Favorite Poems #2

What have You Done with My Goddess?
Dull eyes staring back at me.
Misplaced anger
and my own misdirected self-pity….
Who was hiding
in this shell,
this empty house?
…this tired, bitter imposter?
I pray she can forgive me
for not recognizing
the face of my own widow.
A Goddess mourning
the passing of her own Hero,
forever plagued by the ghost of
Yesterday’s Greatest Love.
A minion of years….
Yesterday’s Bitter Ashes,
The sweet honey of Love and Passion
and the mixed emotions
of realized dreams,
great hopes
Devastating Regrets.
Come with me.
Take my hand again in Love and Faith.
Remember what was…
never forget….
Let yourself feel the anguish
and acknowledge what we have lost.
Let it inspire us again.
To live each day
as the resurrected idols
of each other’s Idols.
Rekindle the fires…
Breathe life back into each other.
Reanimate The Dream.
Yesterday we found and lost each other,
as well as ourselves….
I remember the joy we felt
the first time I gazed into your eyes
and chose to ignore the foreboding…
knowing my life
would never be the same.
Knowing that our destiny could not be ignored,
Hoping it was all a dream
from which we never would awake.
We are old souls that have lost our way,
our selves,
and each other.
Rediscover today, My Goddess.
Your Hero awaits his Idol.
Take my hand and walk with me
together into tomorrow
Never Forget

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