation; she respects my sincerity and dedication to the pursuit of the occult, the unusual, and the cunning ways of Knowledge and Majick, the moon, Shamanism and sexual ecstasy.
At first I was tempted to take exception with the term “out of my head” because I could have countered with the remark that all the universe is inside my head, or rather, that it is created within the mind….
All I had to do was discover it.
I was merely an explorer.
Of course, in philosophy, the term ecstasy means “outside one’s self”….
Then I thought about the words of Zen master Seung Sahn Soen-sa Nim*: “…Inside, outside, put it all down!”
Labels can be dangerous because in naming something we claim to have prejudicial knowledge of what it really is, and that creates another layer of illusion between us and our world.
Nonetheless, my favorite muse also reminded me of my remark that I had never met a recreational drug that I didn’t like….now she had me there, but then again, although I used the term recreational in terms of common parlance, rather than as an exact term, nevertheless, if it is indeed recreational, then it is at least not professional…
Addicts are professional drug users; they devote their entire lives to the pursuit of their addictions, although there are many more addictions to things other than drugs that are at least just as dangerous, but ah! I do digress….
Seung Sahn was not adverse to the use of “special medicine” to be able to gain enough detachment (to see ourselves objectively from outside ourselves) to gain insight….
There we go again with the labels and the directions….
Put it all down.
We talk of higher consciousness yet we believe that only the most nominal version of reality is all that is real, finite, and measurable. Voices, phantom images, and revelations are commonly regarded as symptoms of psychosis.
A shaman, an explorer or an warrior knows the risks and experiences the fear just like everybody else, but because they aspire to be their own heroes, they embrace the challenge of the unknown.
Courage is the ability to overcome fear long enough to act, to continue, and to face the challenges.
It is indeed the journey, not the destination that inspires them.
Once that is experienced, there is such a thing as “Everyday Zen”.
It becomes everyday until something new arrives.
There is always more, and there will always be more until there is nothing…until there is something again.
For eons Man has sensed that we were not seeing everything there was to be seen or heard, felt or experienced and that there were other dimensions than time/space/distance.
Quantum physics confirms it by postulating that there not only is but that eventually it will.
Who will be ready, and who will make the cut?
And in the meantime, what will you do to pass the time?
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but with eight lives left, he’ll come back laughing and wiser.
If you want to imagine the difference between inside and outside, try to imagine the cat’s answer.

Chazz Vincent
*Seung Sahn Soen-sa Nim: Koren Zen Buddhist Patriarch,
founder of the Kwan Um School of Zen
(….he’s worth the research…)
Sayonara Y’all!
…Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei….

7 Responses to “Inside/Outside: Is there a Difference? (Once in a Blue Agave Moon, ch. 6)”

  1. The cat wouldn’t waste time trying to give an answer to a question with a myriad of answers. Find your answer and I’ll find mine and hopefully, we’ll meet up on the path.

    • In the world before words…before even thoughts, we are all the same…your mind, the cats mind…are they the same, or different?
      If you open your mouth to speak, already you are wrong.
      All words have opposites, and that can only lead to disagreements.
      Your remark is a very high-class answer; obviously, you understand.
      That is why we spend so much time on that same path.

      • Did you mean, “High-cats” answer *xo* If I open my mouth to speak, I’m oddly comforted to know that I’m always wrong. I actually think that at times when I do speak aloud because on certain subjects with different certain we live in a Tower of Babel . I’m ok with that as long as the unsaid is agreed upon. I go by feel as I go and try to give give craziness a wide berth. Too bad you can’t telecommute from home! : )

      • Always trust your heart, mon chérie.
        “High-cats”? Je ne se quoi, …but they sound like my kind of people…as for myself, I have always embraced craziness, and consider it a major source of inspiration, but there is “good crazy” and “bad (unhappy) crazy”. “Good crazy” can prevent “bad crazy”….
        BTW: In my mind, I have been telecommuting for years…I’m surprised you hadn’t noticed me out of the corner of your eye before…I know where you live (figuratively speaking).
        See you in Dreamland.

      • High Cats would be closer to me than high class is where I was coming from. Your french makes me immediately think of you as Gomez, only in the reverse attraction dynamic that he had with Morticia. That family was jam packed full of Good Crazy. You have been noticed when you haven’t even noticed yourself. I read some of your words that I keep to myself when I get to feeling distant from the sweeter places I can be. xo, J

  2. “This thing we do with words”…
    I am humbled by your remarks. Again and again. To think that something I could write would have such an effect on anyone is beyond flattery, beyond the sublime. I feel inspired (usually when I read your work)…mark this on your calendar…I am speechless. (It doesn’t happen often.)
    Hmmmmm…You have probably read all of my poetry…do you have a favorite?
    I need to select my ten best for a submission.
    ESPECIALLY in light of what you just said, I would be most grateful for your feedback.

  3. Yes I have read them …. Off the top of my head, one of the ones you wrote for Suki was very, very touching and now that I think…there’s a couple of your very long poems that were stunning. You put something from your free, singing core in them. (At least that’s what I think ) I’ll have to research and get you the titles. There’s a title with Naked Words… that one for sure. This may take a while : )

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