Favorites #4

Dharma for a Friend:
You seek the Ultimate Truth.
Instead you discover the
Ultimate Void.
Matte Kudasai.
This is truth
but it is not the Ultimate Truth.
Form is Form,
Emptiness is Emptiness.
Form is Emptiness,
Emptiness is Form.
No Form,
No Emptiness.
The Void.
What comes next?
Madness and Magic.
Trade back your Reason for Instinct.
Matte Kudasai.
A dog howls at the moon.
The sound drowns out
All the voices of all the Buddhas.
Patience please.
Your words speak volumes
of questions seeking answer.
The earth beneath your feet
bleeds with each step you take.
You feel the pain as I feel yours.
Everything is just like this.
See yourself
as the main character
in the novel of your life
as you have written it,
as you are
in all your unselfconsciousness.
See yourself outside your ego.
Stand naked before yourself
Protecting nothing.
Defending nothing.
Justifying nothing.
Ashamed of nothing.
Embarrassed by nothing.
Embrace your self-imagined imperfections,
just as you are.
Forgive yourself of everything.
You must stand outside yourself to do this.
As you do,
ask yourself
“Who am I now?”
“Who is asking this question?”
No words can describe your understanding.
Matte Kudasai.
Patience Please.
As you stand in Dreamland
you see the detonation.
You feel the blast
as everything you knew
is blown away
by the Crown of Destruction.
In the stillness
of the void
before the backrush
of Nothing Special,
suddenly you see
is exactly
as it is.
I am doing the
Ghost Dance
for you
in Dreamland.
Life Returns
all by itself.
Baraka Bashad.

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