Favorites #3

For Occasional Use Only as Directed…
An angel crash-landed
at Villa Dreamland’s
temporary encampment,
The Home for Wayward Souls.
Loosely clad in
terry shorts
and a satin
team jacket
with only a few of the bottom buttons
the free-range puppies
wrestle and cavort
beneath its logo.
As I wrestled with the gatekeeper
to my realm of Velocity and Power,
she appeared
out of nowhere.
She noted we shared the same brand
and marks;
the co-conspiring
Speed and Mystery.
I was surprised
when I realized
it wasn’t a Raiders jacket
after all;
(as it turned out
she was a stretcher-bunny
long ago and had developed a taste
for icons and talismans that
captured my attentions….)
“What a coincidence…”
I foolishly assumed.
Part naughty tomboy,
part wood-nymph,
her long chestnut hair
was everywhere,
like a lions mane.
Her feline eyes
sparkled slightly with mischief
while she made suggestions
as to how to regain control
of my access
to time and space.
We conferred
on a few points,
and then she
set upon the project
as if it was her own
(with my blessing
and assistance).
Clad only in a bathrobe,
my attempts to access
points below the dashboard
did not go unnoticed,
as she smiled slightly, then
sighed approvingly.
Ignition and liftoff
confirmed our success
as she began to close the case,
and I felt myself falling
yet again,
with no sign of impact
anytime soon.
This trailer park angel
is a newfound
but she quickly advised
she could not be taken for granted
and had a life of her own,
her precautionary statements
contrasting her jovial demeanor
She warned
“Take only as directed.”
“Use with caution.”
“For Occasional Use Only.”
“May be habit-forming.”
“May lead to respiratory arrest.”
(She already took my breath away once…)
“See ya in the post office, kiddo…”
she whispered in my ear.
(“What?”) I wondered?
“…the rogue’s gallery…
on the wall,
with the other gangsters….”
She winked playfully
and then I knew….
“You owe me one…”
she said.
“If you got the time later,
maybe you can
help me with a tune-up
I’d like to get done
before my kid gets home from school.”
“…Maybe tonight
you can even
introduce me to your wife…
tell her my name is Mata Hari
and we’ll call her Tokyo Rose…”
This woman of mystery,
this trailer-park tomboy angel
with slightly singed wings,
a lover of pearl necklaces,
with a need for speed
reminds me…
“In the Springtime
the rains come
and the grass
grows all by itself…”
Life returns.
Baraka Bashad.

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