Favorites #6

Casa Nostra
I died in your arms that night,
and buried myself deeply
between your thighs
as we fucked
like it was our last night on earth
even though I’ve lived like
I thought
I would never die.
Our life together
has been a moveable feast
I call
Casa Nostra.
In a lifetime of searching
I’ve found
Meaning in Love
and Purpose
in knowing
and sharing
I can experience,
and feel,
it all shall lead me.
And when it is finished,
scatter my ashes
The Villa Chez Dreamland
but keep Love alive en Casa Nostra.
(Our House).
As we hang together
suspended in time and space
in that one thin moment
as we dance upon the razor’s edge
our mortality suddenly seems so much less tragic
our infinite intimate synchronicity
washes over us
reminding us once again
of all that which is eternal in each of us
as well as both of us.
In My Perfect World…
Casa Nostra.
En Casa Nostra
we give without regard to what we get
but we take
to serve as vessels
for the giving
from those we love
as well as those
who cannot give back
so as to give to
the Universe,
that place where
even miracles are mundane.
En Casa Nostra
we are protected
by our fearlessness
We may feel pain.
We may share pain,
but we do not fear
being hurt
because we trust
and we believe
that this too will
give us the strength
we need
to follow our hearts
to the Palace of Wisodm
and be prepared
to receive
and boundless Joy.
En Casa Nostra
we are protected.
Our enemies may hurt us
but they probably
can’t kill us,
but if they kill us
they probably
won’t eat us
but if they eat us
they make us one with
those who would
they cannot destroy us.
En Casa Nostra
we take no prisoners,
preferring instead
to accept the surrender
of willing hostages
as extended family.
Casa Nostra;
a mansion with no walls
large enough to hold
a universe
in a house as intimate
as two bodies
attempting to occupy
one space
to become as
one beating heart.
One Mind.
No Mind.
Mu Shin.
A place where
you can see yourself
reflected in the eyes
of your eternal beloved
as we Bow to the Divine
in each other
and as adults,
nurture the eternal child
in each of us
as our children teach us
the importance
of all the things we forgot
as we grew up
en Casa Nostra.
It all starts and ends with our
Gang of Three.

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  1. I love this one too.

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